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Publication numberUS1837507 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1931
Filing dateApr 30, 1930
Priority dateApr 30, 1930
Publication numberUS 1837507 A, US 1837507A, US-A-1837507, US1837507 A, US1837507A
InventorsTowers George N
Original AssigneeTowers George N
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Paper handling device
US 1837507 A
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Dec. 22, 1931. G. N. TOWERS 1,337,507

PAPER HANDLING DEVICE Filed April 50, 1950 u g 12$ E /3 INVENTOR A TTORNEY Patented Dec. 2 2, 193 14 [Y Units sra GEORGE nirownns, or noYjwAsnInG'ron PAPER Application filed s ruce,

paper may be supported beneath the table or wrapping counter in roll ,form'and drawn up through a slit in the table, thesides of which.

10 slit areyieldable to give access to the end of the paper on the roll after a piecehas been torn therefrom.

The second object is to simple in the extreme and which can be'manufactured at a cost well within the range of i i ber of shorter one's,-'"or,'even' spheres such as r even the small shop keeper.

These,'and other objects, will become more apparent from the specification following as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which? r i V Figure lcis a transverse section-through the counter and paper handling mechanism but not cutting through the paperroll.

Fig. 1 showing the yieldable tearing edges depressed preparatory to tearing out the 1 'tothe ends of the slots 13 by means ofthe screws 15. Across the lower ends of the standards 14 is mounted a roll of paper 16 whose arbor 1'7 rests. in suitable notches 18 7 sides of each of the standards 14. Between. the upper ends of the standards 14 are hinged the trap doors 20 and21 which are provided with the downturned ears 22. Rivets 23 pass through the ears 22 and the standards 14.

position-gas shown 'inJFigL :The adj acent provide a form of paper holding mechanism which will be W1 @When desir d; 1. 5 Figure 2 i 'a fragment View Similar to standards 14 whose upper ends are secured formed in a block 19 secured on the inner i The trap *door'20 is prov ided with a short rcurved' innerside 24' and the t'raprdo'or 2 1 is provided with a longer, curvedsidel25; 'The trap ;doors 20' and 2 1 are providd'r'with spr'ings 26 which urge: them vtoward a closed ed es--27 i of the' trap f doors v :20 and 21- may -proj ect slightly beyondthe 'curved (surfaces ofthesidesi24 and25 for the purpose ot-form-i 7 ing itearingedgesx Insomefinstances these elow the trap door 20fis placednnrighrboard 28 and below thetrap d0or'21'vis J placed a. cross member 5 29 having a. sloping t'a'ce30' ;on" which rides; alroller 31 which may consistf of one elongated member ora. nummarbles Y or rubber, balls," the ft'unction being merely-to wedge'between the race 30 a and the face 32 or the member 28 for the purposeiof wardly afterit is't'orn o filand at the same time afford; nohindrance to 'the-fwithdrawaluof the,

* Obviously,. anyother form of [holding j mechanism could be"substituted for thewmem- I ber 31without departing from (the spirit of 1 thisin'vention,

lhe ,o'p'eration'of the device is as follows: Assuming that the roll 16 has'be'enplaced in 7 position and the paper 33 threaded upwardly, as shown in Fig. 1, until it passes between the adjacent edges 27 ofthe trap doors 20 and 21. 4 If it is desiredto obtain a piece of paper of any required length trom'the roll 16 it is only necessary to press the trap doors20 and "21 downwardly, as shown'in Fig; 2, which exposestheend of the paper 33 to the grasp of bothof the hands3'4, I

It will be noted in this fi ure that the mem ber 31 is not now in awe dgingpo'sition'but'jhas been lifted'away from same by the tension on'the paper 33. a As soon as the paper is withdrawn the desired length, the trap;

doors 20 and 21 areliberated allowing them to return totheir horizontal position and theaf paper can be torn off after the fashion shown. iIIFigi3.

It will be seen this deviceall-feed- "a rollers,ratchet mechanisms and other fe 1- i oi i. p f

preventing'thepaper-33ffrom slipping down-g1;

, tearing edge and allows the operatorto 1: ap V the paper at any desired position 'Wlth one or m I I ,r I

ing devices ordinarily required to provide a pulling edge'for the paper "are dispensed with. It mustbe understood that the trap 1 doors 20'and 211nay extend over aportion or all of the Width of the roll 16. There is a natural advantage, however, in making it the full width as it..lirninatesfcornersflm the both hands.

v I am aware of'course thatpaper-handling devices have been constructed in a; 'gi'eatva- I riety of formsrl therefore donotj intend to cover such devices broadly but I ddinteiid 7 to coverli'all Js1ich;%fornis1and modifications thereofzdsfall ,fairly;within1the"appended I claims; a; ;5 p, V

1 .;1;In aupaperuhan'dling; device thOCQjIhblnatiqrisoffa Wrapping surface having a longir tudinal open-in formed;therjein ,--v a pair', of

trap-doorszformlng a. closure for said opening 7 a-r1-anged-:to ;.be depressed along the longitudi-nalcenter line. of (said,opening, ;an' up right holding boardmolintedalongrsa blk V gitudinal ,center line, underneath the; union l o f'saidxtrap doors',;.an inclined, member; ad;

cj e to said-holding Aboard, .randlanp pe a holdin member havinga, circular crossjsee- --tionly1ng between said inclined surface. aml -saidzuprightlholdin .m'emberlp i r g A 1: paper hand ing machine consisting not a pair ofiupright; standardsimeans for supporting .a roll, ofpaper betweenthe lower ends;- thereof,, an upright, holding; member npastswhich saidpaper niay be fed an,.,i I:1- rclinedmemberiadjacent to saidholdingmemvber and. spaced therefromhthrough *vvltgich rsp'ace paper .from saidroll m aybe fed,,and v ;c1rcu1ar,member rldlngonsald ncl ned rneni- 'iber-rcadapted=to h01d said paper again'st'said i p upright member. i .r i V '7 GEORGENMTOWERS.

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U.S. Classification242/419.4, 242/410, 242/598.5
International ClassificationB65H35/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65H35/0006
European ClassificationB65H35/00B