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Publication numberUS1829732 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1931
Filing dateMay 17, 1928
Priority dateMay 17, 1928
Publication numberUS 1829732 A, US 1829732A, US-A-1829732, US1829732 A, US1829732A
InventorsFrank B Allen
Original AssigneeAllen Sherman Hoff Co
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Storage tank for ashes
US 1829732 A
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Nov. 3, 1931. F. B. ALLEN 1,829,732

STORAGE TANK FOR ASHES Filed May 17, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR FZYA/VK B. ALLEN ATTORNEYS Nov. 3, 1931. F. B. ALLEN 1,329,732

STORAGE TANK FOR ASHES Filed May 17, 1928 2 Sheets-Shet 2 INVENTOR FFANKRAZZEA ATT RNEYS I l Pate ted Na. 3,1931

, mama:


I invention; relates to a, receptacle for c liquid and solid materials] lfl'ore particularly it relates to; a storage tank for receivmaterials. a

'ing and separating. mixed solid liquid Ill hfiS been customary in handling solid 7 materials, such asfi incombustible residues,

to conduct amixtureofjthe same with liquid toa; receptacle where it is-storeduntil it can 1 be: hauled away. "l Means havebeen suggested for separatingvthe liquid and solid ma terials' so that they could be removed separately from the receptacle but; so faras I am aware such means have not been entirely satisfactory for; all: conditions and :cnaterials 'partlyobecause; of clogging of the liquid sepa- I'atinglandwithdrawing'means.

It "s an ob'ect of his invention to improved construction of storage tank 7 2'0" forzinixedsolid and liquid materials in which j thefsolid andlliquidmaterials can be sepatively separating mixed soli'diand liquid maf-terialsgandhaving improved means for separately conduo tingoft the liquid; materials: I v v .(dther object sawill be apparent from. the

' drawings: 'inj which latter rated without any danger of s'toppage and without. spillage of liquiddue to such stop- "1 Knother ob ect;is to-provldea storagetank of'i-mprovedsimplified construction for posispecification; and iii-om the accompanying Fig. 1 is-alongitudinal sectional jalong theline 22 ofIFig; I Fig'. 3 a detail perspective View greatly enlarged: of aapo'rtion of theendiof the de-.

7 V through the de iceyi Y Fig; 2 is a transversev sectional View taken vvice as seen from the line 3+3 'ofFig. 1. q "Referring: particularly to the drawings, in

V Fitspreferred embodiment the device com- I j'prisesa'ba'se 1:niounteduponsuitable sup ports" 2; "Side'walls3 {project upwardly; from the base; shell "is supportedjr within the 'side 'walls'in spaced i'elation tothe base means of anglebars 6'nwhichrest uponupstanding shoulders 7, Z- carried by" the base. BracesFS' furthergsupport,the shell '5; from thebase. v Theshoulders'Z'Qproject upwardly 50 fabove 'the bot'toni theis'hell "5; andin spaced relationthereto, extending beyond solid receiving position with. respect to the bottom of the shell. The'surfaces of the shoulders 7' adjoining the shell 5 are inclined down-v wardly at an angle greater than the angle of repose of solidmaterials and terminate ad- 7 ascan be seen in Fig. 2. Movable gates 10 E;

are provided forthe discharge openings. A ,portlon ofthe 'llquid contained in the tank is adapted to be directed by the gates 10 into stationary troughsll from, which it is conducted by meansofconduits 12.. A conduit 13; admits a mixture of solid and liquid mater a-l intothe shell. Conduits lopen down- .ward-ly into the upper portionof the space between'the shell 5 and the side walls 3 and arefadapted' to discharge-the liquid there- .i'rom; :Other conduits l5 communicate with the bottom of'ihis space and with the con- "duits 12'. i Solid materials dischargedthrough ithedischarge, openings can be collected in the Vehicl 13'and drawn away." A chute canbe providedjfor directing the solid ma? terialinto'the vehicle.

fIIi the operation of thedevice a mixture of solid and liquid material is conducted intov thesOlids-retaining, open-bottom shell 5.

The solids settle upon the portion of the base within the shell and .a portion of theliquid drains away through the trough 11 and conduit 12. Other liquid passes between ,the' V shoulder? and thewalls of the shell into the 3 space between the shell and the side wall-s 3.

Liquid accumulating in thisspace is substan-' -tially J free from solid; material particularly lot-the larger sizes and can be conducted away by means of the conduits l4 and 15. The -solidmaterial within the'shell can be dropped when desired throughithe discharge openings into "the vehicles disposed .therebeneath, the solid materialupon theinclined surface of shoulder? being discharged at the same time. While a Specific embodimei'it of the inven- 'tion has been shown and described it will be understood .that modifications can be made therein within the spiritand scope of the i tendedto be covered'hj the'appended 1 i said opening, for" continuously 'collecting 'and '1'; A tank for niixedsolids and liquids comprising 1a.; 'containen for solids and liquids i eeie beet. an i pstand ng s e the base;having adischarg e i M able gatefo'r theopening, means adjacent carryin'gavray aport-ionpfthe liquid inisaid a l s-retain ng; *OP b r supprtedwi hin. anct'in' spaced irelationto;

