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Publication numberUS1840033 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1932
Filing dateJul 30, 1930
Priority dateJul 30, 1930
Publication numberUS 1840033 A, US 1840033A, US-A-1840033, US1840033 A, US1840033A
InventorsHampton Martin L
Original AssigneeHampton Martin L
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Portable dispensing cabinet
US 1840033 A
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Jan 5, 1932. M. L HAMPTON l 1,840,033

PORTABLE DI S PENS ING CABINET /I Jan. 5, 1932. M. l-lAr'n-'rom 1,840,033

PORTABLE DISPENSING CABINET Filed July 30. 1930 2 Sheets-heet 2 Patented Jan. 5, 1932 PATElSTl QFFICE MARTIN L. HAMON, Ol' MIAII BELGE, ILOBID.

, PORTABLE DISPENSING CABINET Application med July 30, 1980. Serial No. 471,661.

The present invention relates to an improved type of portable dispensing cabinet and more particularly to an article of furniture which has the general appearance of being of the stationary type but which actually is of portable construction normall adapted to be positioned with the bac against a wall to conceal the service compartment and containers which are accessible from only the rear of the cabinet when the same is moved away from the wall and a front portion of the cabinet is opened permitting the article of furniture to be conveniently used as a device for dispensing drinks, food, and the like in any room or place desired and in which the article of furniture may be used for decorative purposes when not in actual use without disclosing the real purpose of the article of furniture.

It is an object of this invention to provide a refreshment dispenser in the form of an article of furniture comprising a wall cabinet normally having the appearance of a stationary decorative piece of furniture but actually being of the portable type devised and arranged when moved away from a wall for serving from the rear through a convenient opening afforded by opening a front section of the cabinet.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a portable dispensing' cabinet with the front constructed to have the appearance of a decorative piece of furniture while the rear wall or back of the article is dispensed with to permit convenient access to be had from the rear of the cabinet to a plurality of conveniently arranged service, drink and food compartments affording a surprise servicing arrangement for4 the convenient dispensing of drinks, ffood, and the like, for living rooms, porches, terraces, offices, apartments and hotels.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a portable drink and food dispensing article of furniture wherein a series of conveniently arranged serving devices and drink, food and utensil holders or compartments are accessible through the open b-ack of of the cabinet taken on line IIIIII of Figl o the article of furniture and wherein serving may be done through an opening accessible from the front of the article of furniture when normally closed closure members are moved into open position.

It is furthermore an object of this invention to provide an improved article of furniture having the exposed faces thereof of decorative construction to give the impression of a ine piece of furniture, the interior o'f which is a combination kitchen cabinet buffet and Servicer, facing and accessible from the rear of the article of furniture when the same is moved away from a wall to permit serving from the rear through a normally closed dispensing opening or window without disclosing to guests in a room any of the working or lservicing features accessible from the rear of the device.

It is an important object of this invention to provide an improved and convenient type of portable piece of decorative and utilitarian furniture in the form of a decorativewall cabinet having surprise doors or panels in the front thereof normally closed and having an open back to afford access from the rear, when the article of furniture is pushed away from the wall, to a combination kitchen cablnet, buffet, and commissariat whereby drinks, food and the like may be conveniently served through the dispensing window to guests in a room without presenting to their view any of the working or unsightly features involved in the use of the device.

Other and further important objects of this invention will be apparent from the disclosures in the specification and the accompanying drawings.

The invention (in a preferred form) is illustrated in the drawings and hereinafter more fully described.

On the drawings:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of an improved portable dispensing cabinct embodying the principles of this invention.

Figure 2 is a perspective rear view of the cabinet illustrating the various combination -95 service and storage features and showing the doors and drawers in open position.

Figure 3 is a vertical longitudinal section ure 1;

is divided into upper and lower sections by means of a horizontally disposed partition or counter board 6, the front and side edges o'f which project beyond the walls of the cabinet@ and are shaped and finished to afford a decorative molding around the cabinet. The lower front portion of the front wall of the cabinet is provided with a recess'or front panel 7 having a transversely disposed opening 8 provided near the lower portion thereof which is normally closed by means of a hinged door 9 adapted to be supported when'open in a horizontal position by means of chains or braces 10 which hold the door properly positioned to serve as a foot rail' to lend atmosphere to the cabinet when the same is used as a drink or food dispensing bar or cabinet as hereinafter more fully described. h

The upper section of the front wall 1 of the cabinet is provided with a window or opening 11 which is normally closed by means of folding doors 12 provided on their inner sides with bolts or latching devices 13 whereby the folding doors may be locked in closed position from the inner or back side of the cabinet. An electric light fixture 14 is mounted on the inner face of the top 4 and projects downwardly into the dispensing window or compartment 11.l

Mounted on the counter board or horizontal partition 6 are a pair of spaced intermediate vertical walls or partitions 15 which are connected with partitions 16 disposed at right angles tb creto to form side chambers on opposite sides of the middle dispensingwindow or chamber 11. Each of these side chambers is provided with a horizontal partition or shelf board 17 to divide each of the side compartments into an upper chamber or recess 18 adapted for the reception of shakers, mixers or other similar types of utensils and devices with which it is desired to equip the cabinet. Each of the side chambers or compartments is also provided with alower chamber or compartment 19 which is adapted to be closed by means of a hinged door 20 to enclose a water tank 21 provided with a filling cap 22 conveniently positioned in the upper rer corner of the tank to facilitate filling of the tanks with water when necessary. Connected with the bottom of each of the water tanks 21 is an outlet or discharge pipe 23 which is connected with a common faucet 24 at a convenient position beneath the counter board 6 Mounted upon the counter board 6 at the rear edges of the vertical partitions 15 are two vertical'dividing strips or panels 25 which co-act with the side panels or partitions 15 to afford suitable corners in each of which a plurality' of shelves 26 are arranged for the convenient reception of glasses or slmilar articles. The sides of the partitions 15 and 25 whichface the dispensing compartment or window 11 are equipped with mirrors 27.

