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Publication numberUS1827354 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateApr 3, 1929
Priority dateApr 3, 1929
Publication numberUS 1827354 A, US 1827354A, US-A-1827354, US1827354 A, US1827354A
InventorsSimon Cooper
Original AssigneeCooper Tea Packet Company
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Packet-package and dispensing apparatus
US 1827354 A
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Oct. 13, 1931.

s. cQoPl-:R PACKET IACKAGE AND DISPENSING APPARATUS Filed April 3. 1929 'llllllll" Patented oct. 13, 193.1r

PANY, on nnooKLYN, NEWYQRK, nconronauioitonnw Yonne; Y*

` i npplieatfioani April isaafseiial No. 3.521,'154'.`

My invention vr'relatesto` appaiatus {inf-fad?v vantageously n dispensing small: l articlesn PaCketSSud-l 21S tea Packets (Sometimesiklewf as' tea'balls Qr'tea bags), andto afnvel packe;

age, orfarrangement ofa plurality t'qfffhel packets, for-dispensing, fromlthe appara'tiylls;l g The general'object islt'ogpermitthe'user," such as an attendant in? a restaurant, to conf" f veniently land quickly take one tea bag from the supplywithout annoyance caused' by en tangling of the string gwithlthe'other, packets'Y or packetv strings,' andalso to arrange thebags in an orderly mannerQin a compactpackage which is designed foryjeasy placementjin the dispenser and to'cooperate 'with thesameforv the convenient. extraction offfindividual packets. j ,j K x 1';

i The characteristics.' aridi advantg, 0f the inyention are further 1 suffciently 4ezqlained y in connection?` with the. ffollwring' "detail: del, scription of they accompanying. dravv'ings, which showsone representative embodiment.- After considering this lexample'l skilledjwe:` sonswwill understand jthat many Yari'ations may{ be'made Without departingffrom `*the principlesl disclosed,v` and` 'contemplate fthe employment of any structures ,that'arefprQp v for use of 'Whichthe invention is adapted."

a"cheese-cloth bagcontaining tea andh'avi'ng f attached aty "a convenient: point;l such v"as-f one 3L In the ordinary packingfa-nd yhandling of thesepackets the strings becomei entangled With other-k strings Or .packetsfandvv considerptween the turns thereof in a-single yspiral lay;y

corner, a'st'ring2` connected tof'aftag Orla-bel A as further ,explainedg7 and the shaft "isf,r :rei- .strained I.fronti -di's'placeinent'kuntil remoyed aims to'i'overcoined'this4 diiiculty-in la noyel fr' Way, and also to provideimproyed means fork Y packingor vpackaging a plurality. of the bags @tea-.packets so Vthat thefquality of thev tea isnot impaired andl so that .the package 'or' roll of packets is easily placedfor dispensing in aV dispensingcontainer vof the ,character also included in theinvention. v i

3Q, rTo form t-hefdispen'sing package laffcorel or spool consisting` of `a' cylindricall block. 5 which may bewood, centrally bred rat 'Gite-.receive iafpin orfshaft"asy later ferredkto) One end of a papel# strip 7 i'sconnected t0 th 4irpherv,ofthe block, the vlenzelfth ifofthe block and Width ofy the ystrip substantially l-cknresl'onding to they ,'Width of apacketl. Thefstri'p is then-Wound or coiled s'pirally.` about the block, and at thesame time the ypackets' Nfare-laid upon' the *strip Vand bel I. lproyidi-Zivl Y i er or series',Y as suiiicientlyf yeXplained in Fig, 1, and lthestrings andtagfs may'beflaid lengthfV wise-,in orderly and symmetricallmanner vover" theifaces vo'ffth'e adj acentfpackets 'so v that the kstrings v and tags-V Will; not,l become entangled. Theouter end ofthepapenfstripywhen the n rollfis of, thedesired .diameteryniay be se#y ,cured as by gluing orstapling n it ytQ theA un;

