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Publication numberUS1824401 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1931
Filing dateDec 14, 1923
Priority dateDec 14, 1923
Publication numberUS 1824401 A, US 1824401A, US-A-1824401, US1824401 A, US1824401A
InventorsFoster Peter W, Kellogg John L, Morris Raymer, Poole Richard S
Original AssigneeKellog Co
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Packaging machine
US 1824401 A
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Sept 22, 1931. J. L. KELLOGG ET AL 1,824,401

PACKAGING MACHINE 1923 18 Sheets-Sheet l Filed Dec. 14

Sept. 22, 1931. .1. l.. KELLOGG E1' AL PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 18 Sheets-SheetI 3 Sept. 22, 1931. J. 1 KELLOGG ET Al.

PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14 1925 18 Sheets-Shea?l 4 MGH Sept.l22, 1931. J; L. KELLoGG E 'r Al.

PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 18 Sheets-Sheet. 5

INVENToRs. Job/7 Ke/195?,

Sept. 22, 1931.' J. KELLOGG ET Al. 1,824,401

I PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 l sheets-snee#v 6 Mor/11s Raymer:


Sept. 22, 1931.

.J. KELLOGG ET Al. 1,824,401


14, 192s 1 8 sheets-sheet '7 Sept 22, 1931L J. L. KELLOG'G ETAL Y' 1,824,401

` -I PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 123-.shens-"sheen va I lNvENToRs, I

Sept. 22, 1193i. J. l.. KELLOGG ET AL PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 18 Sheets-Sheet 9 PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Deo. 14, 1925 18 Sheets-SheetI 10 INVENTORS,y Jaffa L V/ayg,

Sept 22, 1931. J. L. KELLOGG ET AL PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14, 1923 18 SheetS-Sheel 11 ww. .m EN

DHU ba L .)Twmw .OIMv muli NH E KUN... HLN E .MIU o2 Q H. .H li :1 i :t IL I|||||||||| A, HHH um. la, mdd ma. Q v: G

Sept' 22, 1931- J. KELLvoG-G ET AL PACKAGING MACHINE Filed' Dec 14, 1923 18 Sheets-Sheet 12 Sept. 22, 1931. .1. L. KELLOGG ET AL PACKAG ING MACHINE Filed Deo. 14 1923 18 Sheetsf-Sheet 13 INVENTORS 'JM/7 L. AVN/ogg Pe/e/*WFos/ff,

Sept 22, 1931- J. L. KELLOGG ET AL 1,824,401

PACKAG ING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14l 1923 18 Sheets-Sheet 14 M/WMMATTORNEYS.

Sept. 22, 1931. .1. KELLOGG ET AL PACKAGING MACHINE 1925 18 Sheets-Sheetl l5 Filed Deo. 14

Sept. 22, l93. .1. L. KELLOGG ET AL 1,824,401

PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Deo. 14, 1923 18 ASheets-Sheet 16 SePt- 22, 1931 J. l.. KELLOGG ET Al. 1,824,401

PACKAGING MACHINE 18 Sheets-Sheet 17 Filed Dec.

Z ,il

INVENTORS, ./0/7/7 L. /e//a Sept. 22, 193i. J. L. KELLOGGET AL 1,824,491

PACKAGING MACHINE Filed Dec. 14 l 1925 18 Sk'meeizs-SheeI 18 Patented Su'ept. 22,- 1931 UNITED ."'s'ra'rlaz's PATENT OFFICE OHN L. XELLOGG, PETER W. FOSTER, RICH-ABD S. POOLE, MORRIS RAYIIIEB, F


This invention relates to a packaging machine and aims to provide a device yof this character primarily adapted for use in connection with the packaging of materials, particularly food stuffs such as, for example, corn flakes, bran, etc.

' It is an object of the present invention to provide a packaging machine which will be Y structurally superior and functionally advantageous in comparison with machines having somewhat similar objects.

A further object resides in the construction of a machine adapted to close material containing packages without injuring the material during the various manipulations to which the package is subjected.

A still further object is the construction of a machine preferably embracing a number of units, the functions of these units being such that an article manipulated thereby will be eiiciently operated on.

Another object of the present invention .is the provision of an apparatus which will be automatic in operation and which, when utilized in conjunction with packages of the type hereinafter referred to, will not alone close the same but will also seal the parts to prevent the entrance' of air, moisture, etc.

Still another object is that of furnishing a machine of the type described, preferably embracing a number of units which unitsmay be used to advantage either independent-ly or in combinations other than that shown in the illustrative embodiment hereinafter referred to.

Other objects of the invention will in part be obvious and will in part appear herein/- after.

The invention accordingly comprises the features of construction, combinations of elements, and arrangement of parts, which will be exemplifiedin the construction hereinafter set forth and the scope of the application of which will be indicated in the claims.

