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Publication numberUS1835617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1931
Filing dateJul 24, 1928
Priority dateJul 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1835617 A, US 1835617A, US-A-1835617, US1835617 A, US1835617A
InventorsStewart Walter C
Original AssigneeEmanuel Frohman
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Automatic belt tightener
US 1835617 A
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Dec. 8, 1931. w. c. STEWART AUTOMATIC BELT TIGHTENER Filed July 24, 1928 Patented Dec. 8, 1931 WALTER cfs'rnwaa'n on eas'roma jnon'rnrdenoting AssIGNon; BY mm ASSIGN- --MENTS, TOgEMANU-EL rnomvmngomeas'romegnom nees-nouns i i wav e f ii li j I i I types when mounted on wheels which are aflixed to shafts with said shafts moving Vertically withrelation toeaeh other.

My invention relates to a belt tighter for roving frames and has means forpreserving the tautness of the chain belt running on wheels mounted on the roving frame differential sleeve and the gearing for driving the bobbin shafts.

It is well known that the bobbin shafts and i the housing move vertically with relation to the roving frame differential and as a result of said movement the chain belt running between the roving frame differential and the bobbin shaft gearing becomes very loose when the two shafts are in the same horizontal plane, but when the bobbin shaft and bobbin shaft gearing move to a point below the horizontal plane of the roving frame differential then the belt becomes more taut and it is an object of this invention to provide automatic means for taking up the slackin the belt as 1 2.1- the same occurs from time to time.

. the description proceeds when taken in con- 1 neetion with the accompanying drawings, in

Some of the objects'of my invention having been stated,- other objects will appear as Figure 1' is an end elevation of the roving frame differential. shaft and the bobbin shaft gear housing witha belt running there be tween and showing my invention applied;

Figure 2 is a similar view, but showing the position of parts'when the bobbin shaft gear 7 shaft gear housing of a roving frame carrying the bobbinshafts which are driven'by the gear wheel '11 on the shaft 12 and, as is well. known in the art, this bobbin shaft gear Y housing moves Vertically with relation to the roving frame differential during the operation of the machine. The roving frame differential sleeve 13 has mounted thereonthe wheel 14, which sleeve bearing the Wheel 14 plan view of the two precedis rmaabiylmeuntd a. s the shaft 15;] the *wheel "-14 and the shaft 13 being secured to eaelr'other for. unitary movement. v

Mounted onthe maindrive shaft 15-is the member:16whieh has the shortcrank' l'fand i the long crank; -18"'inte'gral therewith-{and in the end of the lon'gcrank 18;is i'nounted 'the tightening pulley '19-fon the pin 20, 'whichpujl- "le y is adapted to'-- engage the lower side of the chain belt 2110' take' up' 'the slack as it (occurs. The'end-of "theshort crank 17 is forked and I loosely" secured therein is the '-member 22 which-is rotatably'se'cured on the pin 23,;and slidably mo'unted in the member22- isthe rod 24 w'hichhas the portion 25 engagi'ng'the bobbin shaft gearhousing" 10, and adjust-ably 'fniounted on thisrod24 by means of the set screw 27 is tl1eabut1nent26 a ainst' which} the coiled spring 28 rests, the

v L eiid of the coiled against the member 5 22- in the "end "of the -a'-rin17. -It is thus; seen that therod' 24 is slidably 'I e nin'g willbei n cessar afnd as a result the arm shown; but when 'theibobbiii shaftgear h'o'us the slackened'portion 'of the belt upwardly filing 4 I 'It'ifs intended that thismechanism isito be applied onchainfbe'lts andthe belt 2 1Jis presumed to a chain belt and 'tlielwheels "11 "and 14 are presumed toibe gear wheels,

- and'prev'ent-the same from dangling and ratalthough thism'ech'anism may be applied to u ordinary pulleysand ordinary belts.

