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Publication numberUS1830464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1931
Filing dateJun 24, 1929
Priority dateJun 24, 1929
Publication numberUS 1830464 A, US 1830464A, US-A-1830464, US1830464 A, US1830464A
InventorsGuenther George A
Original AssigneeGuenther George A
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Gas burner
US 1830464 A
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Nov. 3. 1951. I G. A. GUENTHER 1,830,464

GAS BURNER Filed Jan. 24. 1929 Patented Nov. 3, 1931 PATENT OFFICE GEORGE A. eumrrnnn, or BUFFALO, nnw YORK GAS BURNER Application filed. June 24, 1929. Serial No. 373,078.

This invention relates to improvements in gas burners.

One of its objects is the provision of a burner which is simple, compact and inexpensive in construction, and which can be readily dismembered for cleaning purposes.

Another objectof the invention is to provide a gas burner in which the pilot is constructed and arranged to form an integral part of the burner.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of a gas burner embodying my invention. Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section thereof on line 22 Figure 1. Figure 3 is a trans- .verse section on line 3-3, Figure 4, Figure 4 is a fragmentary vertical section on line 4-4, Figure 3. Figure 5 is a, perspective view of one of the burner bars.

Similar characters of reference indicate the corresponding parts throughout the several views.

"In its preferred construction, the-burner shown in the drawings, having a main gas chamber 11 and an enlargement 12 disposed centrally at the front side ofthe body and containing an auxiliary or pilot chamber 13. The main chamber has a gas inlet 14 and the ilot chamber has a similar inlet 15, said lnlets registering with corresponding gas passages 16, 17 respectively formedv in aas supply pipe 18 upon the upper end of which the lower recessed end 19 of the burner-body 5 is removably seated. As shown in'Figures 3 and 4, that portion of the gas pipe containing the passage 17.h'as a projection 20 at its top which engages a corresponding socket .21 in the burner-body.

The burner-body is open at its top and formed in the marginal edges of its side walls by saw-cuts or otherwise are a series of equally-spaced grooves or recesses 22 in which are removably arranged a plurality of transverse bars or partitions 23 set edgewise in their grooves and terminating at their ends flush with the outside faces of the burner side walls. These burner-bars form a plurality of narrow jet openings or flame slots 24 and they are preferably provided at the comprises a body 10 of substantially the shape upper corners thereof with notches 25. Angle plates26 applied to the opposite sides of the burner-body 10 serve to hold the burner-oars 23 in place, the'horizontal flanges thereof engaging the notched ends of said burner bars to prevent their displacement both laterally and vertically, and the vertical flanges thereof sealing the open ends of the flame slots.

Said burner-bars 23 extend from 'the ends of the burner-body to a point opposite the enlargement 12 thereof. Disposed in this resulting space are a series of auxiliary or pilot burner bars 27 .iich are supported in grooves 28, 29 formed in the central portion of the front wall of the body 10 and in the opposing side wall of the enlargement 12, respectively. These bars, as shown in Figures 1 and 3 are longer than the companion bars 23, extending across the main gas chamher 11 and the pilot chamber 13 to form intercommunicating flame slots 30. The ribs or webs 31 resulting from the grooves 28 in the front wall of the burner-body are preferably shorter in height than the webs between the main bar-grooves 22 so as to provide for the lateral passage or spreading of the pilot-flame into the main gas chamber 11 below the top edges of the auxiliary burnerbars 27, as seen in Figures 2 and 3. A taper pin 32 may be used for holding the several auxiliary burner-bars in place.

I claim as my invention v 1. A gas burner, comprising a body having a main gas chamber and an adjoining pilot chamber, both of said chambers having their open upper end disposed alongside each other, and burner bars extending across and bridging the open ends of said main chamber, some of said bars being of a leng h to jointly bridge the main chamber and the pilot chamber to form intercommunicating flame-slots between said chambers.

2. A gas burner, comprising a body having a main gas chamber and an adjoining pilot chamber, said chambers being open" at their upper ends and having laterally-alined recesses in their opposing side walls, and burner-bars removably seated in said recesses, some of said bars being of a length to joint- 1 lfy bridge the open ends of said chambers and ormi ng flame-slots therebetween connecting the pilot chamber with the main gas chamber.

3. A gas burner, comprising a burner-body having a main gas chamber and a pilot gas chamber disposed alongside the latter, a luralityof equally-spaced ribs at the top e ges of the opposing side walls of said chambers and formin recesses therebetween, and a lurality of burner-bars arranged transversey of said chambers and seated in said recesses to form intervenin flame-slots, the ribs formed in that wall tween the main chamber and the pilot chamber bein shorter than the remaining ones to proyi e for a lateral passage of the pilot-flame into the main gas chamber.


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U.S. Classification431/285
International ClassificationF23D14/48, F23D14/58
Cooperative ClassificationF23D14/586
European ClassificationF23D14/58F1