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Publication numberUS1836237 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1931
Filing dateMar 13, 1930
Priority dateMar 13, 1930
Publication numberUS 1836237 A, US 1836237A, US-A-1836237, US1836237 A, US1836237A
InventorsGonsett Robert R, Wheeler Vern A
Original AssigneeGonsett Robert R, Wheeler Vern A
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Smoking appliance
US 1836237 A
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De- 15, 1931. R. R. GoNsETT ET AL 1,836,237


Our invention relates to ance for chemically treating the smoke of tobacco before it leaves the holder of the tobacco.

The objects of this invention'are: first, to

as absorbing the nicotine in of treating the smoke. from tobacco in the manner above mentioned; fourth, to provide a novel cartridge for so treating the smoke, and such a cartridge which may be readily applied or placed in the smoking product holder for subjecting the smoke drawn therethrough to the chemical of the cartridge; fifth, to provide a novelly constructed holder *for a smoking product in which the smoke treating substance may be conveniently held and in which such treating substance may be easily and quickly renewed when desired; sixth, to provide as a whole, aI novel smoking appliance which is beneficial to the smoker; and, seventh, to provide a smoke treating substance which is simple and leconomical to manufacture and in which the treating substance is so made that it will not deteriorate or beused up readily, and to provide also a simple and economical holder for the treating substance and the smoking product and one which will also not readily deteriorate or get out of order.

With these and otherobjects in view, as

will appear hereinafter, our invention consists of certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts and portions, as will be hereinafter de scribed in detail and particularly set forth in the appended claims, companying drawings and to the characters of reference thereon which form a part of this application in which:

Figure 1 is a side view of a cigarette holder a smoking appliy verably made, of metal.

referencebeinghad to the acmentioned.

The cigarette holder, shown in Figs. l and I 2 consists, in this instance, of three members, namely, the smoking product receiving and holding member l, a mouthpiece 2, and a coupling member 3. The three members are secured together in alignment with each other and when so secured simulate an ordinary cigarette holder. The members l and 2 are preferably made of amber or other similar suitable material, while the member 8 is pref- The coupling member 3 is provided at one end with an enlarged axial bore 3a which is threaded at its outer end, as indicated by 3b, and is secured around a correspondingly threaded reduced shank la at the rear end of the member l. The coupling member 3 is reduced and externally threaded at its opposite end` as indicated by 3c, and is secured in a correspondingly internally threaded end of the mouthpiece 2 at the end opposite the mouth portion 2a. The reduced portionBc of the coupling member 3 is provided with a reduced axial bore 3d which communicates with the enlarged bore 3a.

In-the enlarged bore is positioned one or more of the smoke treating capsules, desighated A in Fig. 2. rIhe members l and 3 may be readily separated so that the capsules may be readily replaced when desired, and so that as many of the capsules may be placed therein as desired.

It will be noted that the same method of application of the smoke treating capsules may be applied to either a pipe or a cigar holder.

In Fig. 3. however, we have shown a special application of a means for applying the of the smoking product smoke treating substance to a common type of cigar holder. Such means consists of a piece of Wire 4-having` a loop 4a at its inner end which is placed into the smoking product receiving recess 5a of the cigar holder 5. The opposite end of the Wire member is provided with another loop 4b Which may be snapped around the outer edge of the holder 5. In the loop portion 4a may be held a screen receptacle G in which one ofthe car@ tridges A may be placed. as shown.

The smoke treating substance consists of menthol crystals, designated 7 in Fig. 4, granulated aluminum, designated 8 in Fig. 4, and a binder 9. This hinder may be any inert substance, such as plaster of Paris, that is, inert to the action of smoke of tobacco. When the smoke of tobacco is subjected to the presence of aluminum, the nicotine of the smoke is absorbed. The hot or Warm smoke coming in contact with the menthol crystals dissolves a portion of the crystals and vaporizes the same, causing the vapors to pass through the holder with the smoke and into the mouth1 throat and lungs of the smoker, thus causing a healing or soothing action upon the membrane of the smoker. The aluminum granulations cause a graduating of the Whole of the cartridge and vaporizing of the menthol crystals to the heart or core thereof. As *the menthol crystals near the surface are subjected to'the smoke. the cartridge becomes porous permitting the smoke gradually to pass through the cartridge to the center thereof. lf menthol crystals are used alone in the presence of smoke. the same vanorize readily and no lasting effect is had, but when the crystals are imbedded in a base as described and with aluminum granulations` the menthol is used up gradually and substantially uniformly with the desired effect.

Though We have shown and described a particular construction` combination and arrangement of parts and portions, We do not Wish to be limited to this particular construction, combination and arrangement, but desire to include in the scope of our invention t'ie construction. combination and arrangement substantially as set forth in the appended claims.

Having thus described our invention, What We claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A smoke-treating cartridge consisting of 'menthol crystals imbedded in an inert binder.

2. A smoke treating substance consisting of intimately positioned menthol crystals held together by an inert binder.

3. A slnoke treating substance comprising granulated aluminum and menthol crystals in closely associated and in intermixed re-,


4. A smoke treating substance comprising vgranulated aluminum and menthol crystals 1n closely assoclated and inv 1ntermixed rc-V rasees?

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U.S. Classification131/274, 131/207, 131/342
International ClassificationA24F13/06, A24F13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F13/06
European ClassificationA24F13/06