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Publication numberUS1824301 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1931
Filing dateJul 23, 1928
Priority dateJul 23, 1928
Publication numberUS 1824301 A, US 1824301A, US-A-1824301, US1824301 A, US1824301A
InventorsRussell Frank A
Original AssigneeUnit Lock Company
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US 1824301 A
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' Sept. 22, 1931. F. A. RUSSELL PADLOCK 2 sheets-sheet 1 Filed July 23, 1928 INVENTOR Sept. 22, 1931 F. A. RUSSELL PADLocx Filed July 2s, 19528 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR Patented *Septif d 25 tion; re-sdfesiim thenoveii snbjebtnm n closed-positions;respectively.:

35 Figi', fisa;horizontaksect'ona 4t2 st'opaning. V- dogs,.fpii"oni and springs;y i

V je Fig. l9-s a fragmentaryjverticalijsecional 5i. Oodly7 is provided with"relatively i'ongnnd f {Ehe-f, inilention-r rel-Mesi@ e, -pdiocks saidiliody.

frther aim; is to "providejmewf and@ ploved; relation? o`V part'ss facilitating; ass if tion beingf'suppleniente theigccolnpejn l-Eigasaiventctksection-2d corre'spond'mglggn. numbered line: o

@we the@ correspondingly numbered:linefoEigzsQ: 1

Figa.: gfisr a: fragmentary @elevation f o 4 'nteriorendfo'ffthei-shackle Fig. 6-is a bottom p lamx4 "few offth Fig. l is a top pllinyiem' j 16, said projectingend being provided with i a driving rib 52'on the lower side of a cylintwo. driving studsB. These studs straddle dricalbase 34 which is rotatably mounted in theopening 32, said base beingformed on a. vertically 'l elongated pinion 51.,rv Turning of the barrel 38 by the key 50 causesfth'e driving studs 35 and the rib 52 to rotate` the i base 34 and Ythe ypinion 51 for the, purpose of Formed in waylO :which opens through theperiphery of said barrel. In vtheinwardly; projecting end of .thisbarrel, a continuous peripheral groove 54 is 'formed-said -groove' receiving'a split resilient ring48, aportion of the "latter," extending across` said keywayt 50', as seen in Fig. 9. This portionV of the ring'48 constitutes a stopt for limiting'theV` insertion of the keyO, andthe portion. of the ring project-A i ingbeyond the barrel 38, abuts the inner end SOA ofthe cylinder 36K, preventing said barrel from saidcylinder/ Y l Byproviding the novel construction shown. and described orthe'equivalent thereof, alock, i's-'providedfwhic'hmay be easily7 and in eXpen'- sively ,manufactured unusual :speedQ being i permitted .when assembling;` IY .Moreoven' the "having two j'longitudinal 'boresopening throughone of its ends and slidably -receiv-v Ying.y saidshackle ends, 'said' body alsogha-ving 'a1 central longitudinalrecess which@ opens through its otherf end, 'being' further formed, lwith a transverse recess from 4one `of 1 said bores tothe otherfand having a cylindrical opening from `.the innerendiof said longi.-y tudinal recessv 4-to'"said transve`rse recess,

durable,` `and its construction isY` such thaty it cannot .beV releasedby 'striking any partof the body. with. a hammer or other force. Tov open the lock the'pr'operk'ey must be insertedinto `the barrel"38"'and the latter turned to 40 withdraw the! dogs for bolts l19, whereupon thel spring 26 expands. and outwardly slides the shackle 12. which is' stopped in. its .outward slide by the split stop ring 44.VIA AseX- pcellent results are obtainablerfrom the details disclosed, they vare preferably followed.-V However, within*theL scope ofthe invention"Y as.clai1`ned',rv friationsniaybe made.

notches in the inner sides Vof itsn ends, a body "deep" lo the barrelv 3.8 is `the usual-key# of withdrawal lined. my s'ignaturelzy f rotatably mountingAV the pinion, a lock cylinderse'cured in said longitudinal recess and having` a Vrotatable barrel, and separably'interengaged drivingmeanson the inner end of saidbarrel and saidfbase offsaidrpinion,

`said `separably engaged 'means being sep'- aralileupony withdrawal of said barrel. i l'olcfkajbody`ihaving 'a relatively tudin'a'l bore Vand a V comparatively shallow llongitudinalifbore both opening through one of its ends, a longitudinal recess opening-.throughv itsother end, and an ob- Y lique opening from ,the inner end of said shallow borefintofthe-inner.` end offhsaid recess, a shackle having.oneendpivotally andfslidf` ably inounte'din saidjdeep bore and its other end receivablefin said shallow bore, Y locking means for said.'` shackle embodyingf a cylinder in" said recess, a screwl passing lthrough 'said' obliqlueY opening :and threaded *f into said cyl-` inder to :securejth'e latter'inplace, and a disk.-

secured in the'inner end ofsa-id shallow bore' andobscuring'the head of saidfscrewla 3V. k'Ina loclgfa shackle, a body having? a bore; slidably receiving.: onefl end. of said shacklerfand a resilient splitring mounted yon"i saidshackle end and by itsiown inherent? resiliency held inem-expanded position at' 'which-it proj ectsbeyond` the periphery of thel shackle," forming a stop in lsaid Vbore i to limit:` "theo'utward movement 'of the shacklep;

lockwill besadvantageous andfexceptionally vin said cylindrical opening, saidlcylindrical l vbase and opening jointlyY forming means for -v is open-at one endand enlarged inwardly of said end, ashacklel having a straight "end in'- -sertableintosaidk bore, said shackle'.,havingV fidi) `a tapered portion whose.largerfendiisdis posed-toward theezlztremity of said shackle end,.fsaidf shackle: 'end`V being provided"v also: with a'continuous peripheral groove' between' lsaid tapered portionriand its aforesaid eX-l tremity, and a split resilient ring applicable around the smaller-endof said tapered por- -A tion and when -so applied capable? ofl contrac-4 tionV Vforvpassage through the smaller end of said bore into the boreenla-rgement'aid ring being then? adapted to'ex'pand withinsaid Y In testimony whereof,

- *FRANK spring-pressed*b'oltsslidable in 'said'trans- ,i

.Verse recessto engage said notches,sai`d bolts having'opposed setsfof'teeth at their inner' ends, `ian elongated pinion-'between said `sets ofteeth and meshingtherewith,said'pinion

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U.S. Classification70/38.00A
International ClassificationE05B67/00, E05B67/24
Cooperative ClassificationE05B67/24
European ClassificationE05B67/24