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Publication numberUS1826434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1931
Filing dateApr 5, 1927
Priority dateApr 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1826434 A, US 1826434A, US-A-1826434, US1826434 A, US1826434A
InventorsReiss Walter A
Original AssigneeReiss Walter A
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Vibrating device
US 1826434 A
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Oct.' s; 1931. W A. @Ss 1,826,434

VI BRATING DEVICE Filed April 5, 1927 T l ZZ lmfao/0 my M Wm rated and Ihavefoundfthat with my Ade-`` ice'jthecirculationinlthese'tissues willbe` fatemed Oct. y 6,V 1931 diseases of the teethgas pyorrhea and attente f, Medicalfscicnce has discoveredthat'` inthe f viiiodern way of living wherepreparedfoods y. are usedafsa diet, the tissues surrounding' the teeth breakdown' for the l'ack i of use.j' In masticating coarse food', theblood ispu'shed O tfhc'ycssels 'of the. tissues von thepressure L lof the: teeth A and Y. back when the y pressure ifsfrele'asedas when` Athe' teethl are sepheap g 'inV "construction" and one in l a rAnotherobject of y invention istofnof b easily ane quietly-'inserted @t removea so in connection lwith they vibrating device r t, Y actionfofthejjaws in; Inasticaty f z'Aretha-11ifurthe? bectotmy nventionislto' provide a g devicefwhichiis exceedingly* sim,

hold the'eccentric in position therein. The par of'tp'lates are adaptedtobe inyseitedj within Lil openingl 13. of an elastic padfll which is v,of Asul stantially the same vshapeas the plates shown so that whenplaced inVv the month it can be' gripped between the 95 t '5 @ther andffurther objectsandladvantagesi, the inventioiiwill be hereinafter seti-forth5 indV thenovel features .thereodefnedby the e l nFigure 3 isl an'enlargedfrontjelevation ,`the

' Y LRTENT fOefFF-ICE 7 serial no; 181,0827

tion; i i.

Figure 'is an enlarged transverse detail section; '7

Flaute@ is an enlarged detail transverse section -with the eccentric removed;

Figur-e7 is an enlarged end viewof the eccentric; and i y Figure 8 is an enlarged detail section thrcughthe plates showingf the manner of 00 `Vloosely 4connectngthe same together.

AIn carryingl out my invention I employ 'a pair of metal yplates ll and l2`which are loosely connected together by rivets 3 so as tod allow these plates to move v up andr down, 65 1n respect to each other and to move laterally in krespectto each other. These plates are preferably of thejshape shown so as to conforrnto the 'jaws of the mouth andare provvidedf-with `substantially semi-circular `por, ,70

tionsl' and finto which; is adapted to be placed aireccentric carried by a revolving shaft? which isdrivenby any suitable means,

such asl anelectric motor 8 in yorder to allow 'thedevice to be used in an vordinary/*house 75 lwhere electricity is vused vfor illuminating the same.

When""thefplatesv are in contact with one Yanother 'as shownin Figure 6; the opening aii'llbbel Pd iS BIIPlYQ'd ill which S A sed pair yoflo sely'.connectedplates A eltweenfwhich is arranged an eccentriclfor the vibratory'f and oscillatory the plates are separatedto receive the eccentric 6,`they will vbe held slightlyapart in order to allow .these plates to move freely lin respect {to each other as -the eccentric` re- 85 fvolves; l

The eccentricis'ipreferably' provided with an yannular groove l9 into Vwhich 'extends a Alip l0k formed on one ofthe plates so as to to the motion produced in chewing in mas- 100 Figli e elilarged longitudinalAseci Operated Vrotary means disposed betwee ksaid.

*plates for moving lsaid platesvrelatvely to 'each other to cause said elastic pad to inter-y mittently expand andlcontractfor exercising. y i5 theteeth. U

Y In testimony whereof I klllereunto -ax my

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U.S. Classification601/93, 601/86
International ClassificationA61C17/20, A61C19/00, A61C17/16, A61C19/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61C17/20, A61C19/06
European ClassificationA61C17/20, A61C19/06