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Publication numberUS1826809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateNov 8, 1929
Priority dateNov 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1826809 A, US 1826809A, US-A-1826809, US1826809 A, US1826809A
InventorsMetz Gustave P
Original AssigneeH A Metz Lab Inc
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Receptacle for packing ampules
US 1826809 A
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G. P. M ETZ 1,826,809


Filed Nov. 8, 1929 I N VEN TOR,

Patented Oct. 13, 1931 I g UNITED STATES GUSTAVE P.

METZ, or BAYSIDE, nnw Yonxfiissreivon ro 11 A; iun'rz LABORATORIES,

me, on NEW Yomgn. Y., A oonroaa'rrron or new voax BECEPTACLE FOR rnoxme nnrunns? J Application filed November}, 1929. Serial No."405,71e-.- f l 7 The present invention relates to a 'recep- 'tacle for packing ampules; more particularly it relates to a receptacle for packingsuch am p ules as are described, for instance, inU. S. Q

atents 1,699,305 and 1,713,854 of Felix Meyer. The said ampules are characterized by possessing at a certain place of their neck a local permanent tension of 'suchform,

course and intensity that this tension will not 7 sufiice to crack the glass at once or at an unintentional time, for instance, at a sudden change of temperature, bu t only when this crack is intentionally and wilfully caused by. slightlyinjuring the skin '-0I surface of the J5 glass at'any point of'the part where the tension has been set up (compare-page-l of U; S. Patent 1,713,854).

The object of my invention is'tofprovide the receptacle in which the ampules are tobe packed, with a device capable of causing the cracking of the glass at'the part where the tension has been set up, thus obviating the use of a special device for performingthis feature. One way to accomplish this aim is to provide the box in which the ampules are to be packed, with a hole, the circumference of V, the edge of the out being likewise provided with a layer ofcarborundum or a similar material, fixed to the cardboard" by means of water glass or a similar adhesive material. f

The accompanying drawings give an il-.

lustration of my inventlon.

Fig. I shows avertical fbox cover the compartmentsprop- ,erfor the. ampules .being lifted up somewhat "the open ibox '(without cover) one line A-AA W 'of' the. open box (without cover) being prointo contact with the abrasive substance ap; plied to the circumference of the hole. By

to the combinationof both.

section ofzthe open so that the 'ampulescan be easily withdrawn.

;"F1g. II shows a vertical cross sectioniof of'Fig. Ishowingan ampule the neck of which is put through thehole. p FignJIII shows a sectionalxview of one side vided with a V shaped cut.

In Fig. 1, N01 designates a vertical side off""" myreceptacle, N o. 2 designates the hole, No. 3 V c the compartments containing the ampules, No. 4 shows that part of the ampules which is. protruding from the compartments.

In Fig. II, No. 5 shows the side of the re ceptacle which is provided with the hole Nov 2, 4""being the ampule, 6 being that part of the neck of the ampule which is capable of cracking when slightly injured. 7

c In Fig. III, N0. 7 designates a vertical'iv side of my'receptacle, N o. 8 designating a V "shapedlcut the edge of which is provided with a'layer of carborundum or a similar material. I It is understood that the aim of myinven- 5 tion can be accomplished in many other ways,

fmy inventionconsisting mainly in the combi- 113M011 of the device for causing the breaking of the neck of the ampule with the packing box, thus obviating the use of two separatedevices. packing ampules in the way as shown in my drawings are known to the art. Furthermore, v

of ampules by means of carborundum or other it is known to scratch the surface of theneck similar materials. I do not claim these features' separately, buthave limited my claims 1. A receptacle forv packing-such 'ampulesli-s as possess at a certain place a local permanent tension being sufiicient to crack the glass by slightly injuring its surface, the said receptacle being providedwith a hole in at' least one of its sides, the circumferencev of the said hole being provided with a layer of a material being as hardor harder than glass I c and the diameter of the hole being so that that part of the'ampule which possesses the local 109 I' recognize that receptacles for c, i

permanent tension comes into contact with the abrasive substance applied to the periphery of the hole.

2. A receptacle for packing such ampules as possess at a certain place a local perma' nent tension being suficient to crack the glass by slightly injuring its surface, the said receptacle being provided with a hole inat least one of its sides, the circumference of the said hole being covered with carborundum', and the hole being of such size as to receive and scratch that part of the alnpule which possesses the local permanent tension.

3. A receptacle for packing ampules, the said receptacle having an aperture the edges of which are provided with an abrasive material as hard as or harder than glass render- 7 ring possible the injuring of the ampule at that part which is capable of cracking by the said injuring, the said aperture being of such size as to receive and scratch the part of the ampule to be cracked.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my si nature.


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