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Publication numberUS1833960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1931
Filing dateMay 1, 1930
Priority dateMay 1, 1930
Publication numberUS 1833960 A, US 1833960A, US-A-1833960, US1833960 A, US1833960A
InventorsAlsop Bertha S
Original AssigneeAlsop Bertha S
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Baby's diaper
US 1833960 A
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Dec. 1, 1931. 5, ALSQP 1,833,960

BABY S DIAPER Filed May 1, 1930 INVENTOR v flezilza/liAlaa u Patented D... 1, 1931 masnsonormvoumr.

mars mum Application fled Kay 1, mo. germ I0. 443,003.

My invention relates to babies garments and particularly to a holder or support for dia ers or pads.

ne objectof the invention is to provide 1 6' a holder which is water-proof but which can be readily applied and securely held in place.

Another ject is to rovide a construction of this character w ich is comfortable to wear. y I Another object -is to provide a construction of the character described which can be readily cleaned and which is adapted to be easily applied.

In its preferred form the holder comprises outer and inner la ers of water-proof silk or thin sheets of ru her. The inner sheet is rovided with a large opening and a pocket 1s formed between the layers to receive the ordinary pad or diaper of absorbent cloth, paper or other material. The holder is shaped and provided with elastic portions so that when a plied to a baby it is snug around the legs an around the waist without being uncomfortable or causing interference with the circulation of the blood or pressure on the sensitive nerve centers.

Fig. 1 is an outside view of the holder spread out flat.

Fig. 2 is an inside View.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing a garment with thevparts in the position they would occupy when applied to a baby.

Fig. 4 is a detail view showing a modified form of connection.

The outer layer 7 is formed of a sheet of very thin rubber cloth or water-proof silk or the like considerably larger than the inner la er 8 which may be of similar material.

e inner la er isprovided with an openin 9 and t 0 two la ers are stitched or ot erwise secured toget er at 10 around the edges, leaving a spice between the layers to receive the absor nt pad 11. The upper and lower edges 12 and 13 are gathered in their central portion so as to provide waist band portions which are considerably elastic, particularly at the front and back of the ody. The corners are provided with fastening devices such as 14, 15, 16 and 17 which are adapted to be secured together in the position shown in Fi around the legs.

When the garment is a plied it will be seen that there is a very su stantial fullness in.

the rear and lower portion to accommodate the ad 11 and ermit freedom of movement of t e child wit out loosening the portions of the garment which grip the legs and waist. Although the outer and inner layers may both be of the same material it should be under stood that a layer of rubberized silk or the like might be used for the inner layer while a layer of rubber cloth is used for the outer layer or vice versa. I

3. The sides are also gathered at 18 an 19 to provide elasticity ,The inner layer, however, should prefer- ,ably be smooth so as to provide a maximum degree of comfort to the child, whereas the outer layer is full and more elastic to accommodate itself to holding the pad in position. The outer layer may be made of more fancy material to conform in color or texture to the other garments of the child, if desired.

Loops or tabs such as 20 and 21 may be provided if desired for pinning or otherwise securing the garment to the childs waist or shirt and tab such as 22 may be provided if desired for supporting or holding up the stockings.

In the form shown in Fig. 4 one portion of the edge which constitutes the leg opening may be provided with a hook 25 to engage in one o the openings 26 in the outer portightly or more loosel around the leg or action so that the garment can be secured more commodate itself to t e growth of the child. I

In the form shown the garment may be more elastic in the center of the front and back and in the center of leg 0 enings but it should be understood that all 0 eachof the edges may be elastic. When desired the fasteningstraps 14 may be elastic and-in that event the elasticity of the waist band portions 12 and 13 is not so important.

Withthis construction the pad is simply folded and inserted through the opening 9 in the inner layer into the space between the layers and it is unnecessary to fasten the pad to the holder or covering.

Constructions made as herein set forth may have some of the advantages of my invention even though they are made of non water proof fabric for in such cases the inserted ad may have its own water proof outer eath (not shown).

I claim:

1. A bab diaper holder garment of the character escribed having four'ed and comprlsmg outer and inner. layers 0 waterproof mate-rial secured to ther along their, edges and having a ocket etween them, the inner layer beinglsu stantially flat and hav-' ing an opening t erein for the insertion of a pad, the outer layer being athered along .two opposite edges to provi e elastic waist band portions and fastening devices at the opposite edges of said portions for detachably connecting the corners at one edge to the corners at the opposite edge to form an elastic waist band. I

' 2.'Adia erholder comprising an elonparts, a substantially flat inner layer or elas-' tic material having four sides and havin a central opening forv the insertion of a at absorbent pad the opening being of sufiicient size to expose the major portion of the flat pad, and an outer member of resilient waterproof material having its periphery secured to the inner layer on a line remote from the ed es of the opening and being provided with su stantial fullness in the center in line .with

the o ening in the'inne-r layer to form a shal- 1 low ut extensive pocket for receiving and holding the edges of the flat pad and fastening devices at the four corners whereby two edges of the holder constitute an elastic waist band and the two other edges constitute elas- 'ly flat diaper tic'le gri ping portions.

a ys diaper holder arment comprising a quadrilateral holder aving water-' proof inner and outer layers secured together along their four ed the inner layer having a central opening or the insertion of a pad, and'the outer layer being gathered alon its edges and fulle in the center, all the e ges being elastic, and means for detachably securing the corners on the respective sides together to form an elastic waist band and elastic le bands.

-5. childs arment comprising a normalof waterproof fabric secured together a on their peripheries, one layer being plain an older formed of two la ers K iIeaapeo substantially flat, and havin an o ening in the center for the insertion o a pa and the fulled opposite the openother layer beingl ing, sai holder avin two opposite elastic edges .provided with astening devices and adapted to form an elastic waist band, and intervenin elastic portions adapted to form elastic le ands. 1

6. A c ilds garment comprising a diaper holderfoi'med of two layers of waterproof elastic fabric secured together along thelr peripheries,

the outer layer being plain and an stantially flat and havin an opening for the insertion of a pad, an the outer layer being fulled opposite the opening, said holder having two opposite edges provided with fastenin devices and adapted to form an elastic wa st band, and intervenin portions adapted to form elastic le ban s, the leg bands having individual a justing devices.

7. A bab diaper holder comprising a substantially flht inner layer of elastic material having four sides and provided with a central opening for the insertion and removal of a fiat absorbent pad, the opening being of suificient size to expose the major portion of the flat absorbent pad, and an outer layer of resilient water-proof material having its peripheral edges secured to the inner layer,,the area of the outer layer being materially greater than the opening so as to provide a substantial fullness in the center in line with the opening in the inner layer and to thereby form a substantially flat and shallow butextensive ocket for receivin the flat pad, said pocket eing larger than the center opening and being overlapped by the margin of the inner layer surrounding the opening so that the fiat absorbent pad is removably held within the pocket by the overlapping marginal edges of the inner layer, and fastening devices at'the four corners whereby two edges of the holder constitute an elastic waist band and the other two edges constitute elastic leg gripping portions.


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