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Publication numberUS1826580 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1931
Filing dateDec 20, 1930
Priority dateDec 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1826580 A, US 1826580A, US-A-1826580, US1826580 A, US1826580A
InventorsSpinney Edmund S
Original AssigneeAdam Sutcliffe Company
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Pinless ticket
US 1826580 A
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@CL 5, 1931. E. s, SPlNNEY 1,826,580

' PINLESS TICKET Filed DEC. 20, 1930 gwwzntoz dbtowwq yPatented Oct. 6,y 1931y Y lEDMUND s* SPINNEY? 0F A'1"1I1I'lBORf'J,i"iimssiicnusarees,`assIcavoa To THE ADAM'Ei l sUrrcLIFFE COMPANY, AucoRPoRATIoNoF nnonn ISLAND -PINLESS TICKET Application med December 2o, 1930. swarm, 503,822. c n i Thisinvention relatesto certain new and luseful improvements in pinl'essy tickets.

' The primary'.r objectfof the invention is to provide a price tagY or pinless ticket of the 6l type usually associated with articles of mer` chandise such as carpets, cloth, wearingapparel and the like, the tag or ticket-being engaged''with Vthe merchandise in a manner V `whereby injury to theme'rchandise is ven- 1.0i tirely eliminated as ,the tag orticket is substantially in the form of avpinless clamp so i e, thatthearticle or merchandise isvin no way perforated by the yapplication of the tag or 1V ticket thereto. Y f

A further object ofthe inventionis to prog vide aprice tag o r pinlessticket of the forey goingcharacterwherein a wire clip is'permanently attached tothe price tag or ticket by having ends of thelwireV clip embedded between plies ofthe tagor ticket `for perply of thetag provided` with one or more Y openings of restrictedarea into whichpor- A tions-ofthe wire clip extendfor more ef- Chandisef Y, Y v Y With the above,k and other objects yin View V.that will beccmeapparent as'the nature of vthe invention is better understoodnthe same consists Kin the novel form.- combination and arrangement ,ofy parts hereinafter lmore fullv described, shown in the accompanying drawings-and -claimed. e A,

.,In the ydrawings:f-A-

i. Figurejl is an ,edgevcelevational View of l auprice tazlripinless. ticket constructed in accordance' with the presentv invention, showopening formed in the adjacentl'ply ofthe taff:v 1 #i M Y 50* bedded between the plies of thet'ag;`

i frequently become lost or misplaced and an 'ing the tagjformedpf two 'plies of material andthe Wire clin disposed atri one side ofthe f tag' with a porti'on,thereofv extended into an i Figure 2gis a front 'elevational viewy the i spring clip are received for a more effective Figure 3 isa kvertical cross-sectional view taken'on line 3,*3 of Figure 2; y

Figure 4i 1s a cross-sectional View taken on line 4-4 of Figure 2;

.and illustrating the ends ofthe wireclip embedded between the plies of thetag and also an opening in one ply of the tag;

Figure .7 is a. front elevational view tof' vanother form of wire'clip and tag; l Figure 8 is a rear elevationalview the tag Y 65 shown in Figure 7 partly broken away;

Figure 9 is a front elevational view of another form of price tag showing a slotted opening in one ply of the tag and a bar porf'qo tion kof the wire. clip positioned therein ,and withthe ends of the wire clip permanently embedded' between the plies of the tag; and

if Figure 10 is ac horizontal sectional view Vtaken' 'on line V10-10 of Figure .9.

fectivelv retaining the price tagy or ticket i ,engaged with theassociated article of mery This inventionembodies a price tag adapt- 75 vthis generalcharacter resulting in perforat-- ing or. mutilation of the merchandise and in 0 previous devices, where a spring clip has been employed in association with a price tag, the

spring clipA and price tag have ybeen separate elements with the result that the spring clips- 5 ordinary pin is employed with the price tag for` attaching the same to an article of merchandise. The present invention provides forthe permanent attachment of a spring clip 90 to a price tag to provide a unitary structure ofthe spring clip and price tag and to provide fora moreeifective retention of the price tag on the article of merchandise. The price tag'which is preferably formed of two plies of material has the free ends of the spring clip-permanently embedded between the plies thereof with one ofthe `plies provided with one or more openings in which portions of the clamping engagementvbetween the yprice tagk d and articleof merchandise. 1

Asshovvn in Figs.. 1v to 4, tlieprice tag l' comprises a pair of plies2 and 3 formed of fpaper, cardboard or other suitable material.' for such pnrposesand with which tag ,thek springcl'igpfis associated. Eline-spring elip comprises aWire tramehavinfg vits ends 4' per- Lmanently secured'betvveen the'plies f2 Yand '3' 101101 :the tag 'Withithefexposedintermediaterpora.

o tion of. the spring-'clip fo'xerlyingythef-.nent

side of the tag. V,The exposed portion of the ,springclip comprises a pairfof sidelegs andan intermediate inwardly bent 'loop 6, thelegs 5 being of anglefifo-rinatien'asshown in Figs .1 and 3, providingintermedhate-- loends'? in alignment -wv'ithY the end 6a of the intermediate loopedportionf. 'The ply2 of Y -provide jora more engagement loetween the .price tafygand article .ofi merchanfdlse .as Welll .asV permittnig easier .removal `i of if ln h .'ormfof theinventionshowl 'tioned laterallyQo-the outer. .openings 7 Yto `the price tag from .the merchandise. in Figs.

