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Publication numberUS1828973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1931
Filing dateMay 1, 1929
Priority dateMay 1, 1929
Publication numberUS 1828973 A, US 1828973A, US-A-1828973, US1828973 A, US1828973A
InventorsGrover D Leister
Original AssigneeGrover D Leister
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Portable gin pole structure
US 1828973 A
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1931- G. D. LEISTER PORTABLE GIN POLE STRUCTURE Filed May 1. 1929 IVIENTOR BY W W A TTORNE Y Patent d Oct. 27, 1931 ATENT OFFICE onovnnn. LEISTER, or sen rnanorso curroimxa PORTABLE GIN POLE STRUCTURE Application filed May 1, i929. Serial No. 359,538.

This invention relates to improvements in construction apparatus, and more particularly to what may be termed a hoisting apparatus or gin pole structure.

It is at present the practice in setting poles by telephone and electric light companies to make an excavation. transport the pole in proximity thereto, erect a gin pole near the excavation and by the aid of the gin pole to erect the pole desired. The setting up and taking down of the gin pole consumes considerable time, in fact requires more time than does the actual setting of the pole.

I It is to expedite the setting of such pole structures that the present invention is designed to accomplish, and the invention has for its objects to provide a portable gin pole structure mounted on the side of a vehicle and capable of being easily manipulated for erection near the point where the regular pole is to be set.

A further object is to provide a gin pole on a portable apparatus which isadapted for ready movement to and from operative and inoperative position, enabling the vehicle mounting the pole to be readily driven from point to point, and to conform to the clearing laws of the various motor vehicle acts. I

A further object is to provide a structure wherein when the gin pole is setup, means are provided for relieving the vehicle of the longitudinal load placed on the gin pole, and at the same time provide a foot or base for the latter.

With the above mentioned and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction and combination of parts hereinafter described, illustrated in the ac- 3 companying drawings and pointed out in the claims hereto appended; it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of construction within 45, the scope of the claims may be resorted to without departing fromthe spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

, To more clearly comprehend the. inven tion, reference is directed to the accompanying drawings, wherein- In the drawings, 1 indicates a vehicle, preferably in the form of a truck, to the rear end and at oneside of-the chassis of which is mounted a frame consisting of the vertical frame member 2, the diagonal cross brace 3 and the forwardly extending brace 4, this 1 structure being illustrated as formed of angle members; it being necessary that it be particularly rigid, due'to the work to be;

, performed thereby, but may be made*re-.

movable, if desired.- i

Through the upper end of the member 2 extendsa fulcrum pin 5 disposed in a horizontal plane, substantially transversely of the chassis 1. The pin5 extendsthrough a suitable gin pole Got a length whenmoved: to operative position so that its upper-end will project some distance above the upper endof the-member 2, and its lower end .will lie in close proximityto the ground or. supporting'surface for the wheels 7 ofthe vehicle 1, While' this gin pole structure is not necessarily centrally fulcrumed,the"same-is constructed as to be substantiallybalanced on either side of the pin 5 by reason of the bottom portion beingthicker and thereforeheavier than the top portion. At its upper end, the gin pole carries, tackle 8, and at its lower end mounts guide; brackets 9, within which slide the main portion :10 of a sup-' porting foot-11, held in itsadjusted position by lock pins or other means {12 passing through the members 9 and 10. c It will be observed that with'the foot .11

resting on the support -therefor,-and,the

It will be readily observed that the gin pole structure is capable of being quickly set up and Laken down and transported from point to point with extremely little effort; also that the gin pole 6 may be swung either forwardly or rearwardly on pivot 5, and-if it is desired to swing the top portion a con siderable distance rearwardly, the gin Dole structure should be mounted on a chassis whose body extends beyond the wheel 7; also that the same is always ready for operation, and when the pole is lowered, as in F igure 1, the overall height of the apparatus is no greater than that of the conventional truck. p

To. insure the gin pole 6 being held in vvertical position and to prevent its tipping or pivoting when a load is placed on the tackle 8 thereof, 1 mount a chain 13 on the angle j plate the chain being of sufficient length tii Wrap. around the gin pole G, and the end thereof engage an eye 15. This structure is eii'c ive, cheap and capable 01 being quickly manipulated when desired.

1. A portable gin pole structure comprFsing. a vehicle; a frame extending upwardly therefrom and at one side thereof, a gin pole pivoted to the frame beyond the vehicle side for swinging movement into a vertical position, and tackle operatively associated with one end of the gin pole.

EPA portable gin pole structure comprising a' vehicle, a frame extending upwardly therefrom and having an upright portion arranged at a side of the vehicle, a gin pole pivoted to the upright portion of the frame for swinging movement on a horizontal axis to and from a vertical position,and tackle associated with one end of the gin pole.

3. A'portable gin pole structure comprising a vehicle, a gin pole carried thereby and at one side thereof and adapted for swinging-movement from an inoperative position to a vertical operative position, tackle associated with one endof the gin pole, and means for'relieving the vehicle of the longitudinal load placed on the gin pole when in vertically operative position.

4. A portable gin pole structure comprising a vehicle, a frame carried thereby and extending upwardly therefrom at one s de, and having lateral supports for the upright portion, a gin pole pivotally mounted on said frame to swing on a horizontal axis disposed transversely of the vehicle with the free ends of the pole substantially balanced on the pivot, tackle associated with one end of the gin pole, and an adjustable extension at the other end of said pole.

5. A portable gin pole structure comprisa vehicle, a gin pole carried thereby at one side thereof and adaptedfor swinging movement from an inoperative position to a. vertical operative position, tackle associated

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