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Publication numberUS182287 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1876
Publication numberUS 182287 A, US 182287A, US-A-182287, US182287 A, US182287A
InventorsGhaeles L. Pond
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Improvement in fire-kindlers
US 182287 A
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Specication forming part of Lettere` Patent No. 182,287, dated September 19, 1876; application filed August 17,.1876.

To all whom t may concern.:

Beit known that I, CHARLES L. POND, of the city of Buii'alo, in the county of Erie and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fire-Kindlers, which improvements are fully set forth in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings.

The object? of this invention is to provide a cheap, simple, and effective means for kindling either a wood or hard-c0al tire 5 and it consists of a series of bars of wood, arranged in the form of a grate, and held together by a transverse piece, which is fitted and forced into a groove cut in the lower edge of each of said bars, a portion ofthe transverse piece or lbinder being made to project downward from the grate, so as to leave an air-space between the bottom of thesameand' the fire-grate or surface to which it may be applied, the bars and' transverse piece all being coated, or partly coated, with a resinous or other combustible material, and provided with a small portion ol' paper, shavings, or other light substance, coated with the same, so asto afford the means for a ready ignition, as will be more clearly hereinafter described.

My invention further consists in the combination of a series of alternate hard and soft wood bars, arranged in the form of a grate,

with a cross-bar or binder connected there-` parallel; also the cross-bar or binder. 1 Fig. 2

is a front view ;l and Fig. 3 represents a side I elevation, showing its position when placed upon a stove-grate or other surface for the purpose of starting a tire. i

A B represent a series of wooden bars, A

showing the soft wood and B the hard Wood,

represents a piece of paper or some light mai terial, for the purpose of providing a ready means for starting it.`

The lower portion of the -kindler, or all, if required, is covered with some resinous or other easily/combustible material, which answers the double purpose of ccuienting the parts together and ai'ording the means for a ready combustion.

The openings cut into the bars A B, to receive the binder, may be cut in theibinder and the bars inserted therein withogitchanging the nature of the invention, and there may be one or more hinders O, if necessary.

I claim as my inventionl. In a fire-kindler, the combinationof a series of hard and softwood bars, A B, coated witha resinous material, with a binder, O, by which they are connected and held together, substantially as and for the purposes specifled.

2. A series of bars, Aor B, of wood, coated` with a resinous material, and arranged substantially as specilied, in combination with a binder, O, to which theyV are connected by means of a slot or opening, l), to leave the I lower side of the binder Vprojecting downward, as'and' for the purposes described.

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Cooperative ClassificationC10L11/04