. the, side "Walls. and communicating through v liquid carrying passages with lthe'fspac e' in the container outsideloi the shell, a shoulder projecting upwardly 'fi'ohi' j said' base to a pointabove the-bottoinedge of said shelland v V p 7, extending, around the bottom of saidshell, saidshouldei andshell;beingspaced'to pio-f i ."videsaid liquid carryingf-passag a hile sube "sem -e 3; P e ing h Pa -el if Solids j fi oms'eidshell andineans including la-conduit o m v ngal quid'f mt e ec btw j'the i ew fem he li a ups and n l 2 the as h i g a disc e s 91 111 125 e m b e e th P ning, means' adjacent said fopening'fO con tinuously'{collecting land car ying away a I portionof the' liquid said, tank, "a' solidsr i fie l qp o he i ppbi with" inandin spacedfrelation to; the-sidewalls and; communicating thrOughQliquicl carrying passages: with the space inthe container out? .sidept the shell, "a j-slioulde'r" projecting ups wardly froinsaidhasefm apoi nt aoovethe p bottom; edge o'iEI said v. shell and extending) 'aronndthe bottom of said'shellg 's'aidshoulder and shelhbeing'spaced' toi'pfovidesaid liquid l s icarryingi passages while sfiibstantially pieiexiting wettest ,Qe of solids froin said f shell lginispacedrelation to thebase. I j .7 i acon'tainer i0 3 A'stoi'age tank co pr sing upstanding side Walls, thefbase havinga dis 7 charge opening," a'ino'vable gatefoi" the open-r Qing, means; adj acent' said opening for icon 7 tinnotsl'yfi collecting and carrying-Y awa a dinsaid tank, a solid'sv open bottoinshell sup'ported'with-V Tin and' ii'i spaced-Tela tion tothe sideivvalls and :commuiiicating] through liquidgcarry j fine; passages with the-space in the cont ainer V i joutsi'de (it the shell, i ashoulder proj ecting;

' retai nag,-

poi t on of theliqui I *npvvardly'fromfsaid has'e toa point above the ottoinj edge: ot; said shell and -ex t'e igliii and the bottom of; saidshell, saidgshoulder and shell beingspacedto provide saiaiiqe d;

j :c -r in i passages while substantially ,pre-

'vent in'gthefp assage. of .r i

solids fnoin said' shell,

pening, a inov fa container including a 'ba'se and at i='m(am including a conduitifor' conductr" 1 ,ing'liquidfirom the 'spacehetv'veenthe side evens :ajndshell, the inlet-{of said-conduitbe r1 solids and liquid including afba'se and {inner surf cmi'the shoe-le s exteriorly" i J j o the shell} heingupwa 'dily andiouttvardly' i ned*ehdi ieen i fie s' i m li i i removing liquid the space lhet vveenthe 5 side walls and shell,

4."A storage tank comprising alcontainer upstanding? si dc swans; a' soli'ds retainingf sp'aced relation to the side Walls andcomi ofi said cshelll and extending around i the bot tom ofs'aid' shell, said'sh'oulder and shellbe iiig spaced to provide 7 passages, while substantially v preventing the passage" of: solids froni' said shell, the inner being inclined upwarei andcutvvardly for solids and liquid includi ng hese and open bottoin shell supported withina'nd in" I .m se in ih e q i c r y a ages thespaceinthe containeroutsidei'oi'ithef shells a shoulden p'roj ectin'g upwardly from said base to apoint ahovethe 'bottoinvedge lsaidliquid carrying u surface of the shoulderextel ioi'ly of the-sh ll" at V an'angle gr ater than the angleof repose-foi the solid materiahthelbase being provided with a discharge opening adapted to rec'eive the solid material trom a movable gate for the ,diseha ige opening ac liquid collecting trough adj acent said? opens iiigmans including conduit for remo iing the inclined surface;

liquid from the space between the side walls, 7

for conducting liquid around the bott0m1of; said to provide said liquid car yiiig passages' while" substantially preventing "the: passage of solids from said shell, means including a conduit for "removing 1 liquid froi'ni thespace thebasehavin gfafdis-c ds-retaining open bottoinshell' 7 and communicatingilthroughshell, said shoulder and shell" heing spaced between the side walls and lshell and m ans for conducting liquid ironii said troughif'g;

'for' solids and liquid; including a base "and upstanding side '.walls, "open bottom shell suppoitedgvvithin and in spaced 'elation to .the si'de .yvalls and cbmmunlca ting thi ou'gh liquid carrying passages "with" thespace in the container outside of thesaid base to a apoint above-the .bottoinedge of saidgshell: and'extending around the bottom 6 A storag ank comprlsingflacontainer V 115, "fa 'Tsolidsi-ittining c 12o shell, 1a shoulder p oj ecting upwardl jfrom' l of saidshdh: saidshoiildei' and shell being spaced to'ip jovide said liquid carrying pasf sages sage of solids rfrlonn said shelh said ShQlllder having'its jinner surface. inclinedupivai'dly outwardly at enjeanglei gi eatei' than v the i sleo epe j@ft e ohd :thebeee i whilesub tantiallj reventing the Pas 1,829,732 being provided' with a discharge opening I adapted to receive the solid. material from the inclined surface, a movable gate for the discharge opening, a liquid-collecting trough adj'aeent said opening, means including a con- 'duit for removingliquid from the space between the sidewalls and shell and means for I conducting liquid from said trough.

'7. A tank formixed'solids and liquids com- I prising a'base having a discharge opening, a movable gate for said opening, upwardly extending side walls around the outer edge of said base, a shoulderprojecting upwardly from said base within said side Walls, a "shell supported within and in spaced relation to rsaid side walls and having its lower edge ,7 within said shoulder and spaced therefrom to provide a fluid passage between the inside of said shell and thespace between the outside of said shell'and saidside walls, said shell being spaced from said shoulder adis- .tance great enoughto permit free flow of liquid thereb'etween while substantially preventing the passage of solid material there- I 5 between, and means including a conduit for conducting liquid from; the space between the side walls and the shell;

I 7' In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my p signature this 3rd day of May, 1928.


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