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Publication numberUS1830853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1931
Filing dateMay 19, 1930
Priority dateMay 19, 1930
Publication numberUS 1830853 A, US 1830853A, US-A-1830853, US1830853 A, US1830853A
InventorsOsterhage Otto C
Original AssigneeCrane Co
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Aerator for baths
US 1830853 A
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Nov. 10, 1931. o. c. osTERl- IAGE 1,830,853

AERATOR FOR BATHS Filled May 19, 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Nov. 10, 1931. o. c. o'rERHAGE AERATOR Fon BATHs 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 maf@ Patented Nov. 10,11931 i UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE g OTTO C. Os'rnItIIiiofIi,l or CHICAGO, ILLINOIsfAssIGNon iro' CRANE Co... or CHICAGO,

' ILLINOIS, A CORPORATION or ILLINOIS AnRA'rOn ron. Barns Application mea Nay i9, 1930. vserial No'. 453,563."

This invention relates to a device for aerat- The aerator comprises a supply conduit or ing and agitating water in a bathing appatube 2-thr`eaded into one end of an elbow 3, ratus such as a hydrotherapeutic device and the'other end of which is connected to a suitmore particularly to a fixture for delivering a able source of water by means of a suitable mixture of air and water to a suitable receppipe or hose (not shown). The `conduit 2 55 tacle. n i extends intoa plug 4 preferably formed in- It is well known that water agitated by air tegrally with and in the center and bottom and kept in a state of movement thereby has of a 'T-,shaped body or casing 6, the latter certain beneficial and curative effects in the having aftop outlet 7' and two side outlets .8.

10 treatment of various maladies. To obtain thisY and 9. The top. portion of the plug '4 is agitation, fixtures have been utilized which boredand tapped asat to receive the lower direct a stream or pluralitylof streams of air end of the supply conduit. The sides of the into a receptacle containing water. VIt has plugare-tappedA at 'diametrically' opposite `been discovered, however, that a more thorpoints to Communicatewith the central bore is ough agitation and uniform distribution of 5- and to receive twonozzles 11 and 12 having 55 air and movement Of the watermay be obtheir orifices directed into the outlets 8 and 9, tained by projecting astream or pluralityy of respectii'rely.y Into the outlets 8 and 9 are streams of a mixture of air and water into threaded two short discharge tubes or nipa body of water in a receptacle. plesl 13 and `14of larger diameter than the 2e It is the purpose of this invention therefore nozzles 1*-1and 12. f

`to provide a means for procuring a' thorough vThreadedly connected toA the'upperoutlet and uniform agitation and aerating of the 7 is a tube or casing 15 larger in` diameter contents ofthe receptacle.` than conduit 2 and surrounding theV same. A better and more thorough understand Thetube V extends upwardly and abuts ing will be had of this invention,l which will against the endl of elbow 3' which is reducedV 75 be termed an aerator,v from the-"following de- 'in diameter to receive the same. Adjacent 1 scription given in connection with the draw- Vits upper end the tube v15 is provided with' a ings, in which: y series of apertures {16 vwhich vpermit the en-` Fig. 1 is an end elevation partly in section try of air thereinto. 7 The airinay passdownof a portion of a bath or tub equipped with wardly between the tube k15 and conduit 2 80 an aerator constructed in accordance with thisv and enter into the discharge tubes 13 through invention; n vthe annularvpassage surrounding the nozzles Fig. 2 is a front elevation of a portion of a 11and 12. l tub having an aerato-r constructed in accordvIn order to suspend'the-fixture within a ance with this invention supported therein; tub,V a hook 17 isv provided which has a porg5 Fig. 3 is a plan view of a conventional tion suitably shaped to overlie the rim of the bath having a modified form of aerator theretub.- The inner end of the hook 17 engages in; a band-likev clamp '13 which surrounds` the Fig. 4 is a vertical section through the loncasing 16 and may be clamped at any desired 40 gitudinal center of the tub and aerator shown point thereon by means of a bolt .19. The 19o in Fig. 3; fixture may accordingly be supported at Fig. 5 is a plan o-f a tub havingv a further varying depths4 into the tub 1. modified form of aerator; and Referring tothe embodiment of this in- Fig. 6 is a transverse section through the `vention shownin Figs. 3 and y4 there is illustub shown in Fig. 5. trated aslightly modified form of this ino5 Referring particularly to that form of the ventionasfapplied to a conventional bath 1a.

