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Publication numberUS1830543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1931
Filing dateMar 27, 1931
Priority dateMar 27, 1931
Publication numberUS 1830543 A, US 1830543A, US-A-1830543, US1830543 A, US1830543A
InventorsAlbert Heise
Original AssigneeAlbert Heise
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Ash tray
US 1830543 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 3, 1931. A. HElsE ASH TRAY.

Filed March 27, 1931 H15 ATTORNEYS.

Patented Nov. 3, 1931.

PATENT y oFFicE ALBERT 11E-Isn, or oHIcAero,v iiurruvois.y f

Asn TRAY application med Maren' 27, 11,931. 'serial 10.525,838.

kThis invention relates to certain novel improvements v in ash trays, and has for its principal object the provision of an improved construction of this character which will be V: highly'eiicient" in use and economical vin manufacture.

' It is an object of this invention to provide an ash tray and a supporting arm therefor v which is adapted to be pivotally mounted on the underside of a table, such, for example, as a cardtable, or other object, so that the ash tray may be swung in a horizontal plane.

Another object of the invention is to prov vide a latching arrangement for detachably mounting the ash tray on its supporting arm.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

rIhe invention consists in the novel combi-l nation and arrangement of parts to be hereinu after described and claimed.

:2O The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawings showing the preferred form of construction,

and in which: v

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a preferred form of construction of the invention as associated with a table or the like which is schematically shown; y j Fig.,2 is a longitudinal vertical section through the invention as shown in Fig. 1;

'30 Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view onthe line 3 3 in Fig. 2;.and Y Y x o Fig. 4 is an end elevational view on the line 4-4 in Fig. 1. In ythe drawings, wherein a practical embodiment ofthe invention is illustrated, a

table, chair or other like object is schematically indicated in dotted lines at 10', Fig. 1, andthe lower or bottom side at 11.

The invention provides an arm 12 which is pivotally connected, by means of a suitable connecting element 13, to a cross arm 14 in which are provided holes 15 through which screws or the like may be inserted to secure the crossarm 14 to the underside of the table 10. On'the yupper side of arm 12, at the rear of plate 14, is a boss 16, and in the cross arm 14 are twoholes- 17, one at each side of arm 10, the purpose of which will be explained hereinafter.

i- An ash tray is indicated at 18 and includes a bottom wall 19 and upstanding wall 20. In i the wall 20 diametrically aligned slots 21 are provided below bottom wall 19 and through these slots the arm 12 isfextended.

l Anotch 22 is provided in the arm 12, at

the end opposite the cross arm 14, and-pivotally mounted on the outside of the wall 20, as at 23, is a latch elem-ent 24. f

In use the ycross arm 14l will be secured to the bottom side of the card table top 14 or other obj ect by screws inserted through countersunk holes 15, and the arm 12 willcbe extended through both slots 21 and the latch 24. disposed in notch 22, thereby to detachab-ly mount theash'tray on the arm 12, since by disengaging the latch 24 from lnotch 22 the tray`18 may be slidably moved olf the arm'12, toward the right, as seen in Figs. 1 to 3.

When thecross arm 14 is secured to the 1 lower sideofthe table top 10, the tray 18 and 2" arm 12 may be pivotally moved in a horizontal planeabout the element 13 as a pivot, and the arm 12 and tray 18 may be held in a position at an angle with respect to the edge 25 of top10 by forcing the boss 16'under cross arm 14 so that the boss 16 will snap into one of the holes 17. To disengage boss 16 from Veither hole 17, a slight upward pressure on arm 12 will suffice, plus movement of arm 12 in a horizontal plane.

Extending across the tray 18 is a bridge 26 in which are perforations or holes 27 and this bridge 26 is detachably supported on the rim 28 of the tray by means of the ears 29 upon which a cigarette, cigar, or the like may be extinguished by inserting the lighted end into one of the holes 27 which will snuff out the cigarette by cutting off the air supply thereto. y

The invention provides a convenient article for smokers and is particularly adaptable for useY in connection with card or, other tables, reading tables, chairs, etc.

