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Publication numberUS1838120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1931
Filing dateDec 20, 1929
Priority dateDec 20, 1929
Publication numberUS 1838120 A, US 1838120A, US-A-1838120, US1838120 A, US1838120A
InventorsVenzie Frederick M
Original AssigneeVenzie Frederick M
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Building structure
US 1838120 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Baca 2%, 1931. F. M. VENZlE BUILDING STRUCTURE Filed'DeG. 20, 1929 TTORNEY.


This invention, generally stated, relates to a building' structure and has more especial relation to means for supporting cementitious slabs as used in ceiling and wall Construction,

and has especial relation to the structure shown in my co-pending application Serial Ne. 326,t53, filed December 17, 1928.

The leading object of the present invention may be said to reside in the provision of means 1 whereby unskilled labor may more rapidly and efliciently erect ceiling and wall slabs of cementitious material thereby to reduce building costs.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a structure of the character stated which not only is entirely constructed of fire proofing material but is sound proof, very strong, and very cheap to erect.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a form of metallic clip for attachment to an I-beam and to receive the cementitious slabs, said clip being provided with rounded corners to prevent fracture of the slabs in assembly.

Other and further objects of the present invention reside in the provision of the general arrangement combination, and construction of parts for attaining the results sought by the fore 'oing objects.

The invention consists of the novel construction hereinafter described and finally claimed.

The nature, characteristc features and scope of the invention will be more Eully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, and in which:

Fig. 1, is a View partly in section illustrating a ceiling and wall structure embodying the invention.

Fig. 2, is a view in perspective illustrating the clipshown in Fig. l.

For the purpose of illustrating my invention I have shown in the accompanying draw- 45 ings one form thereof which is at present preferred by me, since the same has been .found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which my 50 invention consists can be variously arrangeol Serial No. 415523.

and organized and that my invention is not limitedto the precise arrangement and organization of the instrumentalities as herein shown and described.

Referring to the clrawings in detail, the

reference numeral l designates the wall of a building. The reference numeral 2 designates a vertically disposed beam spaced apart from the wall 1, as clearly shown in Fig. 1, to provide an air space 3. tdesignates a horizontally arranged beam supported at its ends by the wall l. The beam 4 is also supported by means of straps 5 supported from cross beams 6, which latter in turn are supported by hangers 7. The reference numeral 8 designates ceiling slabs which abut against the underside of the beams 4. These slabs 8 are supported from the beams i by means of clips, best seen in Fig. 2. Tl ese clips comprise vertically arranged arms 9 provided at i their tops with horizontally extended wings 10, and at their bottoms with horizontally eX- tended wings ll, and intermediate of the wings 10 and 11 with other horizontal wings 12. The wings 10 which rest upon the tops of the beams 4 are cut away as at 13 so that the cut-away portion 13 may be snapped over the top of the beams 4 to et'fect a relatively tight joint. The centrally arranged or intermediate wings 12, which are arranged in opposed pairs, serve to provide jaws to accept the slabs 8. The ends of the wings '12 are rounded as atl l so that fracture of the slabs 8, which usually are covered with asbestos paper, will not occur during an inserting period. It may be stated at this time that the ceiling slabs 8 are first erected and thereafter the wall slabs 15 are erected.

Adjacent the end walls of the building, clips are provided to support those ends of the ceiling slabs adjacent the wall slabs. Such a clip is shown in Fig. 1 and comprises a fiat, horizontal portion 16 and a vertical portion 17. The part 16 of the clip as shown at the upper left hand side of Fig. l engages a beam 2 and the part 17 engages below and supports the inner end of a slab 8. At the bottom of Fig. 1 the same type of clip is employed, but in this case the part 16 is fiush with the floor 19 and the clip is Secured thereto by &D

means of a nail and the part 17 is nailed as at 21 to a wall slab 15. In the connection it may be remarked that the free end of the part 17 is curved as at 22 in order to prevent fracture of slabs 15, which like slabs 8 are covered with asbestos paper, when fitted to place. Adjacent slabs 15 may have fitted therebetween the clip fully disclosed in my aforesaid patent application. Each slab 15 is apertured as at 27, see Fig. 1. Arranged for passage through these apertures 27 is the tie wire shown in Fig. 1. This tie wire comprises a member 28 which is free to move with respect to the prongs 29 so that when the member 28 is moved to parallelism with the prongs 29 it mav be inserted through the apertures 27 and the member 28 permitted to assume a vertical position, as is shown in Fig. l, whereupon the prongs 29 may be drawn outwardly and twisted as at 30 with respect to an adjacent device, thereby securely holding the slabs in place.

Having placed the ceiling and wall slabs in position, plaster 3.1 is added, which is shown at the right hand side of Fig. 1 in full lines and by dashed lines at the left hand side of Fig. l. Each of the clips described may be stamped from a single piece of metal and the clips shown'in Figs. 1 and 2 may each be apertured as at 34: so that nails may be driven therethrough for engagement with the slabs.

I'am aware that the invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the. spirit or essential attributes thereof, and I therefore desire the present embodiment to. be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, reference being had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing description to indicate the scope of the invention.

What I claim is:

1. A metal clip of the character stated comprsing an integral structure having a flat, elongated, narrow plate, spaced U-shaped fingers supported through the instrumentality of an arm from'said plate in parallelism with said plate but at right angles to said arm, the outer ends of said fingers having rounded edges, said plate being slotted for engaging an I-beam.

2. A metal clip of the character stated comprsing an integral structure having a flat, elongated, narrow plate, spaced U-shaped fingers supported through the instrumentality of an arm from said plate said plate being slotted for engaging an I-beam, and a wing arranged in a different plane with said plateat right angles to said U-shaped fingers.

3. A metal clip of the character stated comprsing an integral structure stamped from a single blank comprsing a flat, elongated, narrow plate having formed at right angles thereto an arm, said plate being slotted for engaging a. beam, an elongated strip carried by said arm at right angles thereto, a plurality of panel engaging fingers carried by said strip at right angles thereto, and a wing eXtended from said strip in a diflerent plane with said plate at right angles to said fingers.

4. As a new article of manufacture, a metal clip of the character stated comprsing an integral structure stamped from a single blank comprsing an elongated strip provided with a plurality of plaster-board engaging fingers of U-shaped cross-section, a wing explane different from said curved a wing extended from said strip in 1,143

opposed relation to said fingers, an arm supported by said strip at right angles thereto, and an elongated, fiat plate carried by said arm at right angles thereto' and in a plane difierent from said fingers, said plate being slotted for beam` engagement.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed my name.. I


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