gland 6, .the endsY ,40p .of the .spring .clip :are

embedded and permanently retainedflgetsveen 'theftvvo plies of .the-.tag la, the exposedlegs .45a of the 'spring .clip having :angle .-loends 7a Vto loe received in' a .pair ofg openings I Se with vitheendfsoithelegs `5a.norme d linto ar single outwardly directed linger-.engaging loop Another fornrof V springclip is shown "in l Figs and.8,1the .taglbromprisingthe plies w.

" 25 .and 3b, theiply 2.f.loeing provi-dedivih a Y pair'of openingslSj While the spring cliplcoin- .prises ends 4b permanently. emheddedlbetiveen .the plies 2bn-nd 3b, v'the exposedr legsfb ofthe springpfelip 'having anglefhends T bj received in the my.openings, 8b With -theterminal 'fendsoftlie legen?) l formed Vin an outstanding y f7-.f the for-m of the inventionv shown Figs. 9'and 10the .card le' .comprisespliesc andc,

" ingSc, into Whichan intermediate bar portion y '6d ofthe exposed'flegs l5cv of .fthesprin 'cl'f received, the ends le yof thespringjcl Vei'nloedded-` between the fpl'ies- 5c fand*20, Vas

"loeing Sherwin Faggio. y 4 .Y .Y

` "il 'i f ln each of the Vfornisfofj 'the-invention, .it

*Y fjc'lip are permanently geinbeddedfbetweenthe i6D;tWojlp'lies offthetagandlthat'thesideiplyof mediateglo'eped Vp:ori-.ion .overlying theply 130 :vill befobserved that the endsof *the .spring v fi claim Aframe inte s Y Vclamping portions of an article to .whichthee the tagffacing the exposed portion-of the spring clip is provided vvith openings Vin toV which .portions of 'the spring clipproject,Y Y

While they embedded ends ofthe springfclip -are positioned laterally of the plyopening. 7

A s stated, the gist of this'inventionis'to proaide'. a; pri-ce'` vitag 'or pinless 'ticket wherein a spring clip Yis" permanently carried' loyV the tag or ticket, and 4more particularly inthe man From the above detaileddescription of the intention, it is believed'that .the construction and-operationthereo will atonce be appartliatminorchanges,maybe made thereiriivvitli-I font dep Ating'fr'.rom thefspfiritfland- 'scope oi theinvention ascla'imedQ j 'Y v anarticle ofthe character 'ormedvof plies land 'aspring clip' having its ends` permanently 'secured loetvveen "'thyepliesfthe 'clip including a frame vover-1i90l lying one side. ofthe tag Yand'said tag having depressions therein laterally, of fthe retained ends of K the 'clip to receive portionsfoff the v rmediate the ends thereof 'for clip'is. attached .in said depressions. Y

s 2. -In an article 4oitthe `.character described, A

a tag body .and a spring Clip havin'gitsfends permanently secnredin the tag loody., the [including a .trame overlying'one side oftheF .100

` ,tagV and said tag having depressions therein i laterally of the retained ends of the vclipl to receive .portions of ,the KVframe `intermediate the ends thereoffor 'clamping'portions of anV .article to Whichthe clipis attachedin said--05 depressions.v s y .Y

3. In ajtag of the character descrihedpa the body. ferme @fr plies; a Spring @inheringv ends permanentlyjsecnred jbetyveen'- the plies, ,and a looped portion loverlying oner` 110 i 'face of thetag, and the ply or the tag lacing" the looped portion having openings therein into Which intermediateportions of' the clip loop extendf.Y

4. In a tag ying ends permanentlyY secured'V between 'the plies, and; aloopedjportion'overlying one face V o the "tag, the ply of the tag facing thelooped f Vrportion having openings therein, into jvvhi'chf.. A120 portions ofthe clip loop extend, andthe ends ofthe clip'beingdisposed laterally of the.l

anni@ combinati@ with a' fag adapted@ VloesecuredAto afflatpieceoil merchandise, ofvl2r5 0f 'nie infecter eesenbea, @.115 tag body formed .of plieska' spring'clip hav.

with the cut-outs and with the ends of the wire permanently secured between the plies and'said loop havingy angle bends received inthe cut-outs, and said ends being disposed ,y laterally of the cut-outs.

V6. The combination with a tag adapted to `f be secured to a fiat piece of merchandise, of

a clip for securing said tag to the merchan- V dise, said-tag being formed of plies with cut` outs in one ply, and said clip comprising a Ysingle piece ofwire'bent to provide an intermediate loopedportion overlying the ply K with the cut-outs andrwiththe ends of the wire permanently secured between the plies the cut-v0uts,.and an loffset finger piece 'to and said loop having angle bends received in facilitate movement ofthe clip loop away from the Vmerchandise when applying Vand 'removing the tag.v

In testimony whereof I aiiiX my signature.


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