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Publication numberUS1833298 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1931
Filing dateJan 10, 1930
Priority dateJan 10, 1930
Publication numberUS 1833298 A, US 1833298A, US-A-1833298, US1833298 A, US1833298A
InventorsClifford G Oakey
Original AssigneeClifford G Oakey
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Sheet holder for beds
US 1833298 A
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. 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed Jan. l0, 1930 n m i 1 u n u l 1 m n @L n 0 7/ m Inventor //ffaf/ @Q4/y Nov. 24, 1931. c. G. oAKEY SHEET HOLDER FOR BEDS Filed Jan. l0. 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Y 20 view of the preferred form of the invention. in Flgs 3 and 4- Patentecl Nov. 24, 1931 l y v y. i y

UNITED STATES ,PAfr',l-:irr "ov/Fries Application filed January 10, 1936.` Serial No. 419,923.v g

This invention appertains to new and use-V through the buttonholes 7 in the manner ful improvements in holding devices for bed .1 substantially .shown in Fig. 2.

clothing, and more particularly to a novel rlhe strip 8 is also provided at spaced inter sheet retaining means. vals with grommetslll through which tie. 5 The principal object of this invention is elements 12 are passed for connecting the 55 to provide means for retaining sheets secoiled spring 13 to the stripin 4theinanner l o cured over the mattress in the proper manner.' Clearly shown in Figs. 1 "and 2. The oppo- Another important object of the invensite end ofeach spring 13'has a snap hQOkM: o tion is to provid-e means for securing short connected thereto, (see Fig. 2).

l0 sheets properly over a mattress so that when In Figure 3 the Sheets 55Y have their 60 i the sheet is employed as a covering, the same `fO'Ot edges fOlded haCkWaIdly as at 6V and Y will not pull loose at the foot of the bed. .stitched toggellelv 21S at 7'- 4 The )Olned edge These and numerous other important ob- .portions of the sheet are'provided with lbutjects and advantages of the invention will Co1ihO1eSl8. V.The inventionfurther consists 15 beomg more apparent t0 the reader Lifter 111th@ PI'OVlSlOIl Of 3.11 GlOIlgtlGd SIlp 0f Pila- *65 considering the invention has described and` '6911251 9 WhlCh` a hem 10 all One @hd claimed hereinafter.' thereof, and to this end is secured a plurality In the drmvingy-l ofbuttons 11 forengagement through the Figure 1 represents a fragmentary plan button holes `8 inthe m'annerclearly shown 70 Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the preferred The' SIP 9" S 4P.`I0Vldel at its. OPPOSlte form of the invention taken substantially'on lengtlldlnel edge Wlth Vgrommets 12 and by the line 2 2 of Fig 1 disposing tie strings 13 through these grom;

Fig 3 is a fragmentary plan View Showing ymets andV tying Vthe same to the springs 14 25 a modication of the present invention 4 of the bed structure generally referred to Fig 4 represgnts an edge elevation' of the numeral 15, after the buttons 11 are dismodicaton of that Shown in Fig. 3 posed between the buttonvholes 8 the sheets Y Fig. 5 is a fragmentary side elevation of a 0 mattress with the form of the invention shown in Fig. 3, and lemployed in conjunction with a sheet superimposed thereon.

placement, at the foot end. l Y

Figure 6' represents a second modification 80 of the invention and numerals 5a-5a represent the two sheets. -These sheets are clasped Fg- 6 represente fragmentery Plen VleW togetheras at 6a. v Connectors generally reof asccond E101-:11502551011 0f )elle mlentlonferred to by numeral 8a are providedffor-l F1g 7 1S all enlarged Seetlolal VlfeW 0f the connecting this end portion 6a of the sheets 85 form of the invention shown in Fig. 5ta-5a, to a strip V9dr, of the present invention.

Referring to the drawings, whereln llke This strip 9a has an elastic band 10a`eXtendvnumerals designate like parts, it will be seen ing therefrom and at equal spaced intervals that the preferred form of the invention inand this strap 10a, is disposed through loops 4o chicles a strip 5 secured to the foot edge of 11a-12a to permit the same to be varied in each of a pair of sheets tl-6 and these strips length to meet existing conditions. The 5 are provided with registering buttonholes loop 12o has a tap 13a projecting therefrom H This fOIm 0f the IlVeIltOIl further. Iland a separable fastener 14a is carried therechicles a double ply strip 8 between the plies for for engagement with the hem 6a in the i5 of which a longitudinally extending reinmanner shown in Fig. 6. 95

5-5 will be securely retained against dis# 1 forcing or stiifening element 9 is interposed, The strip 9a is of-multiple ply material f with buttonholes through said double ply and is provided with asuitable number of strip to which sheets or other covering may grommets 15a. The end. bar 16 of the spring be attached by linked buttons at predeterframe of the bed structure has a plurality 50 mined spaced intervals and for disposition of bodies 17 attached thereto and equipped 100 with the pivotally mounted and ovate shapedl knob 18.

As is shown in Fig. 6, the grommets 15a are provided with oyente-shaped openings 19 ,v 5 and by disposing the knob 18 in a, position y with their lon gitudinzil axis at right angles to vthe lontgfitudinal axis oftherorrespond-ing K slots;1-9tlie strips QafWillfbellseeurely fastened to the frame piece 16, er to the mattress. d

Y10 It -Will thus be seen that by the use of any one of these forms 0o'f'thefinyentionfthe sheets of a bed may be securely retained against displacement. Obviously, Various changes in the shi-tpmA size,-.,and materials may 15 be resorted'to in the construction of this -inovel retaining tdey-ice `Without departing from the spi-ritisindy scopeofthe` :invention 'asolaimedfliereinafter. Y

Havingfthusf described :my-inventiomfyvhat fA--sheet fhol'der for 1beds comprising 4en `elongated strip of :flexible material, designed to be foldedv on' it-self `and stitehed,f lthereby forming Aan elongatedpocket,'r `vbuttonsspaced 25 longitudinally on'fthe `opposite"iii-aces 'fthe strip end-adjacent one' edge fthereof; grommets `spaced@longitudintlly onthe lremainin'gedge, n reinforeing=memberextending through thevvpoeket 1 and' positioned' intermedi-r '30 ete v:seid buttons andi' grommet meinbersg-isaid `buttons -adaptedfto engagesu-itable button l holes in a ypair of sheets, and said grommets adapted to engage suitable fastening"meansr 'f'forattaehingthestrip to a bed orhmz'itt'ress.V


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