:In" the drawings and specification I have set forth a preferredembodiment of my in- 'vention';and although specific terms are emseriptive sense only and not'forpurposes of limitation, thescope of the invention being set v'forthainthe appended claimsl" lclaini gg .A: FL M .7 '..1.;In"an"automatic adjuster for the ta'uts )rin abuttin I b O mounted with relation t'o "the 1 mankiarm l7 andwhen the partsare in thefposition shown in Figures, the belt will taut and no tight 18 will dropdownwardly into "the PQSitibn ing rises as shown in Figurefl ,ffthe coiled -spring 28 on thejrod 24' will push on "the'arm 17 and; cause the tightening pulley 19 to lift ployed, they are used in a generic and ,de-

on said rod, a tensionispring tbetween.,said ad uStable member and the one end of said mounted on the two Wheels, the other end of said bell crank lever having slidably mounted therein a rod, the other end of said rod being connected to said housing, a projection adjustably mounted on said rod, a compression; {spring=,--mounted between said proj ectaonaandrthe endiof saidnbellrcrank.lever, said spring being adapted to press the idler pulley against the lower side of said belt, and to animatew-conseaat tautness 11i the belt as thLIbdbbiniShEt-ft: moves with relation to the .drive shaft, y

""In' testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


a release the;pressure;onthevbeltes the bobbin shaft lowers, anditoiincrease the pressure on r a the {belies therbobbin @shaft: raises. 20 2." gIn,--,an automatic :belt :t ightenerg two rotatable shar'-ts,-=one-oiwsaid-shafts being mov- .i ,able-in-a vert-ioal plane, axwheel mounted on e I .ieachpfithe; shaftsj,; a .belt;:on :said- Wheels, a

vhousingafor one or (theashaifts; a'bell:icrank .ia-ro'd slidablyamountedinthe otherendiof the.rsaidabell-zcranki lever, ;the other endof :said .nod being mounted iimsaid housing; an 30;;adjustab-le ,meinben mountedonsaid: rod, a

vcomp'ressiong :zspring amounted a between said sad justable, *membem and theend of "the: bell cranklever, througha-Wh-ich ithe -rod :passes,

vsaid mechanismbeingmdaptedto automatical- I J lyradjust-theztension of theibelton'saidwheel.- 3.111, a device @for automatic ally maintaining tautness in a belt, a drive shaft, awheel on said 1 drive shaft," ansecond drive shaft, a wheel on .saidlsecond shaft,--a housingi'for said second shaft, said secondshait-being verticalgly.movablewhilerrotating,aibell orank lewer mounted onsaidifi-rst -gshaft,-, an idler -.pulley ,mountediin one end-of said bell crank-lever, being; adapted ,to, p-ressa on the: outer side 45;,ofra beltfmounted on thetwo whee1s,: the Mother: end iofasaid -bell cranlc-leverxhaving a zholetherethrough, a rod slidablymounted in i ,i said .ho1 e, tlie other end, ofisaid rod beingsecured ,to the housing,- anadjustablemember mounted on said rod, a tension spring mounts ,ed ,on. said rod between said adjustable pro- :jectionandgthe end ofethe bellfcrank-lever ithroughi which the rod-"slidably. proj eats, all of, said ,mechanisms being adapted toamain- 5.3 tain; a constant ,tautness-in .the abelt which is mounted: on the two,-vwl eels.

A. Ineae driving; mechanism:-for-- -arroving 7 frame,: a main drieve shaft, aibobbinsh'aft, a housing ion the tbobbinnshaft, :a.'. be1l crank .levernmounted o11Jthe-.,maindrive shaft, :a wheelamounted 1 ,011 ithe mainadrive shaft, za

iwheelimountedon one iof theabobbin: shafts, "a

belt on said wheelsgone-ndiofsaidi bellic'rank lever having an idler pulley therein; adapted 69 V, to ;.-press aga nstgthe lower side iof .theabelt

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U.S. Classification57/99, 474/135, 57/105
International ClassificationF16H7/08, F16H7/12
Cooperative ClassificationF16H2007/0806, F16H7/1281
European ClassificationF16H7/12N4