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Publication numberUS1834144 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1931
Filing dateApr 2, 1930
Priority dateApr 2, 1930
Publication numberUS 1834144 A, US 1834144A, US-A-1834144, US1834144 A, US1834144A
InventorsCoderre Ernest O, Eugene Coderre
Original AssigneeCoderre Ernest O, Eugene Coderre
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US 1834144 A
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1, 1931- E. 'CODERRE ETAL 1,334,144

WASHSTAND Filed April 2, 1930 f yerze 6290M. J0 frrzewffl GoFerr-a Patented Dec. 1, 1931 UNITED f- STATES PATENT OFFICE Application filed April 2 1930-. Serial No. 441,105.

This invention relates to an: article capable of several uses but particularly adapted for use as a, wash stand, or the like in which the parts are detachableifrom each other so that 5 it can be. packed and transported in small compass and also'whichisfcapable of being converted by simple changes to make it useful for several differentpurposes. t

. The principal objects of heinvention'are to provide a device ofthis character with a base whichcan be introduced into the ground and with meansfQrsuppOrting it against turning on its axis after it hasfbeen introduced; to provide the basewith a standard formed of two or more pieces which can be detached from each other; to, provide the standard with a head having means by which a number of different-articles or article supports can be mountedand to provide it with a main ring adapted to support a wash basin,

pail or the like.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear hereinafter.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings in which 7 Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment of this invention showing it as used as a wash stand and a support for toilet articles and in a suitable condition for setting ,30 up out of doors;

Fig. 2 1s a side view of the upper part of the device;

Fig. 8 is a plan of the same, and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of another form of supporting base that can be used.

An important use of this article is to serve as a stand for supporting a wash basin and toilet articles in camps and various places where it can be set up out of doors, at the 4 same time provided with a base which enables ofthe casting 11 is a pipe section 13 which having inclined sockets 16 for removable legs radial wings 12 whichextend outwardly and downwardly at their ends. All the parts so far described are driven into the ground, these wings .12 serving to prevent the rotation of the device on the cylindrical pin .55

which supports it in an upright position.

Theyalso add to the security with which it is held vertically.

v,Oonn'ectedby screw threadswith the top preferably is straight and above that a pipe section 14 constituting a standard. In place of the parts 10 and 13, both of which may be formed of pipe, a head 15 can be employed 17 which are in the form of straight rods. Headed'screws 18 hold the rods in position and these form a tripod for indoor use.

1 The pipcsection 14 is curved as shown in Fig. 1 to provide for supporting theweight near the axis of the device thus avoiding un due strain upon it and also for the purpose of permitting of the articles to be supported out to one side and enable them to reach to a distance, which may be necessary in case of treating apatient in a bed.

. t the top of th1s SGCtlOIlll, which top is shownvertical, is screwed to it a head 20 or other. device for supporting a soap dish or thellike 21. Thishead is held in place by a screw.l9. The head is provided with two i ntegral arms 22 carrying an arcuate support :23 which is provided with a number of perforations24, four being shown in this case. These perforations receive the ends of supporting members for a towel rack 25. a toilet bo'x'26, a mirror27 and a cup holder28.

These are all supported by passing the bent ends of the wires into these perforations 24 andutilizing the flat upper surfaceof the support 23 to assist in holding them in upright position. It will be understood that the particulariarticles shown are'not claimed herein as the device can be'used to support any kind 7 of articles in these positions. H Extending outwardly from the main body of the head 20 is a boss 30 which is perforated to receive a wire 31 adapted to be held in place by a screw 32. This wire is provided with an integral ring :33 which constitutes means for supporting a wash basin as 34, or a pail as 35, or in fact it can be used to support a tray when the device is employed in a sick room or as a table. I

It will be seen that this device can be set up on the floor or, can be supported conveniently in the ground and that the ring 33 can be turned in the manner shown in which case it is supported with the greatest firmness by the vparts that are driven into theground. Also this boss 30 can be turned around on the pipe section 14 and the ring 33 put inthe exactly opposite position. In this case, if it is supported firmly enough in the ground, it will reach to a greater distance from the point at which the deviceissupported. This is hardly necessary in a case where it is usedout of doors but is' convenient when it is desired to place a tray or the-like on thering so that it will reach over the bed of a patient. The several articles shown as supported by the support 23 can be varied within wide limits.

With the use of this device it can beset up exactly in the manner shown or in the several different ways and when it is desired tomove,

all of the parts can be 'removed'in the several ways indicated and can be packed in a small compass and transported. 1t 15 partlcularly adaptedfor automob le and camping parties but capable of use in several other ways, some of which have been indicated herein. 7 Although we have illustrated and described only two forms of the invention weare aware of the fact that other modifications can be made therein by any person skilled in the art without departing from the scope of the adapted to be supported in the ground, a pipe section extending upwardly therefrom and bent outwardly from the axis of said means, a head detachably secured at the top of said pipe section having a boss thereon projecting toward the axis of said standard, a ring having a projection therefrom extending into the boss and adapted to be detachably secured therein by which ring a wash basin or the like can be supported, a receptacle mounted on the top of said head, arms projecting from said head, an arcuate support carried by said arms having a horizontal top surface and openings into it from the top, and a series of article supports, each comprising a" wire having a vertical end detachably mounted in one of said openings.-

4; As an article of manufacture, a stand for the purpose described comprising a head having a boss thereon, a ring having a projection therefrom extending into the boss and adapt ed to be'detachably secured therein bywhich ring a wash basin or the like can be supported,

arms projecting fromjsaid head, an arcuate support carried by said arms having a horizontal top surface and openings into it from the top, and a series of article supports, each comprising a wire having a vertical end detachably mounted in one of said openings.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto affixed our signatures. Y



invention as expressed in the claims. There fore we do not wish to be limited in this respect but what we do claim: is

"support integral therewith, projecting there- 1. As an article of manufacture, a stand for the purpose described comprising a standard extending upwardly, a head removably attached to the top of thestandard, means on said head for supporting'a ring for carrying a wash basin or the like,fsaid' head having a i,

from, and having openings down into it'from thetop and a series of article supports each pivotally mounted on said support by projecting into said openings. c

2. As an article of manufactura'a' stand for the purposedescribed comprising a base, a standard detachably connected to the base and extending upwardly therefrom and bent away from the axis of said base at the top, a head removably'attached to the top of the standard, airing on said head forsupporting awash basin'or the like centrally over said 6b'base, said head having a support integral therewith andhaving openings down into it from the top and a series of article supports each having a downwardly extending end pivotally mounted in saidopenings. H i.

' 3. As an article of manufacturaa stand for the purpose described comprising means

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