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Publication numberUS1838356 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1931
Filing dateJun 10, 1930
Priority dateJun 10, 1930
Publication numberUS 1838356 A, US 1838356A, US-A-1838356, US1838356 A, US1838356A
InventorsBerry Margaret E
Original AssigneeBerry Margaret E
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Colon irrigator or bidet
US 1838356 A
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M. E. BERRY Dec. 29, 1931.

COLON IRRIGATOR OR BIDET Filed June lO, 1950 Patented Dec. 29, 1931 UMTED STA-TES MARGARET E. BERRY, OF LOS NGELES, CALIFORNIAV COLON IRRIGATORIOR BIDET Application led .Tune 10, 1930. Serial No. 460,185.

This invention relates to bidets or colon irrigators. p

It is an object of this invention to provide an instrument of this class which may be readily attached to and removed from any convenient seat element and over a receptacle so as to facilitate treatment of patients requiring an internal wash either with pure water or by a prescribed solution of remedial efl" fect.

Further, an object is to provide a bidet of simple, substantial, practical and efficient construction, which provides fora desired degree of adjustment in adaptation to the l* patient. Especially, an object is to provide an instrument of this class which can be thoroughly sterilized and kept in a sanitary condition, this being made possible by the simplicity of the several elements and the ease il with which they may be assembled and disassembled.

The invention consists of certain advancements in this art as set forth in the ensuing disclosure, and having, with the above, additional objects and advantages, and Whose construction, combination and details of means, and the manner of operation will be made manifest in the following description of the herewith illustrative apparatus; it being understood that modifications, variations and adaptations may be resorted to within the scope, principle and spirit of the invention as it is more particularly claimed hereinafter.

Figure 1 is a plan of the bidet as applied to a closet seat.

Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof.

Figure 3 is a cross-section on line 3 3, of

H Fig. 2.

AFigure l is a detail of a fastening screw and clamp.

Figure 5 is a perspectiveV of one form ot' base plate of the device.

Figure 6 is a plan of a modiiied form of base plate.

The instrument embodies a base. plate 2 through which extends a rigid, fixed guide column 3 in which is slidable a stiftl pipe 4' m held against rotation as by a spline or key 5,

and clamped in a desired position by a set screw 6.

The upper end of the pipe 4 is adapted for the attachment of a tube of hose 7 which may be attached directly to a water faucet or to an elevated container of water or desired treatment solution for` gravity flow to the instrument.

The lower end of the pipe 4 is bent laterally at 8 and terminates in an upright nipple 9 to which may be applied a desired flexible nozzle 10, shown in dotted lines in Fig. 2.

To facilitate the attachment of the device to any desired or convenient seat part 11, as of a closet bowl, a set of stout stay-screws 12 is applied to the lower face of the seat 11 and provided with Wing-nuts 13 to be run up tight against the applied base piate 2. To enable ready application and removal of the base to the screws 12 it is provided with a suitable number of open-mouth slots 14 in its rear edge to pass onto the shanks of the screws. The front edge of the base 2 is shown as curved to more or less conform to the curvature of the hole 11 in the seat 11.

In Fig. 5 the pipe 3 is shown as disposed near the rear edge of the base 2 and this necessitates the cutting out of the near part of the rear edge of the seat hole. In order to avoid this cutting of the seat the base 2 may have the pipe 3 mounted in a forwardly projecting lug 2. This presents the pipe in a position in front of the rear edge of the hole so that the seat need not be cut.

Just below the nipple 9 ofthe pipe 4 is secured an oval collar 15, on bracket arms 16, which constitutes a support for the rectum.

Thus the device comprises a completelyv demountable unit readily attachable to the seat. Its ladjustability enables comfortable adaptation, and its simplicity and low cost enable purchase and use generally in institutions and homes where patients require the intended treatment.

An advantage of the instrument is that the patient does not have to leave the seat during the full period of treatment.

What is claimed is 1. A portable bidet adapted for ready at- Y tachment to and removal from a seat element having projecting bolt shanks and inoluding a pipe, a, base plate in which the pipe is adjustably mounted to raise or lower the nozzle of the bidet and Which is provided With a set of open mouth slots in its rear edge to pass onto said Shanks, and means to clamp the base in place on the Shanks.

2. A bidet comprising a base plate, a tubular guide fixed perpendioularly therethrough, a pipe non-turnable slidable in the guide to raise and lower the bidet outlet and having` its lower part forwardly und upwardly bent and terminating in a nipple adapted to receive a nozzle, and a rectum supporting collar fixed, below the nipple, to the up-turned part of the pipe. v


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U.S. Classification604/276, 4/420.1, 4/447, 4/448
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