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Publication numberUS1827649 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1931
Filing dateJun 10, 1929
Priority dateJun 10, 1929
Publication numberUS 1827649 A, US 1827649A, US-A-1827649, US1827649 A, US1827649A
InventorsGallipoli Frank P, Kingsley Sr Thomas A
Original AssigneeGallipoli Frank P, Kingsley Sr Thomas A
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Device for producing and dispensing lather
US 1827649 A
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Oct. 13, 1931. F. P. GALLIPOLI ET AL 1,827,649


J U Z7 J 3 7 0 zz I I Z xx y I 6 I, y E I I I I L---- E 1i 10 10 i 14 E :2 F J: J


' This invention relates to'a device for facilitating the production and dispensation of lather for use in shaving, and the present invention is in the nature of an improvement over prior United States Letters Patent N 0. 1,489,999, granted April 8, 1924.

The prior device has been found open to certain objections and disadvantages, notably, the absence of any means for maintaining the water in a heated condition, in addition to the tendencyofthe plunger to dispense water when depressed beyond a certain point. In order, therefore, to overcome these and other disadvantages and objections, the present invention comprehends an improved construction of the bottom for the body or cylindricalcontainer of the device, which bottom defines a. depression or chamber adapted to receive a heating means. The improved bottom further defines an annular water compartment around the heating depression or chamber and also serves as a means for limiting the depression of the plunger to a point below the water level whereby to avoid dispensing of water through the discharge spout of the device.

As a further feature, the invention comprehends an improveddevice of the character set forth, in which the bottom is so constructed as to completely contain the water supply for producing the lather, even when said bottom is removed from the container or receptacle body.

As a still further feature, the invention embodies a bottom which is so constructed as to afford a holder for the soap, which holder supports said soap abovethe max imum water level "while permitting the drainage of the same therefrom.

Other objects of the invention reside in the simplicity of construction of the improvided device, the economy with which it may be produced and the general efficiency derived therefrom.

WVith the above recited and other objects in view, reference is had to the following description and accompanying drawings, in

which there is exhibited one example or' embodiment of the invention, while the claims define the actual scope of the same.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a front view of the device. Figure 2 1s a vertical sectional new therethrough.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the bottom removed from the receptacle or container body.

Referring to the drawings by characters of reference, 5 designates a cylindrical container or receptacle body which is provided at its upper end with an annular inwardly extending shoulder 6. A bottom 7 is removably associated with the lower end of the body 5, and said bottom includes inner and outer spaced concentric upstanding walls 8 and 9, the latter wall 9 being of a size to telescopically fit over the lower end of the body 5. The means for detacllably holding the bottom in associated relation with the body 5, preferably consists of one or more bayonet slots 10 and pins 11, in which the upper walls 12 of the bayonet slots are inclined so as to impinge and clamp the gasket 13 between the bottom 7 and the lower edge of'the container body 5 when the bottom and body are fully engaged. The inner wall 8 is provided with a top 14:, and said top and Wall 8 define a recess or chamber 15 which is designed to accommodate a heater H when the device is rested on the heater casing C. When the bottom is associated with the body 5, the wall 8 is spaced from the container body to define an annular chamber 16 which is adapted to contain a supply of water, the upper level of which is disposed in a plane substantially coincident with the plane of the top 14. The top 14 is provided with an annularly'spaced series of upwardly projecting lugs 17 presenting a castellated receptacle within which a cake of soap S is received. It will also be apparent that when the bottom 7 is ren'ioved from the body 5, the outer walls 8 and 9 thereof will hold the supply of water, as well as the soap S, to avoid spillage of the same.

As in the prior patent, the device includes an axially movable disk or plunger provided with a discharge spout 21. The disk is normally maintained at the upper end of the body 5 in contact with the shoulder 6 by means-of spriiigs22 which engage and cact'with a cross bar 23 attached to the disk or plunger by vertical Connecting rods 24. V The, cross bar isguided in itsmovement by guide rods 25 which extend through the apertured extremities26 of the cross barand which. rods, are rigidly connected at their lower ends to the body ;The" springs 22 encircle the guide rods and exert a tension between the shoulder 27 at the lo wer end-of the guide rods and the apertured extremities 26 of thecrossbar 2 3. I11 operation, the device isfshaken-to agltate the. contents for producing the lather and the lather is dispensed by depressing the plunger or dislr 20 to cause the same to pass through the discharge spout 21 onto the hand ofthe barber or user and thelather is gppli-ed withthe handin lieu of a shaving 'rush.i-

'- In lthehresent instance however it will be observed that the lugs" 17 limit the down, ward movement of the plunger 20 so that the same is "prevented from dispensing any onttheWatrgThe heater II arranged n the recess or heating space 15 maintains the waterlG ina heated condition so that the lather produced is a the proper tempera- 1 ture for softening the beard. lVhen it is deti) sired to i replace the soap .8 or .to' wash and clean the device, the'bottom 7 may be readily removed'by partially turning the same to disengagethe bayonet slots and pins 10, and

11, During the. removalzof the bottom from.

the boays, it is apparent thatany water or 1 lather, will be trapped within the annular .chamber'ld r I r 'What is claimed is 1- 1. In; a-device of the character set forth including acylindrical body, a plunger hav constituting a chamber for the reception of a heating device and defining internally of the body an annular water compartment surrounding the chamber,-the upper end of said cup shaped portion having upwardly pro jecting spaced marginal 'lugsserving asa soap receptacle and means for detachably connectingthe bottom with the lower end of the body. 7' r i 3. In a device of the character} set forth including a cylindrical body,azplungerihav ing a discharge spout and normally disposed, at the upper end oft-hebody for downward movement to dispense the contents through the discharge spout, a bottom carried by said body having an upwardlyprojecting icentrally. disposed inverted cup shaped. portion of lesser diameter than the body and defining ing a discharge spout and normally disposed "at the upper end of the body for downward movementto dispense the contents through the discharge spout, a bottom carried by said body having an upwardly projecting central ly disposed inverted cup shaped portion cotlesser diameter than the body and defining a recess in the under side of the device constituting a. chamber for the reception of .a heating device and defining internally of V the body an annular water compartment sur- 2.- In a devic rounding the chamber, the upper endofsaid cup shaped portion having upwardly projecting spaced marginal lugs serving as a soap receptacle. i v I v including a cylindrical body, a plunger having a discharge spout and normally disposed ,at the upper-end of the body for downward movement to dispense the contents through the discharge spout,a bottom carried by said body having an upwardly projecting centrally disposed inverted cup shapedqportion of lesser diameter than the body and defining' a recess int he under side of thedevice e of the character set forth Q l

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