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Publication numberUS1837500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1931
Filing dateNov 3, 1928
Priority dateNov 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1837500 A, US 1837500A, US-A-1837500, US1837500 A, US1837500A
InventorsSundeen Caleb A
Original AssigneeIceberg Mfg Company
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Sealing ring
US 1837500 A
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Filed Nov. 3, 1928 INVENTOR. C245 llSwv EE/V.

TTORNEYA mew A ES CALEB AQSnNDEEN, or GARDNER, ivrAssncnusnrrs', rename r ICEBERG MA UFAC- Patented Dec. 22, 1931 WEN- r"- TUBING COMPANY, A oonronnrron or mssAcnUsEmTs SEALING "RING Application; filed November 1928 Serial No. 317,016.

A inventionrelates to a closure member adapted to eflect a tight seal of acontainer andmore particularly to a sealing ring adapted for use with cabinets for waterv coolbeapplicable to other liquid and beverage coolers, as well as to other fields where it is desirable to effect aclosure seal for various purposes. 1 l 7 It is one objectof my invention to provide .in a cooler of the above described character a structureof sealing ring which will effectively'close and seal-the insulated space containing the cooling; agent so as to prevent heat losses at the pointwhere'the waterbottle issupported. Y Y

It is another object of my invention to provide a sealing ring of the character described andv of such construction that the weight of ,the waterbottle will cooperate in the sealing.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a construction of, ringand an ar ,rangement of parts whereby the ring is' mounted externally of thecabinet and associated water container and to provide such ring with means 'that will insure the maintaining thereof in, position on thecabinet,

Gthejr and further objects of my invention will be apparent iromthe followingspect fication andthe. accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1- is atop plan view of my improved seal ng ring;

Fig, 2 is apartlal sectional view ota water cooler cabinet showing my sealing ring inposjitionthereon andinvertical section and also indicating the inverted water bottle in position, the parts being broken away vwhere unnecessary to the illustration of my invention;

Fig. 3 is a vertical section of. a portion of a modified form of sealing ring; and V Fig. 4 is a vertical section of a portion of another modified form; of sealing ring.

or other water vessel wall" of a cabinet or chamber,= 12 indicates Reterringto Fig. 2, 11 indicatesthe' outer the innerv wall thereof, and 13 indicates cork or other insulation therebetween. These elements surround a chamber 14am may be designated as the cooling chamber since it is intended to beand normally receives ice for cooling purposes or, more preferably, either the cooling coil. orfthe brine tankofany of i i the well known types of electrically operated mechanical refrigeration systems. g The cooling chamber may be part of a complete cabinet, or supported on a stand,

or chamber has an opening through its top as indicated at 16, through which the upper end of the water container 15 projects and into which the mouth of the inverted bottle 171is adapted to be introduced? 7 1 {j} v Itiis highly desirable to prevent any heat losses from the chamber it regardless ofthe cooling agentthereimand to this end, the

chamber is surrounded} by I the insulated walls 13, exceptfor the opening 16.- In order C to prevent heat losses by transmission it-is water containerand the cabinetand'jthis is or merely have a base 'ofits own, itbe'ing necessary to insulate any contact between the as illustrated in Fig.'2.7,'-,However, such a 7 space mustbe sealed "heat lossestherethrough are to be prevented. i

Ipropose to provide asealing ringjlS of particular and especial constructionand advantage for this 'purposeQ Therii ghas a ,bottom' consisting of a fiat, annulanportion 19 terminating at its inner edge at the opening 21, throughwhich the' neck of-thetbottle l7 projects,,.andterminating at its outer edge in an inclined downwardly projecting lip 22. The edge 23 of thellip is, formed by the acute angle between the inclined l ortion of'lip 22 and the termination of'the outer sidekwall 24 .1 iny ring, Ihave trated the side wall 24 as 'arcuate but this. need not necessarily be the contour thereof.