While have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my inventioninto effect, thisV is capable of variation and modification without de arting from the spirit of the invention. 'I tiere fore, do notwish to be limited to theprecise details of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modications as come Within the scope of the apmounted on said side wall adjacent 'one ofV said slots, an arm adapted to beinscrtedthrough, and with portions projecting from,

both of said slots, one of said portions hav` ing a notch formed therein in which said latch element is adapted to be'disposed whereby toy detachably mount. said tray on said arm, and means for securing the other of said arm portions to a supporting member. y

2. In smokers articles, an ash tray including an upstanding side wall andV a bottom member raised above the lower end of said wall, said wallhaving diametrically opposed and aligned slots vformed therein below said .bottom member, a latch element pivotally mounted on vsaid wallp'adjacent one of said slots, an arm adapted to be inserted through, 2.1-nd...including portions proj ecting from, each of said slots, one of said arm portions having anotch formed therein in` which said-.latch element is adapted to be engaged whereby todetachably mount said tray on saidarm,

.and means for securing said arm to-a supportingmember. v 3. In smokers articles, an ash trayincluding an upstanding side wallland a. bottom membeiiraised above the lower endV o't said Wall, said wall having diametrically opposed and aligned slots formed. therein .below said bottom member, a latch element pivotally mounted on Vsaid wall adjacent one of said slotspanearm adapted to be inserted through, and including portions projecting from, both of saidy slots,-one of saidarm portions having a notch formed therein in which said latch element is adapted to be engaged whereby to detachably mount said tray onsaid arm, and means for pivotally securing said arm to asupporting lmember for movement of said` armand -tray i-n la horizontal plane,.nsaid means including an apertured crossarin pivotally connected to said first named arni and adapted tohave'securing elements inserted therethrough into` said supporting member.

4. In smokers articles, an ash trayincluding an npstandingside wall and afbottom member raised above the lower end .of said wall, said wall having diametrically opposed and aligned slotsformed 'therein below said bottom'member, a latch element pivotally mounted on saidv wall adjacent one of said 'slots an armvadyap'ted to beV inserted through,

includingportions'projecting frmboth i' of said slots, one of said arm1 portions having a notch. formed thereinv in which .said latch elementis adapted to be'engaged .whereby to V1,830,543 fl .f3

detachably mount said tray on said arm, and means for pivotally securing said arm toa supportingmember for'movement of said arm and tray in a horizontal plane, said means including an apertured cross arm pivotally connected to said irst'named arm and member,

5. .In sinoliers articles, an ash tray in clud- Y ing' ran. upstanding` side'. wall rland a? bottom member raised above .the lower endof said walhsaidwall having diametrically opposed and alignedslots formed therein below said bottom. member, a latch element'fvpivotally mounted on said wall adjacent .one ofjsa'id slots, an arm adapted .to beinsertedthrpugh, and including .portions proj ectingfrom, each of said slots, oneof saidarm-portionsyhav ing a notch formed-therein in which said latch element is adapted tofbe engaged where-l by to detach ably Ymount said trayonsad arm, and means forpivotally securingisaid arm to asupporting member. forl movement'oi said arm Hand tray in Va horizontaly plane, .said means. including an apertured cross armpiv' otally connected to-'said first named arm and adapted to have .securing elements `inserted therethrough into .said supporting f member.

6.5 In smoliers,articlesl an ash tray. includ` ing an 'upstanding side wall. and agbottom member raisedabove vthe lower end` of Vsaid wall, said wall having d'iametricallyopposed and aligned-slots. 4formed therein below'saidV bottom member,. a'V latch element fpivotally mounted on'slaid wall adjacent onebfsaid slots, an arm adapted to befinserte'd through, and including portions ,proj ectingfrom,'. each of said slots, Vone ofsai'd` arm portions Vhaving a notch formedtherein in which` saidlatch element is adapted to be engagedwhereby to detachably mount said tray :on saidam1,:and means for pivotally securing said :arm t a supporting member for movementof said arm and tray in a'horizontal plane,. said.means including'v an apertured cross armfpivotal-ly connected to saidjirstnamed armand'ada-pt.v` ed to have securing elements inserted vtherethrough into said supporting member, aboss on .the upper, side of said first named arm',fand said `cross arm having kholes `formed 'therein into'y which said" boss mz'lfyfbe'snappedv to.=hold said' first named arm atlapredetermined angle withV respect J@Ojsa'id 'supporting member. i testimony whereof I aiix mysignaturej

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U.S. Classification248/289.11, D27/136, 131/235.1, 131/241
International ClassificationA24F19/00
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