derlzying turn off'cthestrip,v QQ' f Y A dispensing container "adapted for .the handling of such rolls or packagescomprises c f ka.j-'bc` X l0 which. maybe: rectangular jan'd of 11 'extending down` ffrom. their uprpen'edges. The .box .has-'a vcover 12 hinge'dly connected im@ the borse of blocken Neef endsthef shaft-.has annularI grooves 15 lvto' [cooperate with the vedges of' "th,fbQXf'Vv'all"slots.'` SO` that after, the,shaftfisinsertedfin theblock or core of a 4package the shaft;`v gro'oijes are engaged with theboxslots "and thereaftl `fthe package .vor lroll isfreflubly located "Within L.the boit and .descends by? fgravifty during dispensing 16 pivotally mounted on a-pin 17, the ends of which are set in the box side walls.v From the pin or pivot point of plate 16 a fixed plate or shelf 18 extends to the frontJ wall 19 of the box at the loweredge of a` discharge VapertiireQG therein; A spring, such as the wire spring or springs 21, connected to or about the pin 17, engage plate 16 and urge it yieldingly upward." Severing meansffor the paper strip may be providedl atz the lower edge of the aperture, conveniently by forming the outer end of'pla'telS nas a knifeedge 22. The lower part of theV boxserves as a receptacle for the wastepaper strip, and thefront wall-hasl annaperture 23 giving access to thisreceptacle. c Inoperation, after a package or roll'of the teapackets has. been placed in the box in the A manner aboveexplained, its lower and rear peripheral portion rests on the friction. plate L(i..4 The rollisso placed. that the end of the paper strip is directed toward the front of the box andbefore placing, in `the box nthe endcf. fthe strip is freed and is brought out over l,ledge 18 through' door oraperture 2O.V

Then byA grasping the end of rthe strip the roll is-rotated and tliendividual packets are ffeedifrom the rollend drawnforward to theiopening, whereuponl their stringsk and tags are presented for easyhgraspingand the packets maybe removed sirtgly as desired, without. entanglement. or. `other interference with the remaining packets. The strip'as drawn offvv maybe passed into the lower receptacleby inserting. it through aperture23, either before or afterseveringthe strip. It may easily be severedas ydesired bytearing upon the knife edge 22. As packets' are re- Ineved,v the roll decreases in diameter and descends by gravity, withpin or shaft 14 descending through the wallslots 11 and keeping the'roll. properly centered for rotation until it is exhausted,.whereupon pin and core are removed and another roll of packets. in`

serted, Y

' l; Dispensinglapparatus for purposes. described, comprising a box .adapted to receive Y .-50 a packetl roll, an arcuate friction plate to receve the periphery of a roll strip,`and"a shelf extending froinsaid plate toa vdischarge aperturey, said plate being pivotally mounted,

.means urging it to frictional engagement with 155-5 the-rolh'and a shelf extending from said plate to. a discharge aperture. e r. Y

2., A, dispensing apparatus forthe purposes describedfcomprising a box` adapted te` receive apacket roll, vertical guides to receive a .roll`shaft an arcuate friction; plate Ato receive the peripheryI of 'a rolllstripj, said plate being. nivotally mounted,. means urging'it to frictional engagement with the roll, and a shelf extending from said plate toa discharge aperture, f i n A dispensing container comprising a box having at opposite sides substantially vertical shaft guides and having in a front wall a discharge opening, a strip-and-packetsupporting shelf leading from a point approximately below the guides to said discharge opening, an arcuate friction plate pivotally connected adjacent the inward end of the shelf, and means uniformly urging the friction-'plate generally Aupward and, toward tlfleguides.l f y 4. A dispensing container comprising a box having `at opposite Ysides substantially vertical shaft guides and having in a front wall a discharge opening, a strip-andspacket supporting.` shelf. leading `from a point approximatelybelow the guides to saiddis-v charge opening, an arcuate friction plate pivotally connected adjacent the inward end of vthe shelf, means uniformlyA urging the frictionplate generally upward and toward the guides, the box being adapted to receive a dispensing package of fiat circular form cornprising afcore, aretainingand feed 'strip of Sheet material connected tothc core and woundspirally about itfand substantially thin'and fiat commodity packets orderly arranged Vin spiral row formation between the turns of the strip, the shelf and friction plate beingadaptedto support the package by engagement zwith thestriprforrning its periph-,t ery, the guides being adapted to receive a shaft passing through the package core, andthe frictionplatebeing adapted to` engage the package periphery asthe package descends by gravity while itsdiameter diminishes dur-v ing-dispensing andapply friction tol maintainv properfeed tensionA and retain the packet-sin their orderlypositions.

