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Publication numberUS1833402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1931
Filing dateMar 27, 1931
Priority dateMar 27, 1931
Publication numberUS 1833402 A, US 1833402A, US-A-1833402, US1833402 A, US1833402A
InventorsMundis Edgar R
Original AssigneeMundis Edgar R
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Lubricating device
US 1833402 A
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Nov. 24, 1931. E. R. MuNDls LUBRICATING DEVICE 2 Sheets-Sheet. 1

Filed March 27, 1951 Jqllomeg Nov.v 24, 193.1. E. R. MUNDls 1,833,402

LUBRICATING DEVICE Filed March 2'?. 1951 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 lnvenlor l ltomey Patented Nov. 24, 1931 UNiTEDsTATEsL EDGAR R. MUNDIS, OF BLAIRSVILLE, INDIANA LUBRICATING DEVICE palmi-iai; mea March a7, 1931. serial No. 525,795.;

VThis invention relates to ia lubricating device, and has for its primary object to provide in a manner,'as hereinafter set forth, an apparatus embodying' a novel construction andarrangement of parts whereby same is particularly adapted for use in Vdepositing the correct quantity oflubricating oil in the vertically disposed'bearings or sockets of a twisting machine which-receives the spin-V dles.

Other objects of the invention, are to provide a lubricating Vdevice' of thecharacter described which will be simple in construction, strong, durable, eflicient and reliable in use, compact, light in weight, and which may bemanufactured at Vlow cost.

` All ofthe foregoing and still further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from a study of the following specification, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like characters of reference designate co-rresponding parts throughout the several views, and wherein i Figure 1 is a view inside elevation of a lubricating device in accordance with this invention showing same in position'on an op, erator. j

Y F ig. 2 is a view in perspective of the device. Fig. 3 is a detail view in section through the valve controlled nozzle.

Fig. 4L is a view inside elevation of the nozzle showing same inserted in the spindlebearing', said bearing being shown in vertical section. s

Referring to the drawings in detail, it will be seen that the reference numeral 1 designates an elongated' tank for the reception of thelubricating oils, said tank being supported on the upper portionA of the back of an operator by a harness which is designated generally by the reference numeral 2 and which comprises shoulder straps 3 eachhaving one end connected, as at 4, to the forward vertical wallV of. the' container 1, and its other end, connected as at 5, to the forward portion of the body encircling strap 6. One end of the tank or container 1 is provided with a Vfilling opening which is closed by a 5 removable cap 7. "l Y a manner to yieldinglyurgesaid valve toi A suitable vent 8 is mounted in the upper or `top wall of the tank or container 1. Sel cured `to the lower wall of the tank" or container 1 is an'elbow 9 to which a flex;V y ible hose 1() is connected at one end. The 5 other end of the hose 1() is connected with one end of a tubular handle 11 having a right angularly disposed free end portion upon which an elongated nozzle 12 is 'removably i threaded'. f 6d i' The nozzle 12 is provided with an enlarge! ment 13 on its inner end which is internally threaded tol receive the langularlyV disposed end portionof the handle 11, as illustrated to advantage in Fig; 3 of the drawings. A 65 suitable gasket 111 may be provided in the enlargement "13 to prevent leakage at this point.

' Nozzlei12 is provided with a section 15 which is of uniform diameter andV which i merges witha tapered section 16 having a 'fd comparatively thick free end portion 17.A Oppositely Vext-ending ports 1 8 are provided in' the innerV end-ofthe faucet 17 ofthe nozzle and communicates with the bore" of said nozzle to receive oil therefrom, lthe outer "15 i end of the bore of the nozzle being formedto provide a valveseat upon which is lenA` gageable a valve 19 having'a stem 2O extending forwardly or outwardly therefrom,said stem 20 being sli'dable in a passage provided 8'0 therefor in the portionl? of the nozzle,` andY projectingbeyond the free end ortipof the A sleeve 21 is threaded in the. innerend portion of thenozzle andprovides a shoulder with which one end of aV coiled vspring '22 is engaged. rl`he coiled spring disposed in the bore of the nozzle 12^and has its other end engaged withthe" valve4 1 9lin ward its seat. In Fig. 4, of .the drawings', the reference nunieral 23Ldesig`nates af ver` tical bearing of conventional construction which rotatably supports the spindles of a twisting machine; f i f 95 In use, the nozzle 12 is inserted in the vertical bearing 23 of the twisting machine and the projecting end of the stem .2O is engaged with the bottom of the bearing. -Obviously, slight downward pressure on the 100 nozzle will, through vthe medium of the stem 20, unseat the valve 19 against the tension of the coiled spring 22, thus permitting oil I to flow through the nozzle 12 and be *discharged into the bearing through the ports 18. It will be noted that the upper portion 15 of the nozzle 12 is of a diameter to fit snugly-inthe upper portion of the bearing 23 and the ifree end portion of the nozzle 12 is of'a size and shape to lit in the reduced lower portion of the bearing'23. `Thus, the` 'flowing of the lubricant through the ports.

