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Publication numberUS1837916 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1931
Filing dateSep 9, 1927
Priority dateSep 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1837916 A, US 1837916A, US-A-1837916, US1837916 A, US1837916A
InventorsNathan Michelman
Original AssigneeNathan Michelman
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Weatherproof sidewalk door
US 1837916 A
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DEC. 22, 1931. N Ml-CHELMAN WEATHERPROOF SIDEWALK DOOR Filed Sept, 9, 1927 ATTORNEYS 4 W L MM/M/ Patented Dec. 22, 1931 'l 1 narran sra'rs rATENr orrrce NATHAN MCHELMAN, 0F BROOKLYN, YORK v i WEATHERPROOF SDFWALK DOOR Y Application filed September 9, 19537. Serial .No.l.

This invention relates to. sidewalk doors brackets are brass rods 8 held in place by nuts and has for its object the provision of such or y any other common means. FiXed to a door .that will be entirely weather-proof, said rods are the doors 9 by means ofl arms will be strong and durable, will have no l0 secured to the underside of the outer edges projections above the surface of the sidewalk of said doors and rigidly secured to said rods. 55

and the drainage system of which will. not One door 9 carries at its free edge a gutter l2 become clogged up. which extends beyond the edge of the door Such a structure usually consists of a and rests in a recess 13 of the frame l when fra-me comprising a gutter, outwardly swingthe door is in closed position whereby it comm ing doors hinged on the frame, a gutter carmunicates with the inside of therframe. 14 60 ried by one of the doors and so located that areVK angle irons to reinforce the doors. The when the doors are closed it will collect all frame. carries drain pipes, l1 only one of matter entering the crack where the doors which is shown, whichV are secured beneath meet and communicate with the main gutter the hinge edge of the doors.

l5 and a drainage pipe connected to the main When the doors are opened the hinge edge 65 gutter. of each door swings in the arc of a circle ln such doors as made hitherto diiiiculty within the gutter formed by the frame, arose from the fact that a great deal of sweeping aside any obstructions that may be sediment would collect in the main gutter formed in said gutter. Should the obstrucfa) around the drainage pipe thereby cutting tion be in the form of a thick sludge the 7o olf the rest of the gutter from said pipe strong agitation imparted thereto by the and causing an overflow. opening of the doors will facilitate the drawlt is the particular object of this invening ont" of said sludge by the drainage pipe. tion to overcome this difhculty and to so Should the obstruction be in the form of i5 mount the doors that when they are swung walls of dirt around the pipe which dam up open any dirt that may have collected upon the liquid behind them, the opening of the them will be deposited in the gutter rather doors will sweep such walls aside giving than on the sidewalk. the liquid access to the drainage pipe.

Additional objects of the invention will As can be seen for Fig. 3, when the doors l'l'i appear from the following detailed descripare opened the under surface of each door 80 tion of the drawings which illustrate the contacts and lies contiguously with the perpreferred forni of the invention. pendicular face 7 of the bracketG whereby the ln the drawings similar characters of refoutward swing of said doors is limited and erence indicate corresponding parts in all they are supported in upright position. It

35 the views in which 1 is a plan view will be noticed that by this arrangement any S5 Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 refuse that may have collected on the doors of Fig. l and Fig. 3 is a detail of the hinge will be deposited in the gutters rather than shown in Fig. 2 with the door in open posion the sidewalk. tion. From the above description it can be seen "i" Referring to the drawings in detail, 1 repthat by this invention a simple, inexpensive resents a. steel frame having a U shaped crossdoor, both as to installation and upkeep, and section comprising the outer wall Qhaving an sanitary sidewalk is provided which lies inwardly projecting flange 5, an inner wall flush with the sidewalk, has no protruding 3 and bottom 4, said frame being mitred and parts and is weatherproof.

"i5 welded at the corners into an integral unit. Having now described the invention, what 95 Mounted on the outer side of the wall 3, by is desired to be protected by Letters Patent which is meant the side inside the frame, as new and useful is: are a pair of brackets 6 which are narrow l. In a weatherproof sidewalk door, a

and substantially rectangular having an outer rectangular frame, having a U shaped crossf perpendicular face 7. Journaled in said section with an inwardly extending ange on the outer leg of said U shaped frame, brackets attached to the outer face of the inner leg ofthe U shaped frame, a rod journaled in said brackets at a substantial distance from the inner leg of said frame, doors mounted on said frame, brackets on the under surface near the outer edge of each of said doorsfand lixed tothe said rod whereby-when t-he door is opened the outer edge thereof Will sweep the bottom of the said U shaped frame member.

2. In a Weather-proof sidewalk door, a rectangular frame having a U shaped cross-section, brackets attached to the outer side of the inner leg of the U shaped "frame and having ,a .flat perpendicular outer edge, a rod jour- .naled in said brackets at asubstantial disstancerom the .inner leg of said frame, doors 4mounted Von sald frame7 arms mounted on .the yunder side near jthe -outer edge of each .door andlxedly secured to said rod whereby when the door is opened lits under surface Willbe contiguous with the outer edge of the bracketsandfbe stopped thereby romurther xmotion outwardly.

fIn testimony Whereofl havcelhereunto set l A my hand.


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