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Publication numberUS1822843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1931
Filing dateSep 2, 1925
Priority dateSep 2, 1925
Publication numberUS 1822843 A, US 1822843A, US-A-1822843, US1822843 A, US1822843A
InventorsClarke Rudolph E, Reeves Raymond B
Original AssigneeAlvah Bushnell Company
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Removable card holder for wallets
US 1822843 A
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Sept. 8, 1931. R.. E. CLARKE ET AL 1,822,843

v REMOVABLE CARD HOLDER FOR WALLETS 2 Sheets-Shet l Filed Sept. 2, 1925 Sept 8, 193.1- R. E. CLARKE E1' AL 1,822,343

REMOVABLE CARD HOLDER FOR WALLETS Filed Sept. 2, 1925 2 .Sheets-Sheet 2 15 that some Patented Sept. 8, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE RUDOLPH E. CLARKE, F DELANCO, NEW JERSEY, AND RAYMOND B. REEVES, OF PHILA- DELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, ASSIGNORS TO ALVAH BUSHNELL COMPANY, OF PHIL- l ADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, A CORPORATION OF NEW JERSEY REMOVABLE CARD HOLDER FOR WALLETS Application filed September Our invention relates to new and useful improvements in a removable card holder for wallets and the like, and has for its primary object to improve the construction thereof whereby some of the disadvantages of former constructions are overcome.

A further object of the invention is to provide for covering the upper ends of the folded in edges or flanges of the secondary sheet so that said upper ends of the inturned edges of said secondary sheet will not bein the path of travel of a cardwhen inserted in the pocket.

The advantageof such .an arrangement is of the protuberances in the path of travelof a card are eliminated thereby reducing to a minimum the possibility of the card pulling the Ysecondary. sheet from the cover sheet.

With these ends in view, this invention consistsin the details of construction and combination of elements hereinafter set forth and then specically designated by the claims.

In order that those skilled in the art to which this invention appertains, may understand how to make and usethe same, we will describe its construction in detail, referring by numerals to the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a wallet embodying our invention showing a holder for a long card.

Fig. 2 .is a perspective view ofV a wallet showing a card holder for luse with a short card.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentaryrear face view, on a reduced "scale, of the cover sheet shown in Fig. 2. y v y Fig. 4 is an edge view of Fig.1 3 with the intermediate tabbent downward. Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the secondary sheet or pocket member. l,

F ig; 6 is a perspective view, looking at the rear face of the cover sheet andvsecondary sheet, the latter being raised to show the manner of connect-ing the upper end thereof with the intermediate tab of the cover sheet. Fig. v7 is an enlarged fragmentary detail forming a part of this application, inV

2, 1925. Serial No. 53,963.

sectional view on a vertical line through one of the inturned edges or flanges of the secondary sheet showing the connection thereof to the cover sheet on approximately the line 7 7 of Fig. 2 the pocket sheet being bulged.

out or shown in a-slightly exaggerated condition to more plainly illustrate the relation of the several sheets to one another.

Fig. 8 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective view of a wallet embodying the inven.

9-9 of Fig-2 the pocket sheet being expand-y ed into an exaggerated position to illustrate the relation of the parts.

In carrying out our invention as herein embodied, 10 represents a wallet of any desirable or well-known construction and to one of the walls thereof is secured the cover 1 sheet 11 in any well known manner, as by a suitable adhesive. The cover sheet includes the body 12 and if desirable a flap 13 while in the body portion of the sheet is formed a sight opening 14 of any desirable size as will be obvious on reference to Figs. 1 and 2. From the lower end of the sight opening extends a recess .15 in the form of a notch in the material of the cover sheet body below the lower extremity of the sight opening so that said recess communicates with the sight A opening.

At the upper end of the body 12 of the cover sheet are two end tabs 16 and an intermediate tab 17 produced by slitting the end of the body as indicated at 18 and ally of ifhch are folded down on the dotted line 19,

Disposed across the sight opening 14: and

secured to the inner or rearface of the body.

12 of the cover sheet is a secondary or pocket sheet 2O having its sides folded inward to form the portions or flanges 21 so that card grooves 22 are provided and this secondary or pocket sheet is secured by means of its {langes 21 and that portionof its panel projecting below the .sight opening to the inner face of the cover sheet body. by suitable securing means such as an adhesive. The in.-

termediate tab 17 is folded back over the upper ends of the flanges 2l of the secondary pocket sheet and secured to the inner faces of saidiflanges andfto the inner face of the cover4 sheet body above the sight opening' so that the upper ends of said flanges do not protrude into the path of travel of'a card` -insert'edin the entrancef23'to thecardrpocket as shown inFig. 7.

As before stated the coversheet is secured to one of the walls ot the wallet and 1n so doing the end tabs 16 are carried over theend of the wallet and fastened in place thus adding additional strength to the structure and eliminating raw edges or. protuberances that might bey caughtby the edge of'a: card when l insertedl in the v pocket.