When the space in the bearings 23 which is unoccupiedby the nozzle 12 has been substantiallyilledV with the lubricant, the correct quantity oitfthe lubricant will have been depositedtherein. The upper portionV 15 of the nozzle lits the bearing 23 sufficiently close t0 prevent .the rapid overflowing of the bearf ing .due to the depositing therein of an reX- cess quantityof the lubricant, but said portion 15 of the nozzle does not fit so` close in the bearing as to prevent the `escape of air therefrom` topermitthe entrance of the oil thereinto vfrom the nozzle.` In other. words, whenthe lubricant enters the space which is unoccupied bythe nozzle 12 in the lbearing l23, the .air therein escapes upwardly between the nozzles and the bearings, but the loW of the lubricant into the bearing from thenozl zle Will be materially retarded when the level of said :lubricant in the bearing substantially reaches jthe portion 15.0f-.the nozzle which is .of substantially uniform diameter and of a size conforming substantially to the inner diameter of the bearing 28. l

It will benoted that the'tank or container Y1 is Isupported vby the harness 2 on the shoulder blades'of the operator and is thus disposed above .the horizontalplane of the bearf v ings 23` when said bearings are mountedyon the twister.

For this reason, the lubricant willalways flow by gravity from the tank or container 1 to the' nozzle 12, when said nozzle 12 is inra bearing 23. n' l y .It is believed that the many advantages of a lubricating device constructed in accordance with this invention will be readilyv understood, and although the preferred embodimentof the invention isas illustrated and described, .it is to `be understood that changes in theV details of construction, may be had which will fall within thescope of the invention as claimed.

`Having/thus described my invention, what I Iclaim as 'new is 1. A lubricating. device comprisinga noz-v zle for insertion in a bearing, said nozzle including a portion of substantially uniform diameter slidably engageable with the outer port-ion of the bearing, said nozzle further including a reduced portion spaced from an inner portion of the bearing, said reduced portion having discharge ports in an intermediate portion thereof, andA means for sup plying al lubricant to the nozzle.

2. A lubricating device comprising a noz- -szle for insertion in a bearing, said nozzle in-` cluding a portion of substantially uniform diameterslidably engageable with the outer portion ofthe bearing, said nozzle further including afre'dueedportion spaced from an inner portion of the bearing, said reduced portion having discharge ports in an intermediate portionthereof, means forsupplying a lubricant to the nozzle, a valveseat intlie nozzle,y a reciprocating'v'valve operable in the nozzle and engageable on the "seati for controlling 'the passage of the/lubricant 'to the ports', a coiled spring mounted'in the nozzle and engaged withv the valve in a manner to Vyieldingly urge said lvalve toward the seat,

and a stem connected to the .valve and projectingV from the nozzle. for engagement with the bearings in ainanner to move the 'valve away from theseat againstv the tension of the jcoil spring. i

cluding-` a portionv off-substantially uniform diameterslidably engageable wit'li'an outery :95 3. A lubricating Adevice comprising a no z- Zle for insertion'in'a bearing, said nozzle i11-V 4loo portion thereof,iand meansfor supplying'ra lubricant to the nozzle'. Y Y 4;. Alubricatingdevicecomprising anelongated nozzle for insertion in albearing, a tu'f bular handle connected 'witlil onel'end Aof the nozzle, a flexible conduit connecting thetubular handle with ai source' of'lub'ricant supply', said nozzle including anV innerpo-rtion of substantiallyuniforni' diameter slidably engageable with an 'outer portionof the'fbea'ring, the nozzle fijirther'includinga tapered free end portion having discharge'por'ts invan intermediate portion thereof, and a spring vseated valve operatively montedinthe'noz zle forV contr'ollingf'the-ilo'w of' the lubricant Ato the discharge ports@ K y 5. lA lubricating devicecomprising atubular handle, a flexible conduit connected tol one end of the handle and' 'extending 'therefrom .to a source of lubricantsupply, the other'end portion. of the handle beingl angu'larlyl die .posed and externally threaded, "anelongated nozzle threadedly connected, at one end,` to the angularly disposed end portion of the handle, said nozzle being Vfor insertion Vin a'V bearing and' including an Ainner portionYo-f substantially uniform diameter, slidably engageable f with thevbearing and a tapered outer portion,

said tapered outer portion having discharge ports in an intermediate portion thereof, a valve seat in the nozzle adjacent the discharge ports, a valve mounted for reciprocation in the nozzle and engageable with the seat for controlling the flow of the lubricant to the discharge ports, a coiled spring mounted in the nozzle and operatively engaged With the n

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