The side wall24, at its upper edge, joins a downwardly sloping wall which extends'inwardly to the opening 21 and there terminates in the vertical wall 26. A's

' shown, the contour of the sloping wall 25'is such, as to-coincide with the shapeof the standard bottleused in inverted' water bottle coolers, well ln own-in this art, when the bottle is in position. However either the 'wall '25 canbe of any other contour when fused with other types of liquid vessels or the liquid vessel mayeffect a seal between; the vessel andthe ring at the edge 27 which form the juncture between the sidewall 24 and.sloping wall 25.

' In" my improved, ring, this edge'27 is especially'located with respect to'the lip 22 so that the 1 weight of the water vessel received at that point 'willbe properly distributed the ringIto-force the edge 23 of the lip into tight, engagement with the top of the cabi'fiet*11.- That to say, by the pressure.

of the weight of "the water vessel at the edge 2 7,the whole ring is compressed and this will res'ult in a slight spreading of the with the resultant tendency to force 'the 'edge23 outwardly. The edge 23 being an acute angle, in engagement with the-top of the cabinet, tends'to resist the" spreading andthus'to grip the top of the cabinetmore firmly. This arrangement forms a very tiglitseal between the top of the cabinet and {the ring to prevent leakage through the 7 opening 16 in, the cabinet InJthe form .shown in Fig. 2, theweight of theibottle 17 =will-also bring the fiat portion 19 of the 1 ring into engagementiwiththe top of the cabinet '11 where it overhangs the edge of the] opening 16 to form a supplementary seal at "fi s a. groove extending across t-he face of the sloping wall 25 i from V the to the edge 27.

inner aperture 21 To further insurethe ring remaining in position"iandfef'fecting a 'goodseal, it is pro- ,vvided' with an annular slot 29 in' whijch the 'upper edge'of-the container-'15 is adaptedto 'fit.' -As shown in Fig. 2, the upper edge'of the water container is'straight, but it Willfbe to understood that anyother formof edge could Qbe used and the slot 29' shaped to cooperate therewith; iBy fitting the'ring18 on thetop of the containerj15 it is held more securely inplace at the time of insertingtlie bottle i'n' the container and also-a tight seal 'is effected for the compartment 14 where the ring contacts with the top of the container.

In Fig. 3 is shown a modified form of ring, which has a bottom wall 31, arcuate side wall 32, sloping upper wall- 33 and inner wall 34 joining each other inthe same-arrangement and proportions as described above'*'except,

in-place of the lip 22 that there adjoins the bottomand outer walls, this form shownin Fig.3 is provided with an annular graoveet near the outer wall 32 which leaves a lip 36 7 between it and the outer wall 32. The pro portionate weight distribution is the same as 'Vdes'eribed above in connection with Figs. 1 and 2, but the tendencyforspreading will occur mere in the portion on the inside (if-the groove so" th'at the flip 3'6 will merely be *forced" outwardly without elev-atin'g it away from" thetop of the eabinet with when; it is in engagement." The'ring is'a lsoprovided'. with the slot 37 -for receiving the upper edge of the water container or crock 'andico'rres'p'ondin'gto slot 29-ii1 FigJ2.

In theforinshownin Fig. 4, the ringis provided with a bet-wm'wau 41, outer-wall. 42,"sloping upper wall 43-and. inner wall 44, 'joined'togethe'r in the same arrangement as described above in connection with Figs. '1

and 2 "except; the bottom-wall has plurality of V-shaped grooves 45 therein, theeur'v'es joinin-geach other so as toprovide at their intersecting edges 46 a-long the bottom of the ring and terminating in a sharp edge} or lip 47 where the bottom wa'll'j oins the side wall '42. Again the. weight distribution as re- U 'ferred" to above in'Fig 2 will force the sharp edge 47 and one or more oft'he sharp "edges 46 into tight engagement with the topof the -cabinet 11 so 'as to effectthe tight seal that is desired at this point, as described 'above. Modlfications ma be made in the arrange ment andlo'cation of'parts within the spirit and scope of myinvention, and such mo'di fications are intended *to "be appended-claims.

covered by the "I claim: m

-'1.- A sealing ringcompri'sin'g abettoni wall having a lip at its outer edge, an 'ou-terwall anda'sloping top wall, the point of juncture.