5. vA dispensing, y' container comprising a I box having at opposite .f sides substantially Vertical'shaft guides and havingin a front wall a discharge opening@ strip-,andpacket supporting shelf leading` from afpoint approximately below the guides to` said d-isy,

charge` opening,` an arcuate friction 'plate pivotally'connectedadiacent the inward end of the shelf, means uniformly urging the friction plate generally `upward'and toward the i in uides in fcombination. with kafdis ensingr i 7 i package of Vflat. circularfform comprising a core, a retaining andfeed stripoffsheet material connected to` the core :andrfwound -spirally about it and substantially thin and fiat commodity packets orderly arranged in f spirali row formation between the turns of the strip, the shelf andl friction platey being .adapted to support the ypackage-by engagement :with thestrip forming its periphery,


[packets inf their orderly positions., y

7. A dispensingcontainercomprisingabox box having at vopp havingV at opposite sides substantiallyvertivertical shaft guide cal shaft lniides and having in a front wall wall a discharge opening, adischarge opening, a strip-'and-packet-supsupporting'v porting shelf leading from a po-int approxiproximately belo mately below the ,guides to said discharge' charge opening, opening, an arcuate friction plate pivotally pivotally connect connectedV adjacent the inward end of the of the shelf,means shelf, means uniformly urging the friction friction plate generally iplate generallyupward and vtoward the the guides, y guides, the box being vadapted to receive a the lower edge of prising a core. a retaining and feed strip'of kpose describe sheet material connected to the core and receive al packet rol wound spirally aboutit and substantially vided 4withvertical g thinl and iiat commodity packets orderly ar` shaft` means resiliently ery of the pac to change of substantial ng provide f the roll strip and I aiix my signature. SIMON COOPER.V

v byv engagement .with the strip forming its and. said ybox bei periphery, the guides beingk adapted to ref ture for passageo ceive a shaft passing through the package In testimony W tainproper feed tension and retainthe packets f charge opening in their orderly'positions. 'Y y y 6.A dispensing."containerlv comprising a removal of each box having at oppositey sides substantially of others.r

proximately below the guideslto said diswall a disc charge opening, vany arcuate frictiony platel supportin pivotally connected adjacent the inward end proximate of the shelf,means uniformly urging the charge openi friction plate *generally upward and toward YVpivotally conne the guides, in combination 'with a dispensing fof the shelf, an package of flat circular formy comprising a` thefriction'plate gener f core, a retaining and feedstrip of .sheet maV` ward the guides, the rterial connectedy to the ycore "and wound Vfriction plate being *y spirally about itV and substantially thin' and a container for waste s fiat commodity packets orderly arrangedin front box spiral row formation between the turns of the discharge strip, the packets having vattached thereto or strip portions, strings and tags.y directe-dforward with rela- 9; A

ackage rotation durbox having at .opposit ing dispensing, theshelf andvfriction plate vertical shaft guides and vbeingadapted to support the package by enwall a discharge opening,

gagement with thestrip forming its periphsupporti ery, the guides beingadapted to receive a kproximat shaft 'passing throughthe package core,and charge opening, the frictionplatebeingadapted to engage the otally connected packageperiphery as lthe package descends the shelf,V means un tion tothe direction of p ybygravity while its diameter. diminishes durtion plate' generally n Y ing;v dispensing and, apply friction to mainguides, and a strip severmg mem tain .proper feed tension yand retain f the ydischarge opening.

" 10. A dispensing co dispensing package of flatcircular form ycom- 11. A dispensing vapp ranged iny spiral rowV formation between the periph turns of the stripe the shelf and friction. sponse plate being adapted to support the packagev prevent core, and the friction plate .being adapted to engage the package periphery as the packy j age descends by gravity while its diameter diminishes during dispensing and apply fric? tion to maintain proper kfeed tension and retain the packets-in their orderly positions, f the structure and arrangement4 beingasuch thatfas thestrip is pulled through the dis-` l charge opening. the jpackets are presented Y .thereon successively on the shelf at the disin forward posi *.verticalshaft guides and having vin a front 8. A dispensi l "wall a discharge opening, a strip-and-packetbox having at opposit supporting shelf leading from a point apvertical shaft guides and harge opening,

shelf leadingl yr below thefgui ng, an arcuat cted adjacent d means uniform .upward and to-l low the shaft and l dimensioned to provideA y trip portionsand ythe below said j l f the strip 85" ng'an opening opening for insertion o dispensing con ng shelf leading ely below the shelf leading Withthe vtags and strii'igs ion for easy grasping. an vpacket without disturbance container comprising a F79 e sides substantially having in a front rip-and-packetfrom apoint apdes to said dis? e` friction plate'k `theinward end ly urging *i tainer comprising a 5 el sides substantially having in a front a strip-and-packet-- from'a ypoint apdisfrictionplate pi`v` adjacent the yinward end iformly urging they of fricd they erV at the 'f ntainer *comprising a e sides substantially s andhaving in a front.

a strip-and-packetfrom Y a. point kapuides to said dis-v te friction plate ed adjacent the inward en yuniformly urging the upward and toward y ng member at thev discharge opening aratus for `the pure" box adapted to lysaid box being pro# uides to receive a' roll y j forced against the ll,movable in reter ofthe roll .to distortion. of .the roll,

d with "an aperj packets. V



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