InFigs. 1 andf2 acard 24 is' shownin the pocket.v

Heretofore it has been the-practice to first paste the'intermediate'tabjagainst the inner face of the. cover sheet and then to paste the secondary or. pocket sheet over. the inturned intermediate-tribali us leavingthe upper ends of the hangesor turned-111 portions of the pocketV sheet. in thepath of travel' of a card as it would' be .inserted in the, pocket which was found'l to be disadvantageous beca-use the card was not. freely giiidedY into the pocket andoften caught. onthe ends of the pocketsheet hang-es so that in time the pocket sheet wouldibe separatedV froml the cover sheetand tion, what-we claim as new and'useful. is:

thelife-of. the wallet `greatly shortened.

This ,disadvantage is entirely overcome by our stnucture since upon insertion of the card Vin. the entrance to the pocket said card will 1. A card holder for wallets and the like including a cover sheet for attachment to a wall of a wallet and havingarsight opening therein, au secondary sheet disposed acrossA the sight openingn inturned Hanges at the ysidesf of the secondary sheet, said secondary sheet being secured along its lower edge and by means of therfianges to the=rear face of (the cover sheet, and means covering the outer ends of the flanges.

2.. A cardholder for wallets andthe like including. a cover sheet for attachment to a wall of a wallet and having. a sig-ht openingA therein, a.. secondary sheet disposed acrossthe: sight opening,l inturned: iianges at the sides of the secondary sheet,.said,secondaryf sheet beingsecured alo-ng` its lower edge and by means of the flanges` tothe rear face of vthez cover sheet and means foldabl'e from the cover sheet to enclose the upper ends of the flanges.

3. A card holder for wallets and the like including a cover sheet for attachment to a wallf of;l a. wallet? andhavingf'a sightr opening therein, a secondary sheet disposedacross the sight opening, inturned flanges'at the sides ofthe-secondary sheemsaid. secondary sheet being secured alongits'lower edgel and by meansof. the'flanges'to the' rear'faee` of the cover sheet and tabs formed with the upper edge ofthe covensheet one of which projects downwardly over the upper ends of the anges ofthe'secondary sheet.

4L.A; card holder of the class described comprising, a cover sheety having a sight openingtherein, a secondary sheet provided with, inturnedanges and securedto the rear face of the. cover sheet through the medium ofl said anges and the lower edge of' said secondary sheet,andL a tab-projecting back uponthe cover sheetfrom its upper yedgezand overlyingthe. upper end's of theflanges ofthe secondary sheet, saidtabbeingsecuredto theA rear or inner faces of the ii'anges and the'- rear face of. the cover sheet'.

5. A card'holding device includingja cover sheet having. a. sight opening, therein,A the upperxendv ofwhich. terminates adjacent the upper. end'off said. slieet,.an inturned tab pro-Y jecting fromthe Yupper endof said sheet, a secondary sheet, inturnedl side. yflanges formed therewith andv with the body of` the secondary sheet constituting groove or guide means for a. car.d,sai'd seconda-ry sheet being secured along.' its lower edge. and. by means of its: flangesto. the near face. of' the cover sheet across the sight opening with the. tab on.v the cover'sheet disposed` oven the' upper endsof. the `flanges within. the pocket formed by the secondary sheet to cover the .upper ends of the. junctions,of'saidfanges and the cover sheet and-act as agulde for acardfwhenbeing inserted. inthe pocket., y

6. A card holding device i'ncludinga` cover sheet having. a: sight opening therein,.the upper endof which.. terminatesr adjacent. the upper end of said sheet, an i'nturnedfV tab projecting from the upper endet" said'sheet, a secondary sheet, inturned.. side fianges' formed therewith and with the bo'dyoffthe secondary` sheet.- constituting. groove orA guide meansfor as card, said' secondary sheet. being secured along its lower edge and by meanszof.

itsffiangestotherear face of thecoversheet across the sightopening withv the tab on the cover sheet disposedLover the upper ends of the flanges withinthe pocketformedi by the secondary sheet to cover the upper endsof the A junctions ot said' flangesandf the cover sheet andY act asas guide for a cards whenvbeing-inserted infthepocket, a wallet to one of the walls ofwhiclr the cover-sheet issecured with the. seconda-ry sheetbetween the; wallet wall and cover sheet, and other tabs carried by the cover sheet and secured to the end of the Wallet. v

7. A card holder for Wallets and the like including a cover sheet for attachment to a wall of a wallet and having a sight opening therein, a Secondary sheet disposed across the sight opening and secured to the rear face of the cover sheet, inturned flanges at the sides of the secondary sheet and a tab formed with the upper edge of the cover sheet and foldable therefrom so as to project into the space between the secondary sheet and its inturned flanges, in which position it is permanently fixed to cover the upper ends of said flanges.

In testimony whereof, We have hereunto affixed our signatures.


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