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Publication numberUS183163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1876
Filing dateSep 12, 1874
Publication numberUS 183163 A, US 183163A, US-A-183163, US183163 A, US183163A
InventorsJohn Hegarty
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Improvement in parlor-fountains
US 183163 A
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PARLDR FOUNTAINS. No.183,163. Patented Oct. 10,1876.




Specification forming partof Letters Patent No. 183,163, dated October 10, 1876; application filed September 12, 1874.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN HEGARTY, of New York city, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Parlor-Fountain, of which the following is a specification This invention relates to portable or parlor fountains. The fountain in which my invention is comprised is characterized, principal- 1y, by the combination, with a basin, a communicating reservoir-cylinder, and a jet supply-pipe leading from the lower end of the cylinder, of a weighted piston, whose descent forces the water from the cylinder out through the jet supply-pipe. The piston is provided with a water-passage and a valve, which closes said passage when the piston descends, and opens when the piston is raised, to allow the water or other liquid to return through the passage into that part of the cylinder below the piston. I have also devised an improved packing for the piston, and a new construction of valve. These and other features of my invention will be understood by reference to the accompanying drawing.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a vertical section ofthe fountain. Fig. 2 is a view of the piston, showing the valve at the bottom, and a crosssection of the rubber packing, the view being a section of the pist0n 'on the line w m.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A is the basin, which is made of glass, and open at itsbottom to admit the cylinder. B is the reservoir-cylinder. C is the stand in which the cylinder is placed, as seen in the drawing.. D is a pipe outside of the cylinder B, which communicates with the bottom of the cylinder, as seen at E. This pipe extends up to the top of the cylinder, and is provided with an elbow, F, to which the discharge-pipe Gr is attached. H is the discharge-tip, which is removable, and is provided with a wiregauze strainer. The pipe G pas-ses through an ornamental cup, I. J is the piston, made of lead or some other heavy metal, having through its center the opening K. L is a valve on the bottom of the piston, which covers the opening. This valve is made of rubber, and is strengthened in its center, as seen,

and operates by its elasticity when the pis- /ton is raised. L is the rubber packing on the piston. M M are chains attached to the piston and to the bases N N of the curved rods O 0 and ornamental knobs P P. The chains are sufficiently long to allow the piston to descend to the bottom of the cylinder, and thus force out all the water through the pipes D and jet or tip H. When the water in the cylinder is exhausted or all forced up, the piston is raised by taking hold of the knobs P P. The rubber packing and the ring O prevent the wear ot' the piston against the cylinder. The pipe G is made of lead or similar ductile metal, to allow the tip H to be adjusted perpendicular, so that it will throw a vertical stream. Q represents the strainer in the bottom of the tip H. R are flower-cups, and S are ornaments suspended from the edge ofthe basin. T is a tube placed through the standard C, and communicating with the bottom of the cylinder, for discharging the water from the cylinder.

The above comprises a general description ofthe fountain.

AS regards the rubber packing-ring L', it will be seen that it overlaps the top of the piston, and is formed with a groove or recession, to engage a peripheral ridge or projection, d, on the piston. The ring is normally wider or of a greater diameter at the bottom than at the top, Where its diameter is so reduced that it must be considerably stretched to t the piston, which it thus so closely clasps as to form therewith an air and water tight joint. The ring is also thinned at its lower end, as shown, which enables it to adapt itself to any inequalities in the cylinder, and to thus reduce friction to the minimum. The engagement of the ring with the ridge a prevents the packing from moving either up or down on the pistou. The rubber valve L is made thick where it covers the orilice or water-passage K, and is thinned olf at the ends. Owing to this construction it cannot be forced into the passage K when the piston descends. On the other hand, when the piston is raised, the valve, owing to its thin elastic or extensible ends, readily opens to permit the liquid to pass freely and rapidly through the piston.

It will be understood that any suitable mechanism can be employed to raise the piston. ,That shown in the drawing is very convenient, and well adapted for the purpose. The bases or Stoppers N ft in sockets formed in and thron gh a cover or shield-plate, b, which prevents sediments or refuse matter from entering the cylinder, while it does not int-erfere with the free passage of water from the basin into the cylinder, as indicated by the arrows.

The removable discharge or jet tip H is made with a tapering lower portion, to enable it to bejammed or wedged firmly and tightly into the end of the supply-pipe; and the wiregauze strainer or perforated diaphragm, which is located at its lower end, is in such position that should it ever become clogged 1t can readily be cleared by removing the tip, and cleaning the diaphragm with brush and water.

Having described my invention, and the mannerin which the same is or may be carried into effect, I shall state my claim as follows:

1. The combination, substantially as set forth, with the basin and reservoir-cylinder, of the jet supply-pipe, communicating with the lower end ot' the cylinder, and weighted piston movable in the cylinder, and provided with a water-passage and valve closed during the descent of the piston, and open when the piston is raised.

2. The piston provided with a peripheral ridge or projection at or near its upper end, in combination with the rubber. packing, formed with a groove to engage said ridge, and oth erwise constructed substantially as set forth.

3. In combination with the piston and water-passage therethrough, the rubber valve applied to the bottom of the piston, formed with a thickened or re-enforced center, and with thin elastic or extensible ends, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

4. The removable jet-tip, adapted to fit the end ofthe jet supply-pipe, and closed at its lower end by a wire-gauze or perforated diaphragm, as and for the purposes set forth.

5. The combination of the piston, the ornamental tulips or knobs, their supporting stoppers or bases and sockets, and the connecting cords or chains, substantially as set forth.

6. A portable fountain, consisting of a reservoir, basin, jet-tube, and weighted piston, provided with an opening and valve thereto, and mechanism for raising the piston Within said reservoir, the reservoir having one or more passages leading from the basin, substantially as set forth.'




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