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Publication numberUS1833728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1931
Filing dateFeb 15, 1929
Priority dateFeb 15, 1929
Publication numberUS 1833728 A, US 1833728A, US-A-1833728, US1833728 A, US1833728A
InventorsHugo N Carlson, Edythe C H Townsend
Original AssigneeHugo N Carlson, Edythe C H Townsend
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US 1833728 A
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Nov. 24, 1931. E. c. H. TOWNSEND ET AL ,833

BRIDGE TABLE Filed Feb. 15, 1929 INVENTOR WITNESSES EYyZ/w CE Jaw/ma I H y NQUbv/Z I I .M ATTORNEYS- 1a tableincluding a ton andl'associated legs, i

inentyjsaid table inoliiding: brackets and.

r I: pivoting bolts associated withsaidleg fln vi v movable 'therewitm said bolts. being engage fable withthextop to'provide pivotal union between said legs iandrtopyand gravitational; IL means for locking, said bolts against move:

adapted to reoeii e the extremities of said -50 iflrrangedflpermr'es pted o receive said gravitational means for looking id b et said gravitational means inoludingaipair f of rectilinearly arrangedpins 1 selectively,

11.; bolts and to house saidflgravitationalmeansyi" q l fable 'w vithina bracket,said-head'having angu: I lai'ly'iar fange'd apertures ad'aptedtoreceive each-ofsaid bolts' inclnding a head reo'ei v-q said gravitational meansifor locking said i g .bolt against movement with respectto said brackety said gravitational"meansinchiding a pair of rectilin'early arranged pins se1eetively movable by gravity partiallyfromthe bracket and into :the ap'e rtiiresof said head.

9. Ina device ofthe haraotendes'cribed, as ';tab1e' inc1iiding' a top and associatedlegs, a Q I pivoting bolts assooiated'with said legs andf g V movable therewith, said bolts beingengage a 1 ;able' with theitoptoprovide pivotal union: 1

between said; legs'and .top, and gravitational} 5 means foirlockingsaidbolts-againstrmove- II jInent,f; said table including' braokets andi V adaptedto receivek-the.'extremities;;jofsaid.i jbolts and toihouse 'said'gravitational means," I

eachof said bolts inclndinga head receivable .i Within a bracket, said head having angnlai'ly against movement with respect to said bi aekmovable'by gravity" partially froni the bi'ack- I et and into'the apertures of said head," one of said pins being adapted tobe rec'eived'withini one aperture of saidhead,.while the r maining pin is disposed ;'who11yrWithin said {EDYTHE

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U.S. Classification108/125
International ClassificationA47B3/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47B3/08, A47B2003/0821
European ClassificationA47B3/08