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Publication numberUS1829255 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1931
Filing dateFeb 7, 1929
Priority dateFeb 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1829255 A, US 1829255A, US-A-1829255, US1829255 A, US1829255A
InventorsHarry R Ballou
Original AssigneeHoover Co
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Suction cleaner
US 1829255 A
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Oct. 27, 1931. v H. R. BALLOU 1,829,255

SUCTION CLEANER Filed Feb. 7, 1929 Patented Oca-27, l,193i


OHIO, ASBIGNOR T0 THE PORATION 0F OHIO HOOVER COMPANY, A COR- SUCTION CLE-NEB Application mea February 7, 1829.. serial No. 338,290.

- which 'is operatively connected to the disdirection and which releases cede or from which the springs the circle of said vvwhich engage and this collar has a up therefrom to which the'ends charge neck, or outlet, of a suction cleaner, for securing a ba lthereto, or for releasing Ia bag therefrom by giving the bag ring a part turn.

Another object of the invention is to pro-v vlde a bag ring which is operatively arranged about the discharge outlet of a suction cleaner and which subtends a chord of the arc of rin to form yielding engaglng means for detac ably and yieldingly securing a dust bag -to t e discharge outlet when the bag ring is given a part turn in one the bag and permits withdrawal thereof when the bag ring is turned in the opposite direction. 1

Anotherobject is to provide a bag ring which is provided with a plurality of springs a dust bag u n operating the ring to one position to sulliotend chords for yieldingly engaging the dust bag about its entire periphery, and which has a member which causes the springs1 to recede when it is desired to remove the bag from the discharge neck. l

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear. i I

In accordance with the secured to an annular fiange on the discharge neck, plurality of clips struck of helical the invention,

springs are attached. An outer over the. inner collar and has an inturned circular portion into which the springs reextend during movement of the outer collar so as-to clamp or release the bag as required.

collar fits The accompanying drawings illustrate selected embodiments of the invention and the views therein are as follows:

FigureV 1 is a vertical sectional view of a suction cleaner discharge outlet or adapter embodying the invention.

FigureV 2 is a detail sectional view of the outer collar.

- Figure 3 is a detail perspective view of the inner collar.

Figure 4 is an end view showing the clampingring in clamped position.

igure 5 is a similar view showing the ring Iin released position.

Referring to the drawings designates a discharge neck or an adapter which may be either detachably connected to a suction cleaner or which may be made an integral part thereof. Thisy neck or adapter is provided with a flanged member 11 to which a collar 12 is secured and forms an annular recess 13 into which the dust bag 14 is received.

Aplurality of inwardly extending clips 15 are struck up from the collar 12 to which a plurality of helical springs or other yieldable members 16 are attached. This collar is provided with a pair of arcuate slots 17 through which pins 18 on the outer'collar. 19 extend. The pin and slot connection operatively connect the two collars together and permit relative rotation therebetween.

The outer collar 19 is turned inwardly, Figure 2, to provide a retaining ring 20. A plurality of substantially triangular members 21 are secured to the member as clearly shown in Figure 2. The base of each of these triangles is rounded to provide mouths 22 so that during rotation of the outer collar the springs 16 will be guided to proper operative position. The clips 15 are sta gered one above the other as clearly shown 1n Figure 3, so that when the springs are secured to the clips, they will be at an angle relative to the outer edge ofthe collar.

e operation is as follows:

e springs 16 are secur d to the clips 15 and arranged behind the member 20 so that each mouth 22 of the triangular members l21 will form a guide for the springs during rotation of the outer collar. After the springs are secured to the clips, the outer collar 19 extend-beyond the end of the mouths of the clips 'l5 are staggered laterally,

-upon and spaced triangular members so that a plurality of chords of the arc of the circle `are subtended for yieldingly supporting `the dust bag. When the chords are subtended they will engage the tubular neck l0 and clamp the dust bag thereto.

Upon'opposite rotation of the outer collar, the springs will be caused to recede behind the triangular portions 21 and be guided by the mouths thereby causing'the springs to bear against the inside of the vmember 20 and be removed or pulled -away from the dust bag. The rounded mouths form positive guides for the springs and prevent them from engaging or otherwise coming in contact with the ends of the triangular members. Inasmuch as the the springs will not come in contact with each other and thereby form means for yieldingly engaging the entire periphery of the bag on theneck 10. This neck may be provided with a groove 23, Figure l, into which the springs 16 will press the bag to form a substantially air-tight and dust-proof connection.

The invention provides a bag ring of few and simple parts which can be easily and quickly operated for detachably securing a ba to a part of a suction cleaner.

hanges may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of theparts without departing from he spirit of the invention or vsacrificing any of the advantages thereof, and the right is hereby reserved to make all such changes as fairly fall within the scope of the following claims I claim:

1. In a retaining and attaching means for suction cleaner dust bags, the combination with a-neck, a ring rotatably mounted from said neck, and yieldable means controlled by the operationof said ring for forming yielding bag securing means said ,ring having means thereon for positively deflect-ing said yielding means away from said neck.

2. Retaining'means comprising a ring, a plurality of circumferentially overlapping able outer ring permanently and rotatably connected to said first named ring and having a part thereof which substantiallly encloses saidl springs, and means carried by rality of contractile means carried by said outer ring for bending said springs outward 3. clamping device for attaching a suction cleaner bag, comprising an annular neck supporting means secured to said neck and spaced outwardly therefrom, a contractile membercarried by said supporting means,

vand a ring rotatably` mounted upon said supporting means and having means thereon adapted upon rotation of said ring to bend said contractile member away from said neck.

4. A clamping device for attaching a suc-u tion cleaner bag, comprising a member having an annular groove therein adapted to receive the mouth portion of the bag, a contractile member carried by said member and normally tending to engage the inner wall of said annular groove, and a ring rotatably mounted on said member and spaced from the inner wall of said groove and havingmeans thereon for deiecting said contractile member outwardly when said ring t is rotated about said neck.-

5. A clamping device comprising an annular neck, supporting means carried by said neck and radially spaced therefrom, a plumembers carried by said supporting means, and a ring permanently and rotatably carried by said neck and having means thereon for deiecting said contractile members away from said neck when said rin is rotated.

6. A amping device comprising a ring, a coil spring disposed within` said ring, an outer ring about said first named ring, and

said outer ring and engaging inside of said coil spring and said inner ring to deflect said coil spring outwardly upon rotation of said outer ring.

7. A clamping device comprising an annular neck, supporting means secured to said neck, a clamping lengthwise carried by said supporting means and extending helically of said neck, and means carried by said neck and having a portion movable lengthwise of said clamping lnember for deflecting it away from said nec Si ed at Canton, in the county of Stark and tate of Ohio, this 24th day of January,


member under tension ring, and a mov-

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