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Publication numberUS1827347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateMar 23, 1931
Priority dateMar 23, 1931
Publication numberUS 1827347 A, US 1827347A, US-A-1827347, US1827347 A, US1827347A
InventorsBarota Laslo
Original AssigneeBarota Laslo
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Guard booth
US 1827347 A
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Oct. 13, 1931. L. BAROTA 1,827,347

GUARD BOOTH Filed March 23, 1931 INVEN QR Patented a. 13,1931 '7' gi AsI io BAnofA,onrnnn oronis,frinn'srnvenrn 7 I some i My'invention'relates'to a guard booth de? signed for houslng a watchman'o r' guard employed for protecting property, particularly financial institutions, and. the likeyagainst I robberyil 1 a l Important objects of the invention are to a provide'a guard booth of the character described, whichis' puncture proof against bullets to protecttheguard' housed'therein,

' which may be readilyshifted by the guard himself to establish a view therefrom that is s most advantageous for the purposes intended, and which may be conveniently assembled or 1 taken apart when required facilitating its 15 transportation orstorage. I

Further objects ofthe invention are toprovide a device of the class stated, which is simple 1n'1ts construction and arrangement,

durable and eificient in its use, compact, at 0 tractlve 1n appearance, which embodies novelmeans for soundlng an alarm, and which 1s,

"comparatively inexpensive to manufacture and install.

, With the foregoing and other Objects in View which will appear as the description flproceeds', the invention consists of the novel I combination and arrangement of parts, and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, but-it is to be understood that changes in the'precise embodiment of the invention, may beresorted to that come within the scope of the claim hereunto appended In ,the drawings wherein like numerals 1 f of reference designate corresponding parts I a 'throughouttheseveralviews?- notes the entire booth, which ispreferably,

thoughinot essentially, rectangular in 0011- tour. The boothl is constructed from sheet metal of such strength and thickness t'o-renaiimmtnQLaEd iterates, 19311. "SerialfldtEZQG OQQ 7 Y jj der same from anytype of gun,

and a fi0or-6$ The edge 'niargins of theto p- 5f I 2111; 0511115 floor ai'eben't to-extendat right angles to the latter to provide the fianges, re-

spectively indicated at 7 and 8, which overlap m di-engage theaouter side of'respective end edge marginsbf all 'ofthe walls '2, 3, and 4 The 'wallsjaresecured toFithe flanges 7 andi'8 by means of the screws 9, providing a rigid booth st'ructure but perinittingthe latter to" be rea The rearwall 3 ai s-Ivan with water 10 having-suitable latchingand 'lockingelements 10. "Thefdo'or 10 is preferably hinged, and permitslaccess' to and from the booth 11.; The

topt'risprovided with a plurality of-openings 7,0 i

1 1 providing ventilation for theioccup'ant'of the boothxl." r Y '7 A window 12, constructed :from 'bulletand I ish'atter' proof glass, is"mounted each] i oftlilewalls 2,4, and in the door" 10. I The win-27g dows 12 are i all disposed at aiheight ,toacr-z comm'odate same to'the view of the occupant whilein' the standing iposition, and provide the latter with {a view" from all sidesQf the i I f f structure. -v V 1 Thebooth issupported on swivelled cast ers" "13, whichxare secured to the bottom 6 A a'dj'acentto respectivecornersgof the latter;

The casters 13 are preferably provided with rubberi'tiresgtoi 'effect the silent operation;86


Theboothu isIll'Otllltedbn asheet metal a 7 base plate 14, which is provided with aper 1 tures 155 for the reception of'bolts for secur- 1 ingithe base plate 14 in fixed position to the 99;]

floorof the structureijn which the bo'othis to V A. large'wheel gear 16 is mounted flatly -on the-center of .the'ba'se plate 14 and'secured'to the latter bybolts 17,lor in any other suitable" 95 manner." Thei wheel gear 16 is provided with an upwardly extendingsh'ank 18, which is.

disposed at the axial'ce'nter thereof. -The shank 18 extendsfintd a bearing plate ,ltLf I which is weldedor otherw se fixedin:pos 1 .eo

proof against bulletsfired v i The booth lljconsists ofafrontfwall a p V ilyassembledrontaken apartwhen-re; I

- quired.

tion to the underside of the floor 6. The engagement of the shank 18 in the bearing plate 19 maintains the booth 1 in position on the base plate 1 1 but permits the rotation of said booth 1 on the latter.

A pinion gear 20, fixed to the lower end of a vertically extending shaft 21, mesheswith the wheel gear 16. The shaft disposed in the front of the booth 1, and extends through the floor 6. The. shaft 21 is revolubly mounted in a bearing 22 fixed to the front wall 2, and in a bearing 23 welded to the un-. der side of the floor 6.

An operating wheel 24: is fiXedto the upper end of the shaft 21 positioning the former directly below and adjacent to the window 12 in the front wall 2. The rotation of the operating wheel 24 willcause likewise rotation to the pinion gear 20. The pinion gear 20 being in mesh with the fixed wheel gear 16, will travel around the latter thereby imparting rotation. to the entire booth 1 in either direction. As the booth 1 is supported on the swivelled cast-ers 13 the latter will travel in the base plate 1 1 along the dash line, as indicated at 25 in Figure 3, and will shift with comparative ease.

A small aperture 26 is provided in the front wall 2 preferably adjacent to the window 12 in the latter. The aperture 26 provides an opening through which the guard is enabled to shoot. when required. As the operating wheel 24, the front wall window 12, and the aperture 26 are all positioned in close proximitv to each other. the guard is enabled to shift the booth 1 while engaged in shooting from the aperture 26, with a full view through the said window 12. 7

The gear wheel 16 is formed with an aperture 27 which extends through the shank 18 and communicates with an opening 28 in the floor 6, of the booth 1 and with an opening in the base plate 14:. The aperture 27 isprovided for the passage of electrical conductors 29 connecting with some suitable audible alarm system for acquainting the occupants of the building that something is amiss. An operating switch 30, joining with the conductors 29 is mounted in the floor opening 28, and may be depressed by the foot of the guard to operate the alarm system.

While the booth 1 is herein illustrated and described as being supported on the casters 13 and mounted on a fixed base plate 1 1, it will be'apparent that the said booth may be suspendedfrom the top thereof, or in any other manner to best meet conditions found in practice.

The present invention provides a most eflicient device of its kind, which will, with an alert guard, secure any institution equipped therewith against banditry.

l Vhat I claim is: In combination, a guard booth comprising a front wall, a rear wall, a pair of side walls,

a top including a flange overlapping and being secured to the upper ends of all of said walls, a floor including a flange overlapping and being secured to the lower ends of all of said walls, a door carried by one of said walls, a window mounted in said front and side walls and in said door, a fixed base plate, casters supporting the booth on said base plate, said front wall being provided with a comparatively small opening disposed adjacent to the window in said front wall, means operable from within the booth for rotating the latter in either direction on said base plate, a wheel gear fixed on said base plate, a pinion gear meshing with said wheel gear, and an operating element connecting with said pinion gear for rotating the latter to impart rotation of the booth on said base plate.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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