invention illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, there In this modification instead of using a pair of is shown a portion of a tub 1 which may be open-endedy tubes: 13 `and 14, the open ends v any suitable receptacle such as a conventional are .connected tof form one continuous tube bath or a basin into which is hung an aerator. 21 which surrounds the inner periphery of' 10o a series of apertures disposed throughout its entire length, the apertures being directed L inwardly toward the center of the tub.

It has been found that one hanger such as a hook 17 and clamp 18 is sucient to support the modified form of fitting a tub although it is obvious that additional hang-` ers may be employed if desired;

A further modified form or application of this invention rests in the use of a perforated plate, which may be placed on the Hoor or bottom inside the tub, under which the aerator in the jet form may be installed. The purpose of such an installation is to permit of the perforated plate acting as sort of distributor or deflector for the currents of aeration permitting of more even distribution throughout the entire expanse or area of the plate, depending upon the a1"- rangement of perforations and/or the type of jet employed. In Figs. 5 and 6 there is shown an example of this modification comprising a conventional tub or bath 1b provided with an aerator substantially like that heretofore described with the exception of the former of which the manner of delivery to the tub., In this form the tube 16 is continued to the bottom of the bath and caused to discharge through a Y discharge fitting 6b, generally similar to casing 6, under a perforated pan 23. Pan 23 extends over the bottom of the tub and is spaced therefrom by a flanged rim 24. 5.

The operation of all modifications is identical and believed to he apparentfrom the foregoing description and therefore need only be briefly summarized. VA. 'supply of water entering the elbow 3 from any suitable supply or source will pass through tube 2 and through the nozzles 11 and 12. As the water emerges from nozzles 11 and l2 and is al- `lowed to expand, a partial vacuum or suction 1s created which will draw air in through apertures 17. The air taken in will pass through the annular passage between tubes 2 and 16 and into the discharge tubes 13 and 14 or the tube 21 as the case may be; Tubes 13 and 14 or tube 21 will therefore discharge a mixture of air and water which will create a thorough agitation and uniform movement throughout the tub and also aerate the water in the tub. This movement and agitation is due both to the movement of the incoming water and to the entrapped airin the water,

through the water in the tub.

It is obvious that many changes may be made in the details departing from the spirit and scope of this invention as defined in the claims appended hereto. For example, a double jetted aerator may be used in order to accomplish better distribution, thus the conduit 2 in the aerator 1. In a plumbing fixture for aerating water, a fitting comprising a body having an inlet and a plurality of outlet portions, a supply'conduit extending into said inlet portion and terminating in a plurality of nozzles directed toward said outlets, a tube of greater diameter than said'conduit and surrounding a substantial length of the same, said tube being opento the atmosphere at one end and connected to said inlet at its other end said tube being arranged to establish communication Vbetween the outlets of said fitting and theatmosphere.

2. In a `,plumbing fixture for aerating water, a fitting comprising a body having an inlet, an outlet and a plug disposed between said inlet and outlet, said plug having a passage therethrough communicating with the inlet and outlet of said fitting, a supply conduit extending into saidinlet and into the inlet end of the passage in'said plug, a nozzle secured to the outlet end of the passage through said plug and directed toward the -outlet of said fitting, said nozzle being of smaller diameter than said outlet opening, anda tube of greater diameter than said conduit and surroundinga substantial length of the same, said tube being open to the atmosphere adjacent-one end and secured to said inlet at its other end andarranged to permit air to pass into said inlet and be discharged around said nozzle into said outlet.

In witness of the foregoing I ax my signature. Y


will bubble upwardly of construction without may belextended to permit ofthe use of sev-

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