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Publication numberUS1828678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1931
Filing dateFeb 14, 1931
Priority dateFeb 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1828678 A, US 1828678A, US-A-1828678, US1828678 A, US1828678A
InventorsRalph B Peterman, Frank V Stevenson
Original AssigneeRalph B Peterman, Frank V Stevenson
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Weighted pin for draperies, curtains, and the like
US 1828678 A
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1931- R. B. PETERMAN ET AL 1,828,673


Frank 1 Sicrewsom ATTORN EY V Patented OctiZO, 1931' it RALPH IB. PETERMAN, or minim, nun mam; v s rnvnivsorr, 'QE EAST IJ N ING;


wEIGH Pinon imam wsmm ems im e Application filed February 14, 193 1 .]serial- N9}5157971= Our inventionrelat'es to a weighted pin for use on draperies} or the like, and particularly to *such 'a pin which'is adapted to v be pinned in an inconspicuous place on dra- 5 peries, curtainsor the like, and which may be of any suitable size or shape'to hold the 'draf .peries, curtains or the'like in proper position; I I V t It has heretofore been the practice in pro- 1o Viding weights for draperies, curtains or the like to use a weight commonlyknown as a] dress weight, which weight is secured to the; draperies, curtains or the like by sewing on the inside of the material to be weighted-. 1

15 This method is very expensive and is not satisfactorynfor the reason that inhanging. draperies, curtains or the like itis necessary to provide suflicient weights so that the draper ies, curtains or the like will hang properly,

Z9 and this can only be determinedwhenfthe. draperies, curtains or the like are hung at the, place in which they areto be used. This ne-j cessitates having a workman carry alarge number ofthese so-called dress'weights and to sew the dress Weights into the draperies, curtains or the, like at the time when they are being hung.

In addition, it is iiii ossitie to, 61am dia peries, curtains or the likehavingthe dress 33 weights sewed in themwithout first removing v This llkewlse is an expensive the weights. operation and necessitates considerable labor both'in removing the weights and in placing the weights backin the draperies, curtains or the like. '1 i I 5 invention to provide a weight for draperies,

curtains or the like which may be readily at tached to and detached from the material to A which .it isv secured, and which may beso secured to the materialas to be inconspicuous 7 form :of a; Weighted pin" embodying; our, i

' Other attempts have been made to hold drabe-provided' withfany of thewell known pmeans for holding the pin 9 more securely v to the inaterial'to' which itjis fastened, such for example as the: conventional clips on and yet which will hold draperies, curtains hungs Y companyingdrawingsand-iniwhich;'

Fig Lisa plaIlgYlBW of a.pair:-.0f;.drapes to;

W s are c red-w igh embodying-purin- -vention; .,r -i I V s a lewi P rspectiv Sho ing. lir

vention; iv

Figs 3: i 'P l' PQQfiVe lew-i showing anr other' form of-aweightej pin embodyin'g our invention;

' Similar reference;humeralsreferitosimilar; 65E 5 partsthroughout theseveral views,f Referring more in deta' 0 the drawings are providedat the lowerendswithlaiweights ed pln 7;," which-consistsofia-ibody portion8 draperies and curtains to vhang properly y when hungon the pole 6.

"It is also to-be observed that the pin 9 may besecured to'the weighted bodyportion 8 by 5 anumber of different methods, one of which here shown being imbedding a projecting portion in the body of the material 8. I

It'is' also to be'ob'served that the pin-9 may safety pins, or providing a humped portion in the body of thepin 9.

bodimentof our'invention, many IIIOCllfiCaj tions maybe" made withoutjdeparting from I .thespirit of theinvention, and we do not wish'to belimited to the-precise-,details of 'f v weightedbody portion-.89 Byyvarying -the I d ody portion 8,

,VH,95 I. I a 'While we have illustrate'dapreferred emconstruction as herein set forth, but desire to avail Ourselves of all changes Within the scape of the appended claims.

aving thus described our invention, what we'claim is new and desire to secure by Let ters Patent of the United -States',,is: v 1. A' removable drapery weight comprising a weighted portion and a pin secured to said Weighted portion, and adapted to hold said Weight in inconspicuous contact with draperies.

' backupon itselfand extending 011 aline parallel ,to the adjacent face o'f-said weighted "portionwhereby said weight willbe held 7 2. A removable drapery Weight *COIllPIlS 7 ing a. Weighted body portion, a pin secured to the topportion of said bodyportion, said pinbeing curved back upon itselfand extending downwardly and parallel to said body portion, and adapted to, hold said weight in incbnspiciouscontact with the draperies.

3Q A removable drapery weight comprising 'a weighted portion-of such size and shape as to permit of inconspicuous attachment to r a drapery in the foldsor hem thereof, and a pin secured to the top of said weighted portion, said pin'being' bent back upon itself and extending ona line parallel to th'e face of said weighted portion. d 4. A removable drapery weight'comprisacent ing'a weighted portion of-suitable size and j shape to permitits inconspicuous "attach- "ment to a drapery at a plurality of points in such drapery, and apin secured to the top of said weighted portion, said pin beingbent tightly against a drapery without damage to p the material in said drapery.

guii" In witness whereof, we hereunto subscribe our names this 10th day ofFebr uaryfl98l. RALPH BQ PETERMAN.


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