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Publication numberUS1829338 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1931
Filing dateDec 15, 1930
Priority dateDec 15, 1930
Publication numberUS 1829338 A, US 1829338A, US-A-1829338, US1829338 A, US1829338A
InventorsBynum Hugh R
Original AssigneeBynum Hugh R
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Auto chiropodist
US 1829338 A
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H. R. BYNUM AUTO GHIROPODIST oct.. 27, 1931.

Filed Dec. l5, 1950 33 V26 fr/iwf Patented ocra?, 1931 1,829,338

f UN'ED` STATES PTN OFFICE Application filed December 15, 1930. Serial No. 502,332.

e lIhis invention relates to a device for the holder opened up with a sheet of abrasive treatment of corns and callouses on the foot material partially secured thereto; l and isA especially designed for individual use ig. Lt is a sectional end elevation taken by those who through preference or otheron the line IV-IV of Fig. 1, looking in the .i wise,rdo their own treat-ing, though it may direction ofthe arrow; and Y 55 also be used by chiropodists. It is primarily Fig. 5 is a reduced scale view showing the a holder or handle adapted to receive and seshape and method of folding the sheet of cure for use a. sheet of sand paper or the abrasive used. like abrasive. The invention relates further vItelerring now to the drawings in which 11i to the cross sectional shape of the holder the various parts are indicated by numerals, 6o by means of which abrasive surfaces of a 10 is a holder for a sheet of abrasive material plurality of curvatures are provided, which 11, such as sand paper, and 12 is a handle for variously curved surfaces adapt the device the device. rlhe holder comprises two elonparticularly to the uses for which it is primgated parts 13 and 14 respectively which are I 13 arily designed. connected along one edge by a hinge 15. 65

In the practice of chiropody and especially These parts are preferably made of sheet ma-k in that part of it which relates to removal of terial and closed at both ends by heads 16'and cornsand callouses from the feet, the chirop- 17, respectively. The sheet of abrasive ma-k odist ordinarily emp-leyes asharp knife with terial 11 is disposed around the exterior surwhich these accretions or growths are re-A face of these partsand is secured to themby 70 moved. In most cases however this work may folding strips 18 and 19 at opposite sides of quite as readily be accomplished by the use the sheet, over the edges of the parts 13 and of an abrasive, and in the interest of sanitalil, so that the strip 18 lies within the part 13,l tion and aseptis a surface covered with a sheet and the strip 19 .vithin the part 14. These :Si of abrasive material which may be used and strips are held respectively by clamps 20, 21. '75 thrown away is inherently of great value.V The'clamp 20 is hinged on a pin 22 and the The objects of the present invent-ion are zclamp 21 on a pin 23 which pins are secured (a) To provide a holder for a sheet of in the heads 16 and 17 respectively. The abrasive material whichl will secure and clamp 2O and 21 are held against the strips v l stretch the sheet tight; 18 and 19 by springs 24 and 25 respectively. S0

(b) To provide readily releasable means 26 is a spring for opening the parts of the for securing the sheet material to the holder; holder when it is desired to remove or replace (c) To provide an abrasive tool having the abrasive material. three or more surfaces of differentcurva- Secured to each of the ends 16 as by the tures; and screws 27 are flat springs 28 each of which S5 (d) To generally improve the design and carries a lug 29 adapted to engage a notch orl construction of the holder for sheets of abhole 30 in an end 17 ofthe opposite part whenl rasive material. the two parts are closed together as shown inY i The means by which the foregoing and Figs. 2 and 4. Each of the springs has a 10' other objects are accomplished and the manbutton 31 which projects therefrom through 90 ner cf their accomplishment will readily be the end, whereby the springs may be deunderstood from the following specification pressed to disengage the lugs 29 from the on reference to the accompanying drawings, holes 30 and release the holder parts.

in which: When the holder is closed as shown in the 4D Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the device; cross section Fig.y 4, it presents three princi- Fig. 2 is a section on the line II-II of pal curved surfaces A, B, and C, which have Y Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the arradii increasing in the order named so'that row; v these surfaces are of varying curvature. In

Fig. 3 is a view taken at the same place addition'the surfaces A and B; B and C; and

looking in the same direction showing the C and D are respectively connected by sur- 100 vfaces of different ourvatures so that three primary surfaces and three secondary snrfaces are'provided. f

To prepare the holder for use thebuttons 31 are depressed disengaging the lugs 29 and Y permittingv the partsV ofV the holder to be swung open by the .spring 2.6. A lsheet of abrasive material l1, ordinarily :sand paper, havingi'oldedV edges 18 and 19 is" engaged With the folded strip 18 at one edge secured'V by the Clamp 20 and the'opposite folded `strip 19 isV brought over the edge of the opposite part 14 andsecured by the Clamp 21( 'llhes'e clamps may be swung away'from theirrespeotive holder parts asindicatedy inl F'gf,

byfthe dotted positionlA ofthe clamp, in order to permit placingof the abrasvemate rial-.-- The parts' 13 'and/V 14A are then closedaroindl the hingel 15` -until Ythe lugs 29 snap Y intothe 'openings 30' at which time ift-he sheet, of abrasive material be properly sized and folded'it will betightly drawn over the outer surface of' the holder.y Itisl proposed to out the sheets of material 1.1, to proper size, Y l i. to out awa-y the oorners'32 'and'fold the edges alon `delinite parallel lines Y33, as shown signature.


in Figlf, so' that the 'sheet Will properly lit p the holder and so that when,assembledv thereon vitw'ill' be; tightly drawn over the snrfaoe thereof;

' `avingdescribed my invention, '-.I i

Vjfl.r An abrasiveftool, oomprisimg-V spplementary elongated hollovvparts, hinged together along.,nejlongitudinaledge-of each,

'sheetrofl abrasive materiali, having avJinaiiirY ortionjcoextensivef With the ,externalsun v ace. o said'parts, and'-r having integral in- Wardly folded stripsv alongtheA side edges of'V i .saidjsheet engaging-foverthe unhinged edges v 'of said parts, clamps Within said hollow parts, hinged one tol eac-h of said parts' andv-respecf tively. engaging each an ,inwaralyrided str ip, means ,resiliently urging-said-jclainps g against 'said strips, and releasable means for 'holdin'g'the unhinged edges of saidparts together.

'12. 'An abrasive tool, compr-'isiligf aVv pair 4of elongatedy hollow p`arts, h-inged together alongV one longitudinal edge of each, a sheet of abrasive materialy having a main K portion coextensive Withthe leXtelrnal lsurface Y of said parts, and having integral inwardly folded A stripsalong'the side'edges-of saidsheeten# `gaging over the unhingededges offparts` V'o lanups, 'disposedvvithin said hollowgparts,

' hinged one'to each o.s'ai'dl partsand 'respeo-.f

tively engagingfeach jan inwardly folded, Y

. .str-ip, springs eaoh'holdinga'clainp inenci,

` ffor'holding'theunhinged edges of saidparts together-J l L Y l 3. I'An abrasive holder, comprising an ,elojn-` gagement Witha strip, and releasablemeans gatedstruotrefpresenting a cross sectionfem-

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U.S. Classification132/76.5, 451/524, 451/503, 451/519
International ClassificationA61B17/54
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