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Publication numberUS183475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1876
Filing dateAug 25, 1876
Publication numberUS 183475 A, US 183475A, US-A-183475, US183475 A, US183475A
InventorsThomas Weddle
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Improvement in leg and foot rests
US 183475 A
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LEG AND FooT-RE-ST. N. 183,4'75. Patented oct. 17, 187e.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 183,475, dated October 17, 1876; application filed August 25, 181e.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, THOMAS WEDDLE, of the city of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Leg and specification.

This invention relates to portable and folding foot and leg supporters for use both by invalids and others either when occupying a sitting or reclining position, and in other attitudes, or under a variety of circumstances.

The invention consists in a sectionally-constructed foot-rest, having its sections united by one or more hinges, in combination with a leg-rest, united by one or more hinges with one of the foot-board sections near its meeting end with the other foot-board section.

The invention likewise consists in a certain combination, with the hinged leg-rest and hinged sectionally-constructed foot-board sections, of means for securing said parts when extended and when folded up or closed.

Figure 1 of the drawing represents a view, in perspective, of a foot and leg rest constructed in accordance with my invention, and as in use by a person sitting on a chair. Fig. 2 represents a side view of the same combined foot and leg rest when not in use, but with its parts unfolded or extended ready for use; Fig. 3, a section of the same in a plane parallel with Fig. 2 and, Fig. 4., a side or edge view of the article when folded.

Referring to the several gures of the drawings, the foot-supporting board is divided transversely of its length into approximately equal sections A A, which sections are hinged together at their meeting ends by one or more hinges, b, constructed to admit of said sections closing one upon the other from their under, back, or outer surfaces, and so that when extended they support each other at their inner and meeting ends. Hinged to the face of one of said foot-board sections A, near its meeting end with the other footboard section, by one or more hinges, c, is

the leg-rest or supporting-board B, made capable of closing down on the foot-board section A, with which it is connected by the hinges c.

In this way, or by these means, they footboard sections and leg-board may be shut up into a flat package', as represented in Fig. 4, suitable for stowing away in a trunk or elsewhere.

When these foot-board sections and legboard are opened or extended, and the article Ais adjusted for use so that the hinge c is -uppermost, then the inner or lower end of the leg-board has a rm bearing on the face of the lower foot-board sections A, and the two foot-board sections bear at their inner ends one against the other. Said parts may be thus looked or stayed by means of hook-stays el, pivoted to the edges of the leg-board, and hooking onto pins e on the side edges of the foot-board section A, to which the leg-board is not hinged. These hook-stays and pins also serve to hold the parts together when the article is reversed or adjusted for use with the v.

the foot-board sections A, near its meeting end, with the other foot-board section, essentially as shown and described.

2. The hooked stays d and locking-pins e, in combination with the hinged leg-rest B and hinged foot-board sections A A, substantially as specified.

THOS. WEDDLE. Witnesses: f R. B. RHODES,


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