For a fuller understanding of the nature and objects of the invention, reference should be had to the following. detailed description taken -in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a side view of one form of packaging machine embodying the construction of the presentinvention,

F 2 is a plan view thereof,

.F1gs. 3, 4, 5 and 6 are fragmentary plan views showing respectively consecutive portions of the machine,

Fig. 7 is a rear end view of the apparatus,

Fig. 8 is a transverse, sectional view taken along the line 8-8 looking in the direction of the arrows-indicated in Fig. 3,

Fig. 9 is a frafrmentary, side elevation of the mechanism for disposing the material within the container. y

Fig. 10 is a fragmentary, enlarged sectional view vof a portion of the transfer mechanism,`

Fig., 11 is a front view of the spreader mechanism,

Fig. 12 is a sectional, side view through the same,

Fig. 13 is a fragmentary, transverse view showing mechanism of the machine which manipulates` certain portions ofthe package,

Fig. 14 is a side elevation showing certain of the mechanism shown in Fig. 13,

Fig. 15 is a sectional, side view of the folding mechanism, l

Fig. 16 is a plan view of a package after the same has been shaped by the mechanism illustrated in Fig. 15,

Fig. 17 is a fragmentary, side elevation ofy certain of the mechanism utilized to manipulate one of the portions of the package,

Fig. 18 is a fragmentary, plan view thereof, taken along the lines 18-18 looking in the direction of the arrow indicated in Fig. 17,

Y Fig. 19 is aI fragmentary, transverse, sectionalview of a det-ail of the sealing mechamsm,

Fig. 20 is a fragmentary view'of certain parts ofthe mechanism shown in Fig. 19, but illustrating the parts in a different position.

Fig. 21 isa fragmentary, partly sectional view taken transversely through a portion ofthe machine and showing a sealing mechanism which may act subsequently to that shown in Figs. 19 and 20,

Fig. 22 is a further transverse, sectional, fragmentary, view taken through a part of 100 ,f the machine and showing the parts of the folding mechanism,

Fir'. 23 is a detail view showing parts of this 2folding mechanism in another position, Fig. 24 is a face view of a ortion of the folding mechanism illustrate in Figs. 22

and 23,

' Fig. 25 is a detail of the operating mechanism utilized in connection with the mechanism shown in Fig. 22,

Fig. 26 is a fragmentary, sectional side view of a further portion of the folding mechanism,

Fig. 27 is a fragmentary side elevation showing certain portions of the gluing mechanism,

Fig. 28 is a fragmentary plan view of` the gluing mechanism and drive therefor,

Fig. 29 is a fragmentary side view of a detail thereof,

Fig. 8() is an end view of the same, v

Fig. 31 is a fragmentary side elevation of the mechanism for sealing the carton fiaps` and for ejecting the cartons from the carrier, also shown in Figs. 6 and 7,

Fig. 32 is a fragmentary view of a detail thereof,

Fig. 83 is a plan view Fig. 32,

Fig. 34 is a fragmentary view of a detail of the operating mechanism for the sealing and ej ecting mechanism,

Fig. 35`is a. fragmentary view of one of the yroller mountings,

Fig. 36 is a somewhat diagrammatic plan view of the bed of the machine,

Fig. 37 is a collective view illustrating different forms assumed by the package in the successive steps of manipulation to which it is subjected in its passage through the machine, y

Fig. 38 is a somewhat diagrammatic plan view of the driving mechanism utilized for the various units,

Fig. 39 is a side elevation thereof, and

Fig. 40 is an end view of the same.

' According to the embodiment of the invention illustrated in the present application, a machine is provided which is particularly adapted to receive a box of cardboard or similarmaterial having its base closed and its upper end opened, and having at its upper end a numberI of flaps which are adapted to be folded in a manner to provide an adequate seal. Y Disposed within the box is a bag or liner of suitable material such as, for example, wax impregnated paper, having its neck or mouth unsealed and being filled with a loose substance which is to be packaged. It is to be understood that the operations of forming the box and the bag or liner, filling the latter with the material to be packaged, and disposing the same within the box either before or after the filling operation, may be accomplished by means of a of the detail of machine or machines arranged in advance of that which forms the subject matter of the present application, or obviously, these operations, orcertain of the same, may be performed by hand.

Conceding that articles of the nature afore-described are introduced into a machine embod ing the construction, herewith describe and illustrated, the material or substanc within the box will be first properly distributed or stowed and subsequently the mouth of the bag or liner will be sealed and disposed within the body of thevbox after which the flaps of the latter will be folded upon themselves to in turn seal this portion of the package and the sealed box containing the sealed bag within which the material is packed will be automatically delivered from the end of the machine thereby effecting great saving in expense, labor andtime.

For the sake of avoiding confusion, the succeeding description has been divided into chapters, each referring to one of the particular units of the mechanism by means of which, at a predetermined station in the path of travel of the package, certain operations are performed tending towards the closing or sealing of the package and the final delivery thereof. With this in mind, the description immediately following will deal with the construction and operation of the mechanism whereby the package is introduced into the machine proper and by means of which the substance contained within the said package will be disposed to permit of the subsequent sealing operations.

In order that the carton or similar package may be more easily followed in its course through the machine in the following description, and that successive operations thereon by the different mechanisms may be more clearly understood, this carton is designated as a whole throughout the different views of the drawings and in the following detailed description by P. Also the leading ap of the carton as the latter progresses through the machine is designated P1, the following Hap by P2 and the op osing lateral fiaps P3 and P4 respectively. he liner for the carton is also designated in the several views by the reference numeral R.

Package spacing and content sto/wing mecham'sm (sta-tions A and B) Referring to Figs. 1, 2, and 3, it will be perceived that atthe front end of the machine there is provided a conveyor belt 40 which may be mounted for movement in a plane corresponding to that in which the bed of the machine is disposed. This conveyor may be connected with, or forma part of a machine in which the liners or bags are filled, and adjacent the entry end of the present machine spaced guides 41 and 42 are provided, arranged one at each sidel of the conveyor and

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