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Publication numberUS1827463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateApr 21, 1930
Priority dateApr 21, 1930
Publication numberUS 1827463 A, US 1827463A, US-A-1827463, US1827463 A, US1827463A
InventorsDavis Frank P C
Original AssigneeLawrence Products Company Inc
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Medical powder applicator
US 1827463 A
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Get. 13, 1931. F. P. c. DAvls MEDICAL POWDER APPLICATOR Filed April 21. 1930A yPatterned I `Ocntr.r1l 3, 193.1 i


for spraying medical powder or other` medicament in the treatment of cavities, p as-l sages and like parts, said device including nner and` outer tubes having a telescopic arrangement, anda bulbconnected by a flex.- ible tube to the inner tube forexpellingthe .powder when the instrument is in position for treat-ingthe affected parts. Y

Vhile the d'rawingsillustrate a preferred embodiment of` the-invention,y it is to be understood that in adapting the means tomeet specific needs and requirements, the design may be varied'andfchanges in the mlnordetails of construction maybe resorted to with-Y in the scope ofthe invention asclaimed withoutdeparting fromthe spirit thereof. e y For a full understanding of the invention t andthe merits thereof, reference is to behad to the following description and hereto attached,i n'which: Y

'Figurel'is aside View of a powder applicator embodying the invention, parts being Y broken away.

Figure 2 is a similary view, parts 4being bro-ken away and thek inner tube partially withdrawn. l

Corresponding and like parts arereferred to inthe following description and designated in the several views ofthel drawings by like reference characters.

The device coinprisesean outer tube l hav-y i 'ng' an end portion V ta-pered'as indicated at 2. `An inner tube comprising a straight portion 3 and an oblique portion 4, i'sslidable within the outer tube 1. A washer 5 insuresy a .close iitbetween the two tubes and may befof rubber or other suitable'material. A bulb 6 is `connected by means ofaflexible tube 7 to the outer end of the innertube and Vwhenwco'm'- pressed sends a blast of air throughv the inner tube and eXpelsthe ycontents thereof.

The outer tube functions as-a sheath and,

in practice, is introducedinto the vopening v or cavity to be treated and receives `and proportion 3 of the innertube the drawings l y f the powder when the inner .tube is charged 'g MEnIoAn rownnn ArrnicAToR 1930. Serial No. 446,083.

tects the-inner tube which contains the powder or other medicament to be'applied to the surface or walls of the passage'or opening to be treated. Al mark 8 is provided on the inner tube to indicate the amount of powder to be us-ed'in a single treatment and after the inner tube has received a! charge it is introduced into the outer tube and moved therein until vits extremity touches the base of they ltapered end Qof the outer tube yl and upon compressing the bulbG, thefpowder is dise ycharged and appli-ed to the walls or surface of the part to be treated.

The inner and outer tubes hard rubber, metal, or other determinate material and the lumen of the outer tube l is of a diameter to snugly receive the- 'straight which telescopes therein. .t The device is asce'ptic andmay be readily sterilized and preventsdropping of may be of glass,

andthedevice ismanipulatedto properly position 'it for treatment ly through the othertube and have its front forward end of less diameter than 1 the rear end of the tapered portion ofthe outer tube and of greater lengt-hthan the .outer tube whereby the inner tube may be slid freei of the affected partsQ i Having .thus describedfthe invention, what is claimed is:

endfengaged vWiththe walls of the'tapered portion of the outer tube to form i a tight joint, a sleeve' vfitting snugly in the rear the inner tube to forma closed ointbetween FRANK DAVIS. [L s] A endk of the outer tube. and Vtting closely about f

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U.S. Classification604/58, 604/217, 604/275
International ClassificationB05B11/06
Cooperative ClassificationB05B11/062
European ClassificationB05B11/06B