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Publication numberUS1828644 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1931
Filing dateMay 9, 1930
Publication numberUS 1828644 A, US 1828644A, US-A-1828644, US1828644 A, US1828644A
InventorsStanislaw J. Chlapowski
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US 1828644 A
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Ocrt'. 2G, 1931. s. J. cfHLAPowsKl ET AL 1,828,644

HEATING lDEVCE Filed Mayg. 1930 v STANISLAW J. cHLArowsKr, or GARDNER, AND Parente.' cnriirowsir, or' wringing.

Patented Oct. 20, Y 1931 UNITED s .ra'rxlssk MAssAcHUsETlrs l,

HEATING n"avroiijjr Application filed May 9, 1930.k Serial,110.451097.I

This invention relates to a device Jfor conserving heat of flue gases produced 1n a stove, range, or other heater. Such fiue gases commonly escape directly to a stack or chimney and'carry away many valuable heat units.

It is the object of our invention to utilize a large proportion of the waste heatv of iue gases by interposing our heating device in the path oftravel of the gases between the heater and the stack or chimney.

.In the preferred form, our heating device is made in separable sections which may be -built up in any desired combinations. l

Our invention further'relates toarrangements'and combinations of parts which will be hereinafter described and more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

A preferred formv of the invention, together with certain modifications, is shown in the drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a front elevation of our improved heating device, partially broken away to show .interior structure;

In the preferred form, our heating comprises a plurality ofv sectional units 12 scope therewith.

Each sectional unit 12 'preferably com- .provided with upper and. lower connecting prises an elongated rectangular heating chamber having an opening 15 at one end 1n its upper surface into the connecting sleeve 13 and an opening 16 at the opposite end into the lower connecting sleeve 14. The sleeve 13 lits snugly in the sleeve 14 of an adjacent section. By reversing the members-12 they v gases and also p range1 10 anda stack or... chimneyll. l

device anyl desired numbers to provide ythedesired a'reagof. supplemental.heating-surface.;

v#Th vlowersectio'nal unit20inaybeprovid Y edAVith anlowerinletnear the lcenter of the gf bottom,facefto'receive afshport pipe 12.1 .exev

tending upwardlironr the usualsmokeoutlet arrows fin partwithalarge pro- 6,51"

portion jof their heat 1 units beiiore the gases escape.y through the pipe 22 intov the-stack 11. ',Ilie'greatly enlargedl cross section of theunits 12 decreases the rate, of movement ,ort the diating surfac v Bythe use of lour improved hea-tingdevicek much valuableheat is :retained within the rooms in which the heating device is located.

While we have shown theheatingsdevice'as -i5 ,Y

placed directly*1 above a range, it Iwill be evident that the pipe 21may'belmade'of any desired length and that the heating device'` may be located in a room above that in which the range isplaced, if so desired.

In theinoditied construction shown in Fig.

4, each heating unit 30 is provided vwith a battle plate y31 extendingl vlongitudinally within the unit'throughout the greater por- ,p p' Y tion of its length, causing the gases to travel S5- through two `parallel passages successively.

before .escaping into the next heating unit. In this construction,the`inlet and outlet con.V nections are at the saine end of the heating In the further modilication shown in Fig. v 5, the end portions of the heating` unit 40 are connected by parallel'iues41, 42and 43. Inv this case the gases enter at one end of the 41, 42 and 43, and escapethrough an opening. at'the opposite end; The general use and utility of these modificationsV is the same as for the preferred form. l i

While we haveshown our. invention as140 presents greatlyincrea'sed ra- 770* sectional unit, flow throughv the parallel ilues applied to a range, it is not limited in its utility to such use and may be used with equal satisfaction in connection with fur naees, steam boilers or any other form of heater in which hot flue gases are developed and escape to a: stack or chimney. The device is particularly useful when" used inconneetion with oil burners where the flue gases eseape at relatively hi'gh temperature.

Havingy thus described our invention and y the advantages thereof, we do not wish toI be limitedv to the details herein disclosed,

otherwise than asset forth in the claim, but

- what we do claim is A flue gas heating unit adapted to be inter'- posed in a flue gas passage and comprising atop heatingl uni-t,l a bottom. heating unit and a plurality of intermediate heating units, the bottom-unit and each intermediate unit having a single opening in'` the tep` side thereof and adjacent one end thereof with an upwardly projecting sleeve surrounding each such opening, the top unit and each intermediateunit having a single opening in the bottom side thereof and adjacent the opposite 'end thereof, with` a downwardly projecting sleeve surrounding' each such opening, the upwardly and downwardly projecting sleeves of adjacent units telescoping and fitting closely one within the other and supporting said units in spaced relation, said top heating: unit having an exit opening in its top side, and' said bottom! heating unit having an inlet opening' in its bottom side located substantially midway of its length, whereby said heating device disposed and supported substantially symmetrical with respect to the vertical axis ofthe inlet opening.

'In :testimony whereof We have hereunto aixed our signatures.


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U.S. Classification165/144, 165/DIG.509, 165/165
Cooperative ClassificationY10S165/509