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Publication numberUS1835744 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1931
Filing dateOct 8, 1929
Priority dateOct 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1835744 A, US 1835744A, US-A-1835744, US1835744 A, US1835744A
InventorsAustin Roger K
Original AssigneeCongoleumnairn Inc
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Display rack
US 1835744 A
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Y @a/w A TTORNE Y Dec. 8, 193L R. K. AUSTIN v .DISPLAY RACK Filed Oct. 8, 1929 Fig.

Fig. 1U'

Patented Dec. 8, 1931 ROGER K. AUSTIN, OF AVON BY THE SEA,


Application med october s, 192s.` serial No. 398,127.

The present invention relates to a devicek for the display of linoleum or similar hard surface floor covering.v

Among the major objects of the invention, I aim to provide a novel device especially adapted for the simultaneous display of a plurality of plaques oflinoleum o r the like. A further object is the construction of such a device in a manner so that selected plaques may be segregated and displayed as a groupy apart from the remaining units'. A still `fur` ther object is the provision in saiddevice of means whereby any selected plaque maybe removed and displayed individually.`

These and Vother objects and advantages are to be obtained in the novel device of my invention which is fully described vinthe following. specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawings: I y

Figure I is a perspective view, illustrating one embodiment ofmy invention. s

Figure II is a top view showing the anguy lar position of the carrier units.

Figure III is a sectional view taken on the line III-III of Figure'II. Y

Numeral l indicates generally the display rack having a top 2 constituting ahorizontal supporting member upon which is mounted a plurality yof spaced, parallel, longitudinally extensible carriers 3. The carriers 3 may be any conventional type adapted to be extended to twice their length in normal position and the particular construction of such carriers is not a part of this invention.

The plaques 4, 4, 4 of linoleum or the like are suspended from the respective carriers by means of clamping members 7 having hooks 5 integral therewith which detachably engage the respective carriers. Each carrier is provided with a handle 6, by which it may be extended longitudinallyto more fully display the plaque carried thereby.

It is to be particularly noted that, according to my invention, the extensible carriers 3, and therefore the plaques 4, 4, 4 etc. suspended therefrom, are positioned at an'v acute angle to the plane of the assembled display substantially as shown in the drawings (instead of at right angles as is conventional). The acute angle thus formed by the Anatif amasar, Assieivoie fro ooNGoLEUiuintersection of the plane of a plaque or car- 'A rier yand the vertical plane through the centersof the assembled plaques should be less thanv45" `and preferably about 25 to 30.

This oblique positioning,in conjunction with theproper spacing of the carriers and vplaques provides an arrangement whereby a lconsiderable portion of each plaque is always visible and on display from the normal point of observation. Furthermore, the arrangement not only provides for the simul- `taneous'display of all plaques, when in normal position, but also permits the simultaneous display of any group of selected plaques as hereafter described.v

Normally, the carriers 3 are maintained in closed position, las shown in Figure I, providing for the display of a considerable por-y tion of all plaques simultaneously. When,

however, itis desired to display any plaque morefully, the carrier and plaque are eX- tended and the selected plaque becomes, for the purpose of inspection and display, segregated from the remaining units. Furthermore, if desired, other plaques may similarly `Vbe extended and a series thereof may thus be selected and segregated. When more than one plaque is extended, a considerable portion of each will bevisible and on display simultaneously with the other selected plaques, owing to the oblique positioning and spacing of the carriers, but such a group will of course be displayed substantially, independentlyy of the non-selected units.

-A further feature of my invention to be noted is the manner in which the plaques are supported on the carriers, whereby any plaque may easily and quickly be detached and displayed upon the iioor or otherwise, as a separate unit. This arrangement also permits the ready replacement of plaques from time to time as desired.

While I have illustrated `and described a particular embodiment of my invention, I do not wish to be understood as limiting it thereto, as the same may be variously modified without departing from the spirit of the invention.


A device for the display of linoleum plaques or the like comprising a horizontal supporting member, a plurality of parallel, longitudinally extensible carriers rigidly mounted in spaced relation on said supporting member, said carriers being positioned at an acute angle Ito the plane of the assembled carriers whereby :asubstantia'l portion of the plaque suspended from each Carrier is Visible when the carriers are in normal position, and a' plurality of clampingV members, yeach adapted to receive and retain va plaque rand to detachably engage a carrier.

n In testimonywhereof, I affix my signature. i Y y ROGER K.A AUsTrN.

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U.S. Classification211/46
International ClassificationA47F7/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/163
European ClassificationA47F7/16C