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Publication numberUS1832318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1931
Filing dateApr 11, 1931
Priority dateApr 11, 1931
Publication numberUS 1832318 A, US 1832318A, US-A-1832318, US1832318 A, US1832318A
InventorsMyers Harold L
Original AssigneeEberhard Faber Pencil Co
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Display tag
US 1832318 A
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ATORNEYS H. L. MYERS DISPLAY TAG Filed April l1, 1931 mwmwwwww .2. H N. ..,L...\-.\J

Nav, 17, 1931.

, 50 bodying my invention;

Patented Nov. 1K7, 1931 'UNITED 'STATES HAROLD L. MYERS, or ,Monnisrowim :NEW Jnnsninssrcnoamo AEisenmannFABER PENCIL oo., or BBQQKLYN, new Yoan, A coRPoaATIoN or NEW 'YORK y DISPLAY 'res Application led April 11,

rlhis invention relates :in ,general Ato display l tags to be Aremovably attached to articles for V*display purposes, for ,exampletoy a lead .pen

cil-or the like. v

One object of theinvention is 'to provide a device of this character formed ofa single piece of suitable material, for example cardboard or the like, and embodying novel and improved vfeatures of construction whereby',

the Vde-vicecan be blanked out of sheet material and folded to form a body portion and a bracket arm for connecting the body portion to an article, so that the bracket shall be positively rigidly held in proper position to engage the article and shall positivelyV hold the tag against unfolding or collapse.

Other objects are to provide a formed of a single piece of material and com- Y prising a body portion including two intef grally connected superposed sections one of which has a liap at a point oppositethe connection of the two sections, the other section having a slot through which the free end of the flap is inserted between the ltwo sections, i v A posed relation, asshown-,-n Figure :2 `of the drawing... vvThe Yflap-4 is Y.then bent ,along `-the dines., 9 andi@ ..toward xthe body portionof .the ,tagiacross the .edge ofithe -`o posite b ody section 1 into a position general y illustrated Visby the heavyfdot and dash. lines in Figure 2 and said flap having two spaced and alined openings to receive an article to which the tag is to be applied; to vprovide a tag of this character in'which the:-

ap comprises three sections one of which ris am inserted through the opening in the body portion so that the other two sections are disposed at an angle to each other an project rearwardly from the body portion, the lastf; mentioned sections having spaced and alined g 5 openings to receive an article for attaching the tag to the article, so that the flap when folded forms a rigid bracket arm which is positively held against collapse by the sec- 0 tion thereof inserted through the openingin the body portion and arrangedbetween fthe body sect-ions; and to obtain other advantages same reference characters,

Figure 1 is a rear elevation of av tag emkure 1, fand display tag Referring to the accompanying drawings,

in which corresponding and like parts are des. ignated throughout the several views by thej Figure 121is -a .transverse Yvertical .sectional viewtherethroughnn ythe line 2-r2 olfiFig- Y lli'gure is :a plan view off .the blank lfrom which thevtagis formed.

t. Specifically describing the illustrated ernbodimentfof the invention, rthe .tag includes a body portion of sheet material, such as-card.- beard-,comprisingitwosubstantiallyidentical sections 1 and 2 which are integrally connectlegit-at 3so as tobe ,folded ,into superposed relation, @ne of vkthe sections is l provided at .a

point-,opposite the connection 3 .with :an A.integral lagp Ll,con-iprising,three sections'f,` 6 `and i i In ,ffoldivngthe-hlank,,theitwo .body-:sections l and2-are .folded 1alongifhe line y3 :into superiof4 theldrawfings. The end section `7 ofthe ,iap'is then insentedthroughthe slot l11 ,in

the directionof fthe., other endiof itheiiap and betweenithebody E,sections f1 fand 2,-as clearly shown ein .solidlines inligure .The tag is ',Ethusfcompleted, andl itwill be @observed that `,the body sections are ipesitively ,held z against unfolding .or -.-relative `movement by `the dla-p,

,and the flap Y,is y,positively :and rigidly ,-held with the sections 5and 6 at an angle toeacfhA :other and projecting rearwardly 4.from the fbody portionsbytheendsection 17 Ylc'etvveernthe afm.:

; The :sections lgand 16 of ,ilapsarefpro- -Ividedrwitli fthe respective openings 12 and -13 nwhichrv are #disposed @ali-nement withaeach i `.are of iaisiLzegto frictinnall'y `receive thea-ntibodyfsectionsLandZ, soi-as to 'forni a bracket y cle to which the tag is to be applied, for eX- ample a pencil 14 shown by dot and dash lines on Figures 1 and 2 of -the drawings. In attaching the .tagr to the pencil, the pencil is slipped through the openings 12 and 13 and the frictional engagement of the edges of the opening upon the pencil hold the tag in the desired position. -f

Gbviously the shape of the body sections l and 2 inay be Vwidely varied according to the purpose for whichV the tag is to be used, and the shape and size ofthe openings 12 and 13 in the bracket arm may also be varied. Also, the tag can be formed of several' separate pieces instead of in one piece as described. y

Therefore, ity will be understood that-while I have shown the tagas embodying certain details of construction, and as applied to a 'certain use, the invention may be embodied in other details of construction" and the tag used in connection with other articles, withoutdepa'rting from the spirit or scope of the invention.

Having thus described the invention, what Iclaiinis: 1 V

1. Adisplay tag VcomprisingV a body portion including two superposed sections one of Y projecting integrally from the edge of one main section opposite the juncture of said sections, the other main section having an opening to receive the free end of said flap and said flap-having openings spaced longitudinally thereof to receive an article to which the tag is to beapplied.

6. A display tag comprising a body including two portions in spaced and opposed relation, and a Vflap extending rearwardly from the body and comprising three sections one of which at the free end of the flap is inserted into said space between said portions wliile the other two sections of the flap project rearwardly from said body at angles to each other and have alined'openings to receive an article for mounting the tag thereon. HAROLD L. MYERS.

which has an opening while the other has a i flap extending rearwardly .from the body portion with the Afree end inserted through said opening and between Asaid body sections, Y said flap having means for engaging an article to which the tag1 is to be applied.

2. A display tag comprising aV body por- -tion including "two superposed sectionsone of which has an opening while the other hasa Hap composed of three sections one of which at the free end ofthe flap is inserted through Vsaid opening. andfbetween said body sections while the other two sections of the apfproject rearwardly from the body portion at ani angle to each other and have alined openings l for mounting the tag A 'Y to receive an article thereon.

3.y A display tag 'comprising a body por# l-ios tion including two superposed sections oneof which has an opening while the other has j a flap at its free edge extending across the corresponding edge of the other sectioniw'ith f applied;

the free end of the flap inserted through said Vopening and between said body sectionssofl that the lap'projects rearwardly froinsaid i gaging an article 4, display tag `comprisin a bodyportion including two superposed sections one of which has an opening while the otherhas a flap at its free edge extending across the corresponding edge of the other section, said flapy comprising three sections the Lone ofwhich'A Y atthe free end of the flap is inserted through i' said opening in the direction ofthe other end and between said body sections while thev Vother two sections'of the flap projectk rear-

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