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Publication numberUS1836137 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1931
Filing dateSep 11, 1930
Priority dateMar 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1836137 A, US 1836137A, US-A-1836137, US1836137 A, US1836137A
InventorsTheis Hermann
Original AssigneeTheis Hermann
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Geodetic instrument with pendulum arrangement
US 1836137 A
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Dec. 15,- 1931. H. THEIS GEODETIC INSTRUMENT WITH PENDULUM ARRANGEMENT Filed Sept. 11/1930 w zivlfiq mw i L 3 mm L .,,I z m A f A A l: W0

P a ten t led Dec.


enonmrc rnscrnuiunnr WITH rnnnnnuivr i Application filed. September 11', 1930,seria1,1vo.4s1,a2s, and in Gama wa 7.1929.

This invention relates tov a geodetic instru-. ment with pendulum arrangement, in which the telescope adapted tobe moved horizontally 'andvertically, is turnable on an arm extending at right angles to the vertical axle. In comparisonwith geodetic instriiments of known type the novelty according to the invention consists in that a known protecting casing for the pendulum is turnable together with the telescope fixed on the same and carries inside the graduated arc and the} nonius constructed as pendulumand on the opposite wall a transparent disc, in front of which a V handling.

. reading'lens known per se is suspended pendulum-like. H

The sensitive measuring elements pare thereforefencased separately and notwithstanding easily readable by means of the lens. The-elements required for adjusting are freely accessible, so that an accurate working isobtained notwithstanding the easy ig. 1 in front elevation.

'viewed from the right."

. Fig.3 is a section on line I l of Fig. 1.

' Fig. 2..

1 i "Fig. 5 is a section on line Fig. 2. I

In a stand a adjusting screws, 6 are screwed as usual, designed tofadjust the position of a.

telescope c. The adj usting'screws I) rest upon a base plate, which is screwed removably on a head plate f of the stand." Inthe stand a I mounted.

the'vertical axle g of the instrument fitted with a fine adjusting device 'rotatably The fine adjusting is eflectedlin linown manner by means of an; oscillatable bow i (Fig. 4) rigidly connected with the stand a when the screw h has been tightened, and

in the fork-opening ofwhichbow an oscillatablearm m engages, which is fixed on the axle g andgcontrolled by anadjusting screw k. Opposite the screw k a screw sleeve 0 An(embodiment of theinventiongis illus" gtrated bylwayof example the accompany:

r tudinal ed Fig. 2 is a side elevation partly in section axle g andwith the handv. p

might be subdividedon the one longitudinal j p Y edge into minutes and these again at'the other i Fig. 4 is a'section on line IV%IV of with: bolt 'p controlled by a prin sau a es i l for 'the line adjusting mechanism, It, z',"k

(Fig. 2) of the-shaft risfixedi'The axis Iof' l thetelescopec,"mounted on theflattened-por-f tion of the envelope of'the drumcasing s, is:

situated in the'planeof oscillation ofshaft and'is standing horizontal when the axle g is:verti,cally' adjusted; Y I r In the extensionof shaft rin'fthe drum casing s a-pivot axle 'ujof, a pendulum hand 1; is-arranged.= The'pendulum hand 4) ad justs itself always perpendicularly even if the drum casing :s carries out oscillating movements. 'The pendulum hand 1) has ated'arc w extending concentric to the pivot.

es at either side of the ,center mile u and fixedqon the rear wall of the drum casing s. The graduated'arc w is subdivided into divisions on its upper and lower longi- 7 (zero point registering with the axisof the The divisions i longitudinal edge intoseconds, so. that the.

angles of oscillation relative to the normal- 7 position of the drum casing degrees, minutesand 'secondsi v For accurate read' g a' freely oscillating pendulum lens y with magnifying glass 1s arranged on the-front side of the drum 'cascan be read in; i

ingfs which casing is closed by a glass pane in. i

' around the center of a graduated arc (limb) mounted on the drum casing, the anglessitu ated between the several'lines of sight can be read also in the horizontaljplane.

The application is as follows;

After the instrument has been placed on the stand and fixed on the same, it is adjusted in known manner by turning of the ad:

justing screws 6 so that the aeropoint of the 70: 'noniu's divisions above and below agraduhand '0 registers with the zero point of the graduated arc w in every turning position of the carrier or aXle g of the telescope. In this position the telescope axis is horizontal for levelling purposes.

If a point situated higher or deeper in the vertical plane has to be intersected the drum casing s is tilted, so that the line of sight of the telescope c registers with this point. The

angle of inclination to the horizontal can then also be read at the same time as oscillation angle between the zero point of the drum casing s and the zero point of the hand 0.

I claim:

F A geodeticinstrument withpendulum arrangement, comprising in combination a telescope adapted to be moved in horizontal and vertical directions, a vertical axle for said telescope, an arm carrying said telescope and mounted on and at right angles to said vertical axle at the upper end thereof, a protecting casing rotatable together with said tele-- scope, a graduated arc in said casing, a pendulum pivoted at the center of said are and having a Vernier cooperating therewith, a transparent disc in the casing wall opposite said graduated arc and pendulum, and a magnifying reading lens oscillatably suspended in front of said transparent disc.

.-In testimony whereof I aflix my signature. HERMANN THEIS.

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U.S. Classification33/283
International ClassificationG01C5/00
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