As clearl illustrated in Figure 2 the lower portion of t e cabinet is divided and equipped with a horizontally ostioned table or sink drain board 28 whic extends from the side wall 2 beneath a vertical partition 29 to the o p osite side wall or panel 3 of the cabinet. T e artition 29 extends upwardl from the sink oard 28 to the bottom of t e counter board 6 and forms a compartment for an insulated and metal-lined ice drawer 30.

Mounted in the upper corner of the sink chamber beneath the counter board 6 and adjacent the inner side of the partition 29 is a fiat silver receiving drawer 31. Mounted in vthe opposite upper corner of the sink chamber beneath the counter board 6 and adjacent the inner surface of the side wall or panel 2 of the cabinet is a slidable cutting board 32. The sink board 28 is provided with an opening for the reception of a sink 33 provided with a suitable drain 34.

The sink 33 is positioned to drain into a removable drain water container or receptacle 35 which is mounted in a chamber provided between a pair of vertical partition walls or plates 36 which are mounted in the lower section of the cabinet beneath the sink board28. A horizontal partition or plate 37 is mounted between the vertical partitions 36 and serves as a support for the container or tank 35. Hingedly connected to the rear edge of the horizontal partition or plate 3T is a door 38 for closing the chamber in which the grain water tank 35 is removably dispose A bottom board 39 is provided in the lower section of the cabinet between a vertical partition 36 and the adjacent cabinet side wall 3 and has hingedly connected to the rear edge thereof a door 40 for closing a garbage can receptacle or recess 41 which may be used for the reception of a garbage can or the like or if desired may be used as a storage compartment.

Also provided in the lower section of the cabinet beneath the sink board 28 and be-.

tween the second of the vertical partitions 36 and its adjacent side wall or panel 2 of the cabinet is a horizontal bottom boa-rd or plate 42 which forms the bottom of a compartmentd horizontal boards or panels 37, 39 and 42 in the lower section of the cabinet is provided with a rack 46 for the reception of bottles or food containers and the like.

The sink board 28 and the walls forming the sink chamber are covered with sheet metal or the like to afford a sink chamber which can be easily kept clean and in a sanitary condition.

The improved portable cabinet extends very close to the floor and when closed and backed against a wall has the appearance of a stationary cabinet of artistic design adapted to serve as a decorative piece of furniture for enhancing the beauty of a room in which it is positioned.

As hereinbefore described it will be noted that the improved portable cabinet is intended not only as a decorative piece of furniture but is for the purpose of being used as a drink and food dispensing cabinet. The interior of the cabinet as described is equipped with a plurality of different types of compartments, containers and various types of service devices to provide a small kitchen or serving cabinet the various sections and compartments of which are readily accessible from the rear of the portable cabinet as clearly illustrated in Figure 2. As hereinbefore described the service or rear side of the portable cabinet is normally adapted to be positioned up against a Wall so that the utilitarian features of the cabinet are not noticeable when the cabinet is viewed from the front or sides.

The uses for the various compartments and devices comprising the interior of the cabinet and which are accessible from the rear of said cabinet appear to be self-evident. When guests are being entertained and refreshing drinks and food are to be served, the cabinet which has previously been properly equipped is simply moved or pulled away from the wall preferably without disclosing the rear of the cabinet to inspection from the room and the host or hostess, or if desired a servant, may step behind the cabinet, turn on the light and withdraw the latch bolts 13 permitting the folding front doors 12 to be opened thereby disclosin only the interior of the service window or c amber 11 provided in the upper portion of the cabinet above the serving counter 6. If desired the front door 9 in the lower front section ofthe cabinet may be lowered to serve as a foot rest When the cabinet is to be used as a bar for the dispensing of drinks. The novelty of the arrangement will afford not only a surprise tothe guests but will tend to please them, thereby greatly facilitating entertainment of the guests who may conveniently step to the service window of the cabinet and be served.

The improved drink and refreshment serving cabinet is adapted to be conveniently used in the room in which it is placed and eliminates the necessity of the host or hostess leaving the guests to entertain themselves and also dispenses with the necessity of making repeated trips back and forth to the kitchen, pantry or refrigerator of the apartment or house in which a person resides.

It will of course be understood that various details of construction may be varied through a Wide range without departingfrom the principles of this invention and it is therefore not the purpose to limit the patent granted hereon otherwise than as necessitated by the scope of the appended claim.

I claim as my invention:

A portable serving buffet consisting of a wheel supported cabinet having side walls, a front wall, and a top; said cabinet being open at the back; said cabinet having a central horizontal partition serving as a counter, the front wall having an opening therein and a closure therefor above the partition and a horizontally elongated opening and closure therefor below the partition; said upper closure when opened allowing service rom the back of said cabinet over the counter to the front thereof; the front of the cabinet being closed except for saidopenings; and the cabinet having a plurality of compartments accessible only from the open back thereof; said cabinet being designed to stand with its open back against a wall when not in use for service over the counter.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed myv name at Miami Beach, Dade County, Florida.


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