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Publication numberUS1827495 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateMay 3, 1929
Priority dateMay 3, 1929
Publication numberUS 1827495 A, US 1827495A, US-A-1827495, US1827495 A, US1827495A
InventorsTippett Charles C
Original AssigneeTippett Charles C
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Grain bag holder
US 1827495 A
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c. cfl HFPL-:TT-

GRAIN BAG HOLDER @ist 13, 1931.

Filed May 5, 1929 40 a longitudinal slot 7 disposed intermediate the side edges thereof, for the reception ofv be' held in an Open yPatented Oct, 13, 1931.y

CHARLES o. 'rirrn'r'rglon""illicitnir,.ortiei iff GRAIN BAG 'Howlin' i Application med may 3,

This invention relates to bag holders, and aims to provide novel means for supporting a bag while material such as grain, is .being positioned therein. Y

An important object of the invention isto provide'a device of this character including a stationary arm anda pivoted arm, there being provided a coiled spring connected with the pivoted arm for normally urging 10 the outer end of the pivoted arm laterally to securely hold the device in position Withinv Vthe mouth of a bag. y A still furtherA object of the invention is Vto provide lugs at the nation and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes 25 inthe precise embodiment of the invention f herein disclosed, may

scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention. f Referring to the drawings: Figure 1 is a plan View of a bag holder con-y structed in accordance with the invention,

showing a bag in dotted lines as positioned thereon.

Figure 2 is a 35 holder.

Referring reference character ing member which is in having a right angled yportion to the drawings 5 designates a supportthe form of a plate 6 formed with securing screws 8 that secure the supporting member 5 in position on apsupp'ort such as indicated by the reference character The reference character 10 designates one the bag holder,

of the supporting arms of which is substantially long and as shown 1s constructed of .substantially wide material. r The arm 10l n "o porting member 5, at 5 so that the arm 10 outer ends of the sup.y 15 porting arms for engaging thebag to 'pre-V one edge of the arm be made withiny thel Y front elevational viewv of the 4 in detail, the' the bagiis is pivotally secured to the lsuptending forwardly therefrom,

192e.y seriai No. 366,176.

vmay extend at anoblique angle with respect i tothe side edges of the supporting member. The outer end of the arm 10 extends downwardly as at 11 and is curved providing a bag engaging end portion-12 to be tted in the v mouth of a bag when the bag is stretched to its open position. rl`he opposite end` `of the armlO extends laterally as at '13 where itis provided with an opening to receive the bolt 14 to which one end of the coiledspring 15 is connected, the opposite end of the coiled spring being secured to the bolt 16 that is carried by the pivoted arm 17 of the holder. ,c c Y The arm 17 is substantially short and -is` pivotally connected with Athe supporting member 5 at'18, the outer end of the arm being curved providing a bag engaging portion k19.V The inner end lof the arm 17 is formed into a curved n'ger 6 adaptedto contact with 10 to hold the arms apart of the bag and material against the weight As shown the arm 17 also lsupported therein.

`extends downwardly as at 20 so thatrv the curved portion 19 thereof will lie in the same horizontal plane with the Vend portion 12.

Lugs 21 extend laterally from` the portions 12 and 19 and bite into the vbag positioned on the holder, to prevent the bag from slipping under the weight of ythe materialv placed in the bag. v To position a bag ontlie holder, the arm 17 is moved towards the arm 10, whereupon the bagis placed` over the curved ends of the arms 10 and 17 The arms are now released' and thespring 15 exerts a pull on the arms,` tightening the arms in themouth ofthe bag to securely holdthe bag in position.

P" yThus it will be obvious that due to this con-l be lledwith grain may position permittingy the filling ofthebag wi h facility and without danger of spilling the material with which to be filled.. Y I'claiin: j'- l. Ay bag holder comprising a supporting struction, a bag to member, a pairv of suporting arms pivotally `mounted' on the supporting member rand exarms being'substantiallylong andhaving its inner end extended laterally beyond the supporting member, the inner end of the opposite arm being curved and adapted to engage one edge of the first mentioned arm to restrict movement of the arms towards each other, the outer ends of the arms being Curved, to engage the mouth of the bag, and yieldable means oonneoted'with the arms for moving the arms away from each other.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as ,my own, I have hereto a'ixe'd my signature.'


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U.S. Classification248/99
International ClassificationB65B67/00, B65B67/12
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