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Publication numberUS1832068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1931
Filing dateJan 12, 1929
Priority dateJan 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1832068 A, US 1832068A, US-A-1832068, US1832068 A, US1832068A
InventorsWatkins Henry E
Original AssigneeDarling Specialty Co
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Steel wool pad and holder
US 1832068 A
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Nov. 17, 1931. H. E. wATKlNs STEEL wooL PAD AND HOLDER Filed Jan. 1 2, 1929 i". attaching plate, and

Patented Nov. 17, 1931 y y,

naar@ HENRY E. wArKINs, or Bnonx, NEW Yonai, nssrcuon, BY DIRECT AND iuEsnE AssrGNMENTrs, To THE nAaLrNe SPECIALTY co., A sonreir-Arron F DELAWARE V STEEL woor. PAD ANEHOLDER Application filed January 12, 1929. Serial IIa-332,033.

This invention relates to a combined steel wool pad and holder as employed for abrasive operations while cleaning or polishing surfaces.

'Ihe primary object of my invention is to provide an abrasive pad, such as a steel wool pad associated with means for holding and retaining the same includinga handle .for manipulating the pad during the cleaning i or polishing operation.

Specifically my invention relates to a combined steel wool pad and retaining plate constructed and arranged for detachable connection to a handle whereby said pad may be easily replaced and substituted when 4desired.

To enable others skilled in the art to more fully comprehend the underlying'features of my invention, reference isV had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of the specification in which p Fig. l is a side View illustrating my 1nl vention.

Fig. 2 is a view taken on the line 2 2 of 'j FIG l.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged view partly in section showing the arrangement of the steel wool clamping plate and detachable handle. p

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a handle Fig. 5 1s a top plan showing the mineral wool clamping plate orholder.

Referring now tothe drawings, 5 desig-` nates an abrasive pad preferably of steel wool and commonly employed for cleaning and polishing surfaces. Before the steel wool constituting the pad is lplaced under compression, I position on the pad a substantially thin, flat plate 6 preferably of tin or other light metal capable of being' machine punched or stamped. In the formv of the invention shown, a circular plate is employed but it will be understood that any other design of clamping plate may be employed for my purpose. Furthermore, the plate may be of nonmetallic material such as paper or cellulose compositions capable ofbeing firmly oined with the strands of the steel wool of the pad.

The plate 6 is cut or stamped'toprovide a central hole' or opening 7 and a series of concentric, substantially triangular shaped clamping prongs or tongues 8. The number of tongues stamped out of the plate may be varied as manufacturing necessities and assembling equipment require. rlhe plat-eis also provided with a series of concentric, bayonet locking slots 9 for a purpose presently tol appear. In the manufacture ofthe plate 6, after the triangular shaped prongs or f tongues areV cut, they are bent at right angles to the body of the plate as shown by the dotted linesiin Fig. 3. In assembling the plate with the steel wool pad, they are placed in a com` pression machine'so that when pressure is applied to the said plate and the steel wool, the triangular shaped prongs or tongues will become bent upwardly or distorted in such a way as-to grip and clamp the strands of the steel wool between the said prongs or tongues and the plate and compressing some of the strands of steel wool into the openings in the body of thelate as shown in Figure 3 of the drawings. onsequently, the pad and plate constitutes the unitary article of manufacture as sold tothe public. y

Inorder to utilize the steel wool pad and plate as assembled, I provide a handle clamping plate 10 having a series of concentric downwardly struck locking tongues 10a constructed and arranged for cooperation with u the bayonet slots 9 of the plate 6. The handle clamping plate may be of the same'or differandis adapted to enter the hole` or opening 7 for the proper rotation'of one plate relative to the other for the proper cooperation of the locking tongues with the slots. The body of the handle clamping plate is stamped to provide a pair ofv vertical, parallel upwardly struck ears 11a, 12, the faces of which are`serrated or notchedas at 13 for cooperation with the lower. end of'a handle 14, said handle having a transverse opening adapted to register with the 'openings 15 in said ears. A trans verse locking-'bolt 16 having a threaded end 17 and a wing nut 18 permits of the assembly j gli',

of the handle properc19 and its vertical adjustment toV any deisred angle convenient. rIhe handle clamping plate and its handle may of course be modified so that they may be y assembled for detachable connection or under certain conditions, integral With each other whereby it may be employed and used with f the replaceable Vpads `as Yabove Y. described. WhileI have referred toandshovv'n a specic means forlockngthe han'dleclamping plate to the plate of the'steel Woolpa'd, it Will be also understood and appreciated by those t skilled in the art, that other means may be A n resorted to for accomplishing the same pur- A pose. Y

While I have shown and described my nvention with some degree of, particularity, it Will be realizedV that other modifications and f changes may be resorted to under special conf; ditions. I therefore do notwish t'o be limitedand restricted to the exact details shown and'described but reserve the right tol'make Y such changesl and modifications as may fairi -y no WV being claimed. v

y Having shown and described my invention, y What I claim as new and desire to secure by fall Within the scope of the subject matter Letters Patent is: a

An abrasive device comprisingva pad of metallic Wool, a plate Vprovided withk a .cen-

tral opening and a plurality of openings ad jacent the outer edge thereof, means securing the pad to the said plate, an upper plate provided with a handle, a central depressed portion and a plurality of depressed tongues, the

said central depressed portion engaging the vcentral opening of the first mentioned plate and the ldepressed tongues extending through the openings adjacent the outer edge of the rst mentioned' plate and engaging the undersideof the first .mentioned plate to secure the saidplates and the handle member operative-v ly together, the said upper plate bei-ng rotat able about the central depressed portion as an aXis 'to move the said plateintoandout of i locking engagement vvithzthe lowerrpla'te'.V

" Intestimony whereof I ax my signature.


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U.S. Classification15/229.13
International ClassificationA47L13/02, A47L13/022
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/022
European ClassificationA47L13/022