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Publication numberUS1833555 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1931
Filing dateJul 9, 1930
Priority dateJul 9, 1930
Publication numberUS 1833555 A, US 1833555A, US-A-1833555, US1833555 A, US1833555A
InventorsBell John P, Gunther John H
Original AssigneeBell John P, Gunther John H
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Combined tooth cleaning and gum massaging device
US 1833555 A
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Nov- 24, 1931- J. P. BELL ET AL 7 1,333,555


Our invention is a novel combined tooth cleaning and gum massaging device, and the principal object thereof is to provide a simple, eflicient, and practical device which will 5 not only clean the surfaces of the teeth but will also massage the gums and clean the in- ,terdental spaces between the teeth, the device being so designed that all parts of the teeth and gums not accessible to the ordinary toothbrush may be readily engaged by the device and cleaned,

It is well known that the ordinary toothbrush of the bristle type will not reach all parts of the teeth particularly distal surfaces .of the posterior teeth upon which food and mucin collect, nor will the ordinary toothbrush properly clean the mesio or distal surfaces of teeth forming a gap where I a tooth has been extracted, the reason being that the bristles merely bend across the teeth under pressure instead of following the contour of'the teeth. Our novel device provides a yieldable upper body having one set of parallel wedge-shaped ribs disposed longitudinally of the handle, and another set of parallel substantially semi-circular ribs with pointed ends disposed transversely of i the handle and will fit into and take the shape of any interdental space or gap into which the device is inserted.

We will explain our invention with reference to the accompanying drawings which illustrates several practical embodiments thereof to enable others familiar with the art to adopt and use the same; and will summarize in the claims the novel and essential features of construction for which Fig. 5 is a side elevation showing a modified form of device.

Figs. 6, 7 and 8 are views showing various uses of the device.

As shown, our preferred form of combined 5 tooth brushing and gum massaging device comprises an elastic or yielding body member having a bore 2 for a handle 3 and a series of parallel substantially semi-circularly shaped ribs 1 integral with the body and extending from one side of the body as shown in Fig. 1, the ribs 1 being disposed transversely of the bore 2. Bore 2 is adapted to receive the end of a handle 3 which is provided with a collar 3a adjacent one end, and a knob 36 on the outer end adapted to yieldably engage a recess 2a in the outer end of the bore 2 whereby the body will be yieldably retained on the handle 3 between the parts 3a and 3b and may be easily removed therefrom when it is desired to interchange the body. Preferably the ends of the ribs 1 are pointed as at 1a (see Figs. 1 and 3) for the purpose hereinafter set forth, and the ribs 1 (3 being shown) which extend transversely of the handle 3 are thinned at their outer edges.

Diametrically opposite the ribs 1. and formed integrally with the body is a series of longitudinally disposed ribs 4 (3 being shown) extending slightly beyond the outer 30 surfaces of the end ribs 1, the ends 4a of ribs 4 being angularly disposed with respect to the plane of the outer ribs 1 for the purpose hereinafter set forth, whereby ribs 4 are formed substantially wedge-shaped with the Wider portion of the ribs outermost, as indicated in Fig. 2. The ribs 4 are also thinned adjacent their outer edges as clearly indicated in the drawings.

The modification shown in Fig. 5 differs from that shown in Figs. 1 and 2 with respect to the number of ribs 1 (five being shown in said modification), and also differs with respect to the shape of the ribs 4: one end of which is rounded as at 41) instead of being truly wedge shaped, and the modified form shown in Fig. 5 would necessarily be somewhat longer and larger than that shown in Fig. 1. 4

The wedge shape of ribs 4 in our device is an important feature, for as illustrated in Fig. 3 when the device is reciprocated sideways in a gap formed by extraction of a tooth or teeth, as shown in the position A the ribs 4 will enter the gap and as the ribs 4 are wedge-shaped the outer corners thereof will contact with the adjacent faces of the teeth at their gum lines and effectively clean all matter from the faces of the teeth as the device is moved transversely of the row of teeth. At

the same time the outer arcuate edges of the ribs 4 will clean the surface'of the gum lying in the gap thereby cleaning both the mesio and distal surfaces of the adjacent teeth as well as the gum at thepoint where one or more teeth have been extracted.

In the position B. indicated in Fig. 3 the edges of the ribs 4 engage the distal surfaces of the rearmost teeth at the gum line and effectively clean all portions of such surface.

The transversely disposed disks 1 may be used, as illustrated at C in Fig. 3, to clean all surfaces of the gums and also the surfaces of the teeth. For cleaning the interdental space at cervix of the gum line however the device may be rotated through an angle of 90 to bring the sharply pointed ends 1a of the transverse ribs 1 into position to engage or fit into such interdental spaces at the gum line as shown in F igs.- 6 and 8, and by reason of the sharp pointed ends the same will enter between the teethand effectively clean the interdental spaces of teeth and cause a healthy circulation.

In Fig. 4 the transverse ribs 1, in position D, are used for massaging under the tongue and the gums at the lingual surface of the teeth. In position E the transverse ribs 1 are shown operating upon the oeelusal surface of the lower molars. In Fig. 7 the longitudinal ribs 4 are shown in position for cleaning the interdental spaces at the lingual surface of the upper and lower teeth.

We have not herein attempted to illustrate every position and use of our device, as it Wlll be obvious that every portion of the gums and teeth which are not accessible with an ordinary tooth brush may be readily mas- Y saged or brushed leaving'the gums and teeth clean and healthy. Actual tests have been made to prove that only 3 ounce pressure can be made with the bristles in a sweeping motion. It takes 5 pound pressure in the interdental spaces and surrounding tissue to bring about a healthy circulation. Heavy disposed assasas changes may be made therein within the scope of the claims.

We claim 1. A device of the character specified, comprising a yielding body-having a handle; a series of flexible segmental ribs on said body disposed parallel with the handle; and a sec- 0nd series of flexible ribs disposed trans- 'versely of said handle; the ribs in each series being substantially the same size.

2. A device of the character specified comprising a ielding body having a handle; a series of exible segmental parallel ribs on said body disposed longitudinally of said handle; and a second series of flexible parallel ribs disposed transversely of said handle;

said longitudinally disposed ribs being substantially wedge-shaped with their wider portions outermost.

'3. A device of the character specified comprising a yielding body having a handle; a series of flexible parallel ribs on said body disposed longitudinally of. said handle; and a second series of flexible parallel ribs disposed transversely of said handle; said transverse ribs being substantially semi-circular and having their outer ends pointed.

4. A device of the character specified 'comprising a yielding'body having a handle; a series of flexible parallel ribs on said body disposed longitudinally of said handle; and a second series of flexible parallel ribs disposed transversely of said handle; saidlongitudinal ribs being substantially wedgeshaped with their wider ortions outermost, and said transverse ribs eing substantially semi-circular and having their outer-ends w prising a yielding body having a bore; a;

handle in said bore; a series of flexible substantially wedge-shaped ribs on said body ries of exible substantially semi-circular ribs on said body disposed transversely of said bore; the ribs in each series being substantially the same size.


arallel with said bore; and a se-' pressure can be used with this device which hardens the tissue and causes healthy condi-.

is much smaller than an We do not limit our invention to the exact forms shown in the drawing forobviously

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U.S. Classification15/188, 433/142, 601/141, 15/110