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Publication numberUS1836035 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1931
Filing dateMar 25, 1931
Priority dateMar 25, 1931
Publication numberUS 1836035 A, US 1836035A, US-A-1836035, US1836035 A, US1836035A
InventorsEmanuel Matys
Original AssigneeEmanuel Matys
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Coin and picture frame
US 1836035 A
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Dec. 15, 1931. E MA1-YS 1,836,035

GOIN AND PICTURE Y FRME 'Filed March 25, 1931 IN VEN TOR A TTORNE Y B Y Mzzl@ Patented Dec. 15, 1931 res PATEN MANUEL MATYS, or NEW Yonmvn. YQ]

COIN AND PICTURE FRAME lApplication led March 25,1931.. Serial No. 525,058.

This invention relates tonew and useful improvements in a com and'plcture frame.V

The invention has for an obj ect the construction of a coin and picture frame which is 5 characterized by a substantially vertical placard with a plurality of facial recesses for receiving pictures.

. As another object O''this invention, it is proposed to provideacover extending across` v l l ysubstantially .verticalplacard 10, preferably l the face of the placard for covering the pictures.

A San further object of this inventonis" d of the pear shape at the bottom., VBase projections llextend from both sides of the lower.

the inclusion of'means forsupportingthe placard in the substantially: vertical posi. tion. y

Furthermore, another one of the ob]ects is the provision of means for holding thepictures in the respective recesses.

A still further` object of this invention 1s the provision of circular grooves within the recesses and spring rings' engageable in the grooves as constituting the means for holding the pictures in place.

Furthermore, it is proposed to arrange portions'of the placard slidable in a mannerso as to be capable of vprying the rings out to allow easy removal of the pictures.

A still further object of this invention 1s the construction of a coin and pictureframe which is of simple, durable construction, de-

pendable in use, eiicient in action, and which 'the cover tov hinge to! an open"v position, as .shown in Fig.4. Ornamentation 17, placed jupon the outer sideofthe "coverias!shown*3.`

can be manufactured and sold at a reasonable cost. 1

For further comprehension of the'l invention, and of the objects and advantages there,-V of, reference will be yhad to the followingdescriptio'n andaccompanying drawings,land to the appended claims inv'vhich` the various.l

novel features of the invention are more particularly setforth.


TgoFl-*i'ce-ff Fig. 5 is a fragmentarysectional view taken y Fig.6 isa fragmentaryfvview similarjto a i' portion of Fig. 4 butillust'rating amodified F ig.- 7 is a 'fragmentaryfenlargeddetailed sectional View taken on o the.; linev 7 of Fig. 6.

The coin `andy v.

of-metal.y Asfshown 'inthe drawings, it isl of substantially pear shape withthe smallparts end ofthe pear shape land constitute-a per-k tionfor resting upon a supporting surface.

picture.fra1ne comprisesa A pluralityl of facial recesses 12 areformed in the front face of -theplacard 10 for. -tlie purpose .of holding pictures 1,3. TheseV re-` cesses are circular' asshown on thedra'wings,

and they'extend in from thefront fa'cetola or any other transparent material 13; A cover 14 extends across the 'front ofthe placard 1() and serves to normally cover the in the drawings, consistsof engraved matter in the vform ojf aquestion mark and the date'.

1n the accompanying drawings, forming a Y material part of this disclosure Fig. 1` is a front elevational viewof la device constructedaccording to this invention. Fig. 2 is an edge Velevational view of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a plan view looking inthe direc` f tion of theA line 3 -3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a view similarfto Fig. 1 but illus- 5 trat/ing the device with the cover opened."

'thefinner edge of thehinged ap'pi'ece' f1 serves to limit pivoting Vofthe flap piece to beneath. A ,meansfis' `provided for, support-v1 ing the placard 1() inthesubsta-ntially verdistance ,not reaching the rear. l The picture 13 maybe left open'or covered with, glass 13 5 tical position and vconsistsot aflatwpiecel 'I connected by a hinge 18 upon theback of the placard.V The flap is-so'arranged thatitimay assumelaxposition at right angles tothepla-A card as shown in Fig. 3cr substantially parallel therewith 'and indicated by the dot; and dash lines 19. A shoulderv 20,`constitntingtheright angle position.r I. y

As shown in Fig. 5, the rim Q lof thel picture is depended upon to holdthe'picture in edly mounted on the placard, means for sup--v porting said placard in the substantially ver tical position, and means for holding the pictures Within the recesses, comprising spring rings engaged within circular grooves in the recesses so as to contact with the edges of said pictures, and portions of vsaid placard being slidable and abuttable against the ends of said spring rings for prying them open to remove them. l

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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