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Publication numberUS1836034 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1931
Filing dateJan 11, 1930
Priority dateJan 11, 1930
Publication numberUS 1836034 A, US 1836034A, US-A-1836034, US1836034 A, US1836034A
InventorsAndrew J Luchansky
Original AssigneeAndrew J Luchansky
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Handle light
US 1836034 A
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Dec. 15, 1931. A. J. LUCHANSKY HANDLE LIGHT Filed Jan. 11, 1930 Patented Dec. 15, 1931 j l i i l UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ANDREW J. LUCHAN SKY, OF BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT HANDLE LIGHT Application filed January 11, 1930. Serial No. 420,081.

This invention relates to a flashlight and so as to leave a bared or uninsulated portion has for an object to provide an improved 22 and a separate insulating shell 2-3 on the light of simplified construction, end thereof. All insulating paper'lining 2-1: A further object of this invention is to promay 1150 be P c d il t ca ing 1 adjacent 5 vide a light adapted to serve as a handle for this inner end. I 1

an umbrella. cane, fishing rod or the like, and A. switch is placed in casing 1:2, and comwhich may be formed as an integral part of prises a leaf spring 25 riveted to the casing at the umbrella, cane, fishing rod or the like. 26 and a thumb contact element 27 projecting Another object of this invention is to so through an aperture 28 so that 11: may be v combine a flashlight with an umbrella or'cane, pressed agamstthe bared portlon 22 of bat- 60 that it may be used at the same time to serve ery ll as at 27' and close the circuit. By especially as a means for protecting the pethis arrangement, the switch and contact'27 destrian while walking on dark or unlightre g 'O IIdBd 0 1 Casing. ened highways and thus make the pedestrian Itiveted t0 th widened end f the g. i ibl t automobilists that they may avoid 12 at 29. is a threaded metallic cylinder 30 05 striking him, as well as to serve as a, means onto which may be threaded a cap 31 in which for lighting the way for the user. a lens 32 is held 111 place by a washer 33 in With the foregoing and other objects in the recess 31 therein. This washer 33 also view, this invention comprises the following serves to press the flange 35 of a metallic re- 20 arrangements, construction and combinations flectol' 36 against the end of cylinder 30 so as hereinafter set forth, disclosed and claimed to make g l c l C nne ion there-- in the following specification taken in conwith when the cap 31 is screwed into place. sideration with the accompanyingdrawings, Theinner end of the reflector is apertured to In the drawings: receive a threaded socket 37 which is turned 25 Fi how a tionalized iew of one en1- OVQI O1 riveted thereto as .tll) 38 and at 39, bOdlll'lGllt of this invention serving a an and a reinforcing washer 10 is serured thereumbrella handle and by. This socket 37 serves to receive the Fig 2 shows another embodiment of the threaded outer contact 11 of la'mp20 therecasing using this invention. through and to hold the other or centralcon- 30 Th i shown t. 10 th t or tick of tact 42 against the central contact =13 of batan umbrella which projects into an aperture tery 14. As will be apparent, the spring 15 in apiece of wood or insulating block 11. will yield as the assembled reflector 36 and Enclosing the block 11 is a metallic casing 12 lamp 520 is secured in place by cap 31 and will which may be tapered therefrom as at 13 to hold battery 14: pressed firmly yet yieldingly 35 form a. handle for the umbrella and a hollow against the central lamp contact 42. shell to receive the battery 14 of the flashlight. To operate the lamp it is only necessary to The casing need not be tapered as it may be press the finger or thumb against thecontact straight if preferred. The battery 14 rests 27 to move it to 27 and thus complete the ciragainst a spring 15 which is received in a cuit through the battery, lamp and reflector. 1

socket 16 in block 11 and projects therefrom Other types of operating means for the switch v into the casing 1:2. An insulating disk vl7 of may be used such as the sliding button com-' fibre or other suitable material having an 111011 on flash lights. aperture 18 centrally therethrough is placed Due to the simple construction and con" in casing 12 adjacent its widened end and venient positioning of the switch, it is possi- 45 serves to space the end of the battery from ble to carry the opened umbrella in one hand the casing and in cooperation with spring 15 and to operate the light with the same hand to hold itproperly positioned for contact when necessary. as to see a puddle or obwith the lamp 20. This battery 1d has the Struction in the highway or to make the user usual insulating paper shell 21 thereon, and or pedestrian visible to anapproaching auto- 50 this shell 21 is partially removed therefrom mobilist.

In Fig. 2 the casing 12' has a threaded cylinder 30' integrally 'formed on the widened end thereof instead of being riveted thereto as in Fig. 1 and the rest of the construction and operation is identical with that of Fig. 1.

Having thus set forth the nature of my invention, What I claim is:

1. A handle light comprising in combination an open casing, a metallic cylinder secured in the end of said casing, a lamp in said cylinder grounded to said casing, an insulating disc in said casing and held therein by said cylinder, said disc having an aperture therethrou h to receive and position a battery, an insu ating block in the other end of said casing, yielding means in said block holding the battery in contact with said lamp and a switch secured to said casing adapted to be pressed against an uninsulated portion of the battery to light the lamp.

2. An umbrella handle comprising an 'insulating block aifixed to the end of the umbrella stick, a metallic casing aflixed on said block and having one end closed by said block, a yieldin means received in a socket in said block an projecting into said casing, said casing tapering from said block toward an open end, a rigid insulating apertured disc affixed in said casing adjacent its outer open end and having its edges tapered complemental to the taper of the casing, a spring switch secured to said casing having a thumb contact element projecting therethrough, a battery in said casing extending through said disc and resting on said yielding means hav ing a baredportion adjacent the contact element, a reflector secured to and grounded on the outer end of said casing, and a lamp socket in said reflector adapted to hold a lamp in contact with the battery.

In testimony whereof I ain'x' my signature.


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