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Publication numberUS1829871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1931
Filing dateMay 7, 1930
Priority dateMay 7, 1930
Publication numberUS 1829871 A, US 1829871A, US-A-1829871, US1829871 A, US1829871A
InventorsMorck Alfred A
Original AssigneeMorck Alfred A
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US 1829871 A
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A. A. MORCK Nov. 3, 1931.


Filed May 7, 1930 wwwwwwwww?,


A TTORNEY Y A' Patented Nov.y 3,

i Arfrrtrii) A. Molton, orY NEW YORK, N. Y.

` 'i Application mea Mayv 7, 1930. serialv No. 450,370.'Y

yThefob'ject ofthe v4invention is a coat having the general appearance cfa Norfolk or sack coat for sport or everyday Wear, buty comprisingl aQjacket or ybody portion, ''terminating adjacent the Waist line, and a f separable skirt portion carrying the usual side pockets and adapted for useY independ Yently of the jacket when desired, 4as more f fully explained belotvff a -10` 'l The general organization 'and thefpre,l ferred details ofassembly are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in Which Fig'. lis a front elevation of the coat;

Fig. 2 an ,enlarged sectional detail of the junction of the jacket andskirt portions, and f Fig. 3 isan elevation illustrating the use of the skirt portion. f y' fThe upper vpart of thecoat comprises -a jacketilin all respects similar to the upper 2F portion of an ordinary sack coat but, as stated, terminatingadjacentpthe .Waist line or, in f other Words, just above the tops of the-usual side pockets 2.rvr The bottom'- part of the coat Whichcarries these pockets, comprises a skirt portion 3 removably suspended from the bottom edge of the jacket by meansof detach-r i able fasteners, Which term is meant to include buttons andbutton` holes inthe-adjacent edgesfof the-two coat portions, snap '30- fas'teners or other'appropriate attachment -means In'the preferred form illustratedra flap 4,v

Which may be of belting or any stout matej rial not subject to appreciable stretching, is 35 stitched to lthe inside bottom edgeof the l jacket and carriesjon its outer face the buttons 5,suitably spaced around it' to `provide Y adequate and even support for the skirt 140 VThe latter'is buttonholed to correspond With to .extend the jacket to Vnormal coat length VWhen the tWo portions are assembled 'asin- This means comprises La strip of lmaterial in f score card,

Ithepjacket buttons and "is-so dimensioned as Ved to' hangdovvn over and conceal the buttons or other attachment means and the up-A per edge of the skirt,

Beingdetachable,the skirt can be used in'- dependently of the upper part of the garment so that the side pockets or such pockets as vmay be provided in the skirt are still available. This is illustrated in Fig. 3l of the draW- f ings, Which'shows the skirt detached from the jacket and suspended bybuttons 7 appropriately spaced around thewaist band of a pair of golf knickers 8, thereby providingthe player With'ample pocket space for balls and so forth, While freeing the arms and the lupper part of the body from the restriction of jacket and sleeves.

When the game quickly i convert coat and While is over the garment can be ed back to a conventional not limited to the use ysuggested the invention is of particular advantage in that connection. It Will be apparent that the coat is also suitable for general claim lWear-as a Whole, when the Weather or convention require it, or the skirt Without the.A jacket When comfort and lconvenience so dictate." i

described myy invention, I

A dual-purpose garment comprising a body portion consisting of a acket terminating adjacent the Waist-line, ia skirt portion dimensioned to extend the jacket to Ynormal sack coat length, pockets provided insaid vlast mentioned portion independent of the jacket, and means for detachably suspending said skirt portion from the jacket, Whereby'said skirt portion land, pockets are available for use with or Withoutsaid jacket, for the purpose described.

In testimony specification.

, 'them ythe coat is4 of conventional appearance; t

the forni of a belt 6,' carried by or secured to y f one of 'the .coatV .portions and Ypreferably stitched to the outside bottomyedge ofthe i whereof, I have signed this ALFRED A. MoRcK.V

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U.S. Classification2/93
International ClassificationA41D1/02, A41D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/02
European ClassificationA41D1/02