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Publication numberUS1830598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1931
Filing dateOct 15, 1928
Priority dateOct 15, 1928
Also published asDE499666C
Publication numberUS 1830598 A, US 1830598A, US-A-1830598, US1830598 A, US1830598A
InventorsJohn T Fagan
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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Method and apparatus for coloring lamps
US 1830598 A
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' NOV- 3 1931 J. T. FAGAN 1,830,598

METHoI AND APPARATUS FOR coLoRING 4LAMPS Filed oct. 15 1928 H's Tran-NEX Patented Nov. 3, 1931 ulSu'r-lazu STATES"- Jomr r. raam, or

PATENT oFFlcE umgon Aim APPARATUS non. comme Lames Application mea october 1s, 192s. amai 1ro. 312,505.

invention relates to methods and apparatus for coloring hollow glass articles such as electric lam of. More partlcularly my invention relates to coloring b mediums to t e rosted inside surface of the bulb or other' article. According to my invention, the powdered material is drawn from a container by an air blast and directed against the frosted surface, the excess material being allowed t return to the original container, thus avoiding waste. Other features and advantages of my inventionwill appear from the following description of a species thereof and from the accompanying drawings.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of an apparatus constructed in accordance with my invention; Fig. 2 is an elevation ,of an electric incandescent' lamp partially broken away to show the coloring on the inside thereof such as was applied by the apparatus shown in Fig. 1.

Referring now to the drawings and more particularly to Fig. 1, the apparatus shown comprises a container for a quantity of coating material such as dry powdered pigment 11 which is applied to the article to be coated by means of' air pressure from an outside source directed to the inside of the container 10 through the pipef12. rlhe delivery end 13 of the pipe 12 extends into the rear enlarged end of a nozzle 14 attached to the bottom of the vcontainer 10. The delivery end 15 'of the nozzle extends into an opening 16 formed in the container 10, said opening communicating with the passage of curved conduit 18 whose opposite end terminates in the lower portion ofthe somewhat larger distributing tube 19. The article to be coated is the bulb 20. This is placed over the upper end of the distributing tube 19 and held in position by a spring pressed arm 21 so that its lower portion ts snugly against the hollow resilient washer 22. This washer rests in the upper portion of a bracket 23 through which the distributing tube 19 is supported, the bracket as shown being a continuation of the housing 24 which is bolted to the rib portion 25 of the container 10.

bulbs on the inside therea plying powdered coloring- CLEVELAND HEIGHT-S, OHIO, ABSIGNOB'TO GENERAL IEII'E(.,".lBIO COMPANY, A Ol' NEW YORK lThe coating material 11 is carried. into the I i or moreV vertical slots 26 formed in the said tube.y To uniformly distribute the coating material over the inside surface of the bulb,

`the tube 19 may be rotated through the belt 27 and pulley 28 attached to the lower end thereof. The compressed air after delivering the coating material to the inside of the bulb passes out through the bottom of the bulb into chamber 30 and comunicating passage 31 to the inside of the housing 24 carrying with it the excess coating material which is returned to the container 10. The coinpressed air from the housing. 24 travels through the' outlet passage 32 into the bag 33 which is composed of a fabric which allows the air to escape to the atmosphere but retain any coating material passing therein. The bag 33 is attached at its lower end 34 to the housing 24 and retained in position by Va bracket 35.

A completed lamp is shown in Fig. 2vpartially broken-away to show the coating on its frosted inner surface.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by l Letters Patent of the United States, is:

l. The method of coloring open-ended hollow glass articles which consists in placder to be returned to the supply in the container.

2. The method of coloring open-'ended hollow glass articles which consists in placing in a container a supply of coloring powder, supporting the article with its o en end sealed-over the endv of a conduit, irecting an air blast through said container so as to draw into said blast a supply of said powder and to deliver it thnoug said conduit into said article and causin the mixture of return air and excess pow er to be directed into a separating ba supported over said container so that t e alr may escape and the separated powder may drop into the powder sulply in the said container.

witness whereof, I have hereunto set lo my hand this 12th lday of October 1928.


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International ClassificationC03C17/00, H01K3/00, H01J9/20
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