'between the 'outer andto'p-wafls occurring ter line ofthe body of the ring.

2.!A sealing ring comprising a between the outer edge and theve'rti'caI cenbettom wall havinga lip atits-ou-teredgeaanfoiiter wall, a sloping top wallfthe peint of j'unct-iir'e between the -outerti-1rd top" walls occurring between the outer-edge and the vertical fce'nter line of the body "of therin'gQIan air vent i'nfthe body of the ring and in'eans for posi- 'tionin'g the ring upon the container ito be sealed. 7 c 7 3. 'A sealing ring havingla' flatbottoin wall, anarcuate outer wall, an'incli I-i'ed-lip' joining the bottom and outer walls,- a sloping upper wall, an inner-wall, an air vent" in the} sloping wall between the outer and inner walls, and a guiding and positioning groove in the body of the ring.

4;. A- sealing ring comprising a bottom' and to overlap said opening, said sealing ring also being adapted to receive and support a liquid container.

6. A cabinet comprising a cooling cham her having an opening therein, a liquid container located in the cooling chamber and accessible through said opening, a sealing ring having a bottom surface terminating in a lip adapted to engage the top of the cabinet and to overlap said opening, said sealing ring ring adapted to cooperate with the projecting 7 also being adapted to receive and support a liquid container, and a groove 1n theseahng portion of the'liquid container. i y

7 7. A flexible sealing ring composed of insulating material and comprising a bottom surface having a lip adaptedrto rest upon a surface of a device to be sealed, and an upper surface adapted to receive a weight which will tend to spread the ring laterally and force the edge of the lip to grip the surface upon which it is resting. I

8. A sealing ring comprising a bottom surface having a depending portion adapted to engage a surface of device to be sealed, and an upper surface adapted to receive the weight of an object so as to" spread the ring laterally to force the bottom surface of the ring into contact with the said surface which the depending portion is engaging.

9. A cabinet comprising a cooling chamber having an opening in one wall thereof, a liquid container located in the cooling chamber and spaced from the sides of said opening,

- chamber.

which the inverted bottle rests, said ring having a surface substantially conforming tothe surface of said bottle and effecting a seal at.

the juncture of the inverted bottle and liquid container and also sealing the opening between the liquid container and coolin chamher, the pressure due to the weight 0 the iIl-'--' verted bottle being applied upon the ring along a line passing between the liquid container and. the outer edge of the ring.

11. A cabinet comprising a cooling chamber having an o peningin one wall thereof, a liquid container located in the cooling chamber and spaced from the sides of said opening,

an inverted bottle adaptedto feed liquid into said container, and a rubber sealing ring upon which the inverted bottle rests, said ring hav ing a surface substantially conforming to the surface of said bottle and effecting a seal at the juncture of the inverted bottle and liquid container, said sealing ring also closingthe opening between the liquid container and cooling chamber so as to prevent heat leakage between the container and cooling chamber;

12. A sealing ringadapted to have a pressure applied thereupon when in operative po sition," said sealing ring comprisingone surface'having a lip engaging a cooperating surface for sealing purposes, the lipped surface ,being oppositely disposed to the place of applying pressure to the ring and the edge of the lip gripping said cooperating surface when pressure is'applied.

13. sealing ring comprising a bottom surface having a flat portion, an outer surface, y

a lip at the point of juncture'between the bottom and outer surfaces and offset from the fiat portion, and upper and inner surfaces. joining with the side and bottom surfaces respectively.

14. A cabinet comprising a cooling chainber having an opening in one wall thereof, a liquid container located in the cooling chamioo and accessible through said opening, a second i liquid container located above and communicating withthe first-named liquid container and means for sealing the opening between c said container and the wall of the opening and also to seal the connection between said containers. H j I In testimony whereof I ailix my signature. QCALEB A. SUNDEEN.

o her and spaced from the wall of the opening. 3

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