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Publication numberUS1828535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1931
Filing dateApr 2, 1931
Priority dateApr 2, 1931
Publication numberUS 1828535 A, US 1828535A, US-A-1828535, US1828535 A, US1828535A
InventorsJulius Kass
Original AssigneeJulius Kass
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Portable display stand
US 1828535 A
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Oct. 20, 1931.

J. KASS PORTABLE DI S PLAY S TAND Filed April 2, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet l Z5JUL/Z/5 KASS" INVENTO BY A WRNEYS Oct. 20, 1931. J. KAss PORTABLE DISPLAY STAND Filed April 2, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR JUL/U5 KA 55 BY ATTORNEYS l atentecl Get. 20, 1931v PORTABLE ni simi ar UNITED STATES N O'F CE V JULIUS KASS, orfY;

p Application filed April 2,,"1e31 sesame:5210921 2' 1 This invention relates to improvements in pla ce to place, and resting uponsaidfra'me is I display apparatus and has particular refer-- ence to a portable stand for displaying clothing and the like.

improved stand of simple, practical and inexpensive construction, by means of which clothing may be stored and displayed with a minimum handling thereof, and in which the j clothingwill be protected against the accumulation'of dirt and damage by moths. V V The above and other objects will appear more clearly from the following detailed de- I scription, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, which illustrate preif oil. a

ferred embodiments'of the inventive idea.

In the drawings 7 1 Figure 1 is a perspectiveview of one form of stand, parts being broken away;

Figure 2 is a vertical transverse section of the stand shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is an elevation of a detail; Figure 1 is a view similar to Figure 1, 1"

Figure 5 is a similar view showing the} stand in its collapsed condltion; and l cated at 19, toreceive the loweriends of the I standards'wliereby ,the-plateisheld' from be- An ob ect of the invention is to provlde an comingdislodged T-helcentral portion of,

the plate 18 is provided with a plurality 'of perforat1ons2O and belowthese perforations there issupported a'receptacle21 for conta ning aninsge'cticide, such as moth balls or thelike. An inlet opening .22 lfor the re-k-GO ceptacle isprovided in' the plate 18Ywhilean outlet opening 23 is formed in the'bottom 0f the receptacle; i Glosure's 24 and 25 are provided for the respectiveiopenings 22 and 23 whereby-moth balls' or the like may be im.

I 'sfertedinto the receptacle-and removed there- Tom, ,1; H,

The upper cover plate 261, the marglnal edges of which are formed with acontinuousiflange 27' depending from;

the' plate and engaging thefr'am -IO soas to is prevent later'aLdisplacemenuof= the plate.

Said flange? 27 is bent iupwardly to, form a showing a collapsible construction of stand :guid'echannel28 for receivingoazplurality of hooks 29: secured:;lat;-intervals along the .top ,7

1-: edge of 'a flexible. curtain 30 which, when in Figure 6 is an enlarged fragmentary sec- 'closing'fposition is adapted to entirelyentional view ofthe framework of the stand, 1 showing the manner in which the elements; thereof are assembled.

Referring more particularly to Figures 1 Ecircle-the framework: and thusform a protective covering for the clothing supported upon he ba1- .15..: When displaying the contents.

f: the stand',rthe ends of-..the:-curtain may be to the Stand Shown therein is i p y'i:iforcedback;alongione end of the plate 26 and 35 to display quite a number of dresses to buyers who generally Order by lots The Stand 19 imounted-in'aasmall dry cell battery-receiving shown as comprising a framework, the 'elements of which are all made of metal tubingf and which includes the upper and lower rec-" tangular frames 10 and 11 joined at their ends: by standards 12 and 13 which have T-cou-i' plings 1a through which the ends-of said frames are extended when assembling the framework. Adjacent the upper ends of the 5 standards 12 and 13 the same are connected by a lzlothingsupporting bar 15 from which both sides thereof, the hooks lf de sired a? small dome be 29 then sliding form of a smallqwriting; table 33, may be dresses and the like are suspended by the h li' l g l sfi 6 usual hangers 16. The lower frame 11 is pro-V vided at its corners with casters'17 which en-t able thestand to be easily transported from is smaller insilzejthan the one, above described andsis; made o it,can be collapsed; when IlOtaiIlillSsrz'HQl'Q; ega athefr mewwjkv 00 the stand is formed of tubing and includes the upper and lower frames 35 and 36 supporting, respectively, the cover plates 37 and 38. The frames 35 and 36 are connected by two standards, each comprising a plurality of sections 39. Each section is screw-threaded at its ends to engage in couplings 40 and the up- ,per and lower sections of each standard are threaded into couplings 41 carried by the respective frames. A clothing-supporting bar 42 is detachably connected to the uppermost sections of the standards and forms. a means for suspending clothing therefrom.

The lower frame 36 is provided with castsignature.


ers 4:3 and the central portion of the cover V plate 38 resting upon said frame has suspended therefrom a receptacle 4A in all respects similar to the receptacle 21.

The upper plate 37 is provided with a marginal depending flange 45 and bent to provide a continuous guide channel extending about the edges of the plate and adapted to receive hooks 46 of the flexible curtain- 47 which extends completely about the framework when in enclosing position and which can be detached from the plate and folded, as

' indicated in Figure 5, when the stand is collapsed. As shown in Figure 5, the upper frame and its plate 37 may be rested upon the lower plate 38 and the various sections a 39 of the standards and the supporting bar 42 may be placed upon the plate 37 when the 7 stand is not in use.

. receptacle mounted on the underside of the--' What is claimed is:

1. A stand comprising upper and lower frames, standards connecting said frames, clothing-supporting means carried by said standards, cover plates for said upper andv lower frames, the lower plate having perforations therein, a flexible curtain suspended from the edges of said upperplate, and a "lower plate adjacent said perforations, said receptacle having an inlet and an outlet opening, said inlet opening being formed in the lower plate and the outlet opening being in the bottom of said receptacle, and closures for said openings.

2. A stand comprising upper and lower frames, standards connecting said frames,

clothing-supporting means carried by said standards, a cover plate for said upper frame, another cover plate for said lower frame, the upper cover plate having a guide flange extending completely around its edge, the lower cover plate having perforations therein, a'

plurality of hooks suspended from the edges of said guide flange and slidable thereon, a

flexible curtain connected with said hooks, a

receptacle mounted on the underside of'the lower cover plate adjacent said perforations, saidvreceptacle having an inlet and an outlet- 0 ening, said inlet opening being 'formedin t e lower cover plate and the outlet opening

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