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Publication numberUS1827308 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateJan 5, 1931
Priority dateJan 5, 1931
Publication numberUS 1827308 A, US 1827308A, US-A-1827308, US1827308 A, US1827308A
InventorsDorris Lewis R
Original AssigneeDorris Lewis R
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Propeller for swimmers
US 1827308 A
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Oct. 13, '1931.

L. R. IDORRIS 1,827,308

PROFELLER FOR swiMMERs Filed Jan. 1931 lidat ente dfoct. 13, 1931 f a 1; 4 a i 1,827,308 I -iUNiTEfi (STATESPATENT OFFICE I Application filedjanuary 5, 1931. Se'rial No. 506,513. This invention relates to propellers for formed, at the end of said section 2 that is swimmers; and hasspecial reference tode: attached to the hand 1. These fold lines vices to be attached to the legs of the swimfacilitate the opening and closing of the s'ec- J mers so as to open and'inove in one direction tion2, softhat when pushedagainst the water 5 and thus aid in propelling. the swimmer forby the wearer in the operationof sx'vimming, .55 wardly through the water; and closewhen lsaidfsection 2 will open to substantially um-J drawn forwardly, throughthe water soas to brella-like form and thus provide apropeller offer little or no resistance to'the'forWard to actlas an aid in swimming." When the v movement of the swimmer. i Y legs are drawn forwardly, the device will fold An object of'the, invention is'to provide a along the lines3 to approxiniately the shape device of the type and character mentioned shownin Fig. 2'and when pushedrearwardly that may be easily and quickly attached, to' will open as shown'in Fig. 1'." v' a f 1 v and removed from the legs of the swimmer A strap 4 has'itsends,attach'edto the hand and that will open ndlclose automatically-f 1 and is adapted to he engaged under the i i5 and as anincidenttothe natural movement heel portion of the :foot ofth as f of the legs in swimmingu [to el r t shown, in order to preventthe device from and facilitate the movements of theswimmer sli ing; H v hIO gh h Water; .7 'i 7' This devicemaybe manufactured and'sold O obiectswillappear from W-Rat comparatively low cost and'is sufliciently r 20. g ip reference ei g a to h dur ble for the purposesfor which it is in accompanying, drawings, in whi tended. "-It' will facilitate and accelerate the Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the device in action of swilnming and constitutes no inconv l i "Fig 3 i an enlarged PQ P V of A device. of the character describedcom j its opentadjustment. venience to the wearer. 1 i

Fig. 2 is a similarvlew of the device closed. I cl i the device detached fromthewearer I i i n m ti b d ada t dilt n ir ledevice o p i e band p ab y the leg of the wearer above the ankle, a ring 7 characteri y a'caltfiln gre ofela'stlclty 0f non-elastic pliable material of larger diamso as i0 fit clo'sely'aroundthe of the W eter than said hand having one end gathered e 39 for which the device isconstructed but which a d tt h d t jd, ba d th h t th 60f w not yield 011? XYP YS Q S Y -Wi circumferenceof the band and ring and ha'vo I L Permit Water to vPassloetllmen h band d" ing the other end detached and having fold to l h' t n as to r y e -f lines extending :fromsaid band to the ioppo- 1 3 interfere h the i i ft site end of said ring of-pliable material, the? r e This'band may an'elldless b n as pliability of said ring being unrestricted and 5" 7 shown, 0 maybe otherwlse constructed. unrestrained throughout its length and'cir-v one end. 36651011 2 attached cumference,and a strap having itslends at- 1 e t j a the PP F end of Sald tached to said band W l3hiI1Saidring a d y Section 2 13 free" l fl' m y be 0 rangedlto extend under the foot ofth V canvas or other appropriate itextilematerial, wearen V j p j or it may he of canvas or of some textile E I BL 'DORRI'S f 1 V i material impregnatedwith rubberor similar j p r substance. so as to be characterized by a sub- 1 stantially non-absorbent quality." The end v v I v of the section 2 that is attached to the hand i I v 1 I g 1. is gathered and theothervendjof said secf V V r tion 2 is free to expand so Lasto; form an api a proximately conical shape, as shown inFig. v v .7

1 of the drawings. The section 2 pro-' 'videcl wit-lrfold lines 3 due tothe gathers

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U.S. Classification441/60, 441/61
International ClassificationA63B31/00, A63B31/14
Cooperative ClassificationA63B31/14
European ClassificationA63B31/14