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Publication numberUS1822893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1931
Filing dateJan 20, 1930
Priority dateJan 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1822893 A, US 1822893A, US-A-1822893, US1822893 A, US1822893A
InventorsKapolkin Herman
Original AssigneeKapolkin Herman
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Roller shopping bag
US 1822893 A
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Sept. 15, 1931. H. KAPOLKIN ROLLER SHOPPING BAG Filed Jan. 20, 930


ROLLER SHOPPING BAG Application filed January 20, 1980. Serial .No. 422,011.

handles, and it is therefore an object of the invention to provide a shopping bag having 1 flexible walls secured at their lower ends to a rigid platform mounted upon wheels, so that the filled or partially filled container may be easily trundled about when in a loaded condition.

A further feature is in the provision of means whereby the heavily loaded bag may be guided in a desired direction by the handles, which are placed at an appropriate height to be readily manoeuvred.

Another aim is to provide a shopping bag having strong but flexible walls, capable of conforming to the commodities which may be entered therein and resting on the platform or bottom so that no weight need be carried by the hands.

These advantageous objects are accomplished by the novel construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and shown in the accompanying drawings, forming a material part of this disclosure, and

in which Figure 1 is a side elevational view of an embodiment of the device as in operative position.

Figure 2 is an end view of the same.

Figure 3 is a bottom plan View, showing in broken lines-the angular position which the rear dirigible wheels may assume.

The structure comprises a rigid rectangular plate 10, preferably made of wood or other stiff material, and secured to the edges of the plate are the side and end walls 11 of the bag, these walls being made preferably of oilcloth, canvas or other strong but flexible woven textile fabric.

. Centrally of the sides and at their top ,edi'esra're a pair of strong handles 12 shaped to e conveniently grasped and the terminals 13 of the handles are extended outwardly on both side edges the full length of the bag, the materialof which is seamed to enclose the elements 13 in a secure manner, affording a finished appearance and re-enforcing the edges.

Secured transversely on the under side of the platform 10, near its front end, is a bracket 14 held by bolts 15, the downreaching ends of the bracket having fixed therein pintles 16 to which are secured, by screws 17, a pair of wheels 18, washers being provided between the heads of the screws and the shoulders of the pintle, so that the wheels will readily revolve.

These wheels are preferably of a considerable diameter equalling approximately the width of the platform 10, and are positioned to avoid as far as possible tipping or overturning of the structure.

Centrally of the platform 10, and at a point near its'opposite end, is a post 19,.rigidly supported by clamp nuts 20 above and below the plate and journalled on the post, between suitable washers, are a pair of spaced lugs 21 formed on a yoke-like member 22, the diverging elements of which at their outer endsare bent parallel and suited to receive a second pair of pintles 23 on which the rear wheels 24 are rotatably mounted, being held in position by screws 25.

llhe rear or trailing wheels 24 are spaced in a similar mannerto the front wheels 18, and obviously by their attachment to the yoke 22 may be turned as a unit on the axis of the post 19, the turning movement being limited by a stud 26 fixed in the platform to extend downwardly between the yoke members ,whereby the wheels are held at all times in operative position.

It will be apparent that a similar structure may be used in connection with trunks, valises, suitcases, tool boxes, and other like containers ordinarily conveyed by hand, and that the same can be manipulated through traflic-without resorting to unecessary lifting.

Furthermore the four wheel arrangement 2 neaaeea I provides a wide base, tending to revent the ag from toppling over, while t e material 1 of the bag sides is such as to yield and readily receive articles of considerable size and of any shape within its capacity, the bag bulging in conformity.

The bag is under complete control of the handles 12, which in use approach each other closely, and by means of which the rear wheels are easily steered.

From the foregoing it will be seen that a simple device for this purpose has been disclosed in the preferred form of its embodiment, but it is not desired to restrict the de-= tails to the exact construction shown, it be ing obvious that changes, not involving the exercise of invention, may be made without v conflicting with the scope of the appended' claim.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new and desired to secure by Letters Patent, is 2-- A portable container having a rigid base, airs of wheels at the front and rear of said ase, said front wheels having fixed transverse axes and said rear wheels being dirigible, all of said wheels being alike in diameter and each said pair equally spaced a art, means to limit the angular movement 0 the dirigible wheels, all of said wheels being within the planes of the base edges and adjacent thereto, and a pair of normally spaced apart rigid handles on the sides of the container by which it is ided and supported, said handle having eng extensions embedded in the upper edges of the container side walls. In testimony whereof I aifix my signature.


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