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Publication numberUS1840563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1932
Filing dateDec 9, 1930
Priority dateDec 9, 1930
Publication numberUS 1840563 A, US 1840563A, US-A-1840563, US1840563 A, US1840563A
InventorsBrosius Jr John
Original AssigneeN E Boisvert, Russell Oliver J
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Holder for pencils and the like
US 1840563 A
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Jan. 12, 1932. J. BROSIUS, JR

HOLDER FOR PENCILS AND THE LIKE Filed Dec. 9, 1930 2. Sheets-Sheet Swuem/foz J. BROSIUS, JR 1,840,563

Jan. 12, 1932.

HOLDER FOR PENCILS AND THE LIKE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Dec, 9, 1950 fir . I 9 7 Swan/whoa @1 12: Erastus, Jr.


This invention has for its object the provision of a holder for pencils, thermometers, pens and other articles of similar formation which holder will eifectually retain the article and may be worn upon the wrist of the user so that it will always be within convenient reach. The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings and consists in certain novel features which will be hereinafter first fully described and then more particularly pointed out in the appende claims. 1

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my improved holder in place,

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal section through the holder,

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the same,

Fig. alis a plan View, partly broken away and in section, of a second embodiment of the invention,

Fig. 5 is a longitudinal section showing another embodiment,

Fig. 6 is a plan View of a form of the invention closely resembling the form shown in Fig. 5,

Fig. 7 is a longitudinal section on the line 77 of Fig. 6, partly broken away,

Fig. 8 is a longitudinal section on the line 88 of Fig. 7, and

Fig. 9 is a detail perspective view of wriststrap-engaging loop.

The holder comprises a tubular body 1 which is closed at one end and open at its opposite end and may be of any light inexpensive material having sufficient durability and strength. The holder will be of such diameter that it may easily receive apencil 2 or other article or analogous formation and fit sufficiently snugly about the article to avoid rattling of the same. Near its open end the tubular body is provided at diametrically opposite points with longitudinal slots 3 and near its closed end is provided with openings at diametrically opposite points alined with the slots. A gripping frame is provided and consists of side arms 4 which are resilient and are provided with inturned ends, as shown at 5, adapted to pass through the openings near the closed end 01" the tubular body and thereby hold the arms in place, it being understood that the arms are resilient. The arms 4; extend forwardly along the sides of the tubular body to the front end thereof and near the front end are formed with the inset portions 6 which extend through the slots 3 and bind upon the sides of the pencil or other article 2, as shown clearly in Fig. 2. In advance of the insets 6, the arms 4 are curved downwardly, as shown at 7, and are united in a U-shaped member 8 which extends under the holder and is resilient so as to press firmly against the same. Upon reference to Fig. 3, it will be noted that the curved portions 7 slightly offset the front end of the U-shaped connecting portion 8 from the body so that a wrist strap, shown at 9, may be easily engaged between the U-shaped bridging portion and the bottom of the tubular body to hold the device in place upon the users wrist.

This. device is very light and will hold a pencil in such a position that it may be easily reached when its use is desired. It is also adapted to carry a fountain pen or a doctors thermometer or other article of like outline. The inset portions 6 of the resilient gripping member firmly bind the article so that it cannot accidentally slip from the tubular holder and the said resilientgripping member is of such form that the wrist strap engaged through the U-shaped bridging portion of the same may be drawn close around the wrist without causing any discomfort. lVhile the resilient gripping member engages the article so as to firmly hold it within the tubular body, it will yield readily when s'ufiicientforce is applied to the article to pull it from the tubuar body and will just as readily yield to permit the article to be replaced.

In the form shown in Fig. i, the tubular body or holder 10 is intimately united near its open end with a link 11 connecting the ends of a wrist strap or bracelet 12.

metrically opposite points upon the exterior of the body and united therewith, the free ends of the arms being provided with enlarged heads or gripping balls 14L which play He silient gripping arms 13 are disposed at diain openings provided therefor in the sides of the tube to grip the pencil or other article. The arms 13 are anchored upon the body by brazing or welding, and I prefer to obtain a neat finish by placing a collar 15 about the body and the ends of the arms and then brazing or welding the collar in place and trimming down the end of the same.

In Fig. 5, the casing or tubular body 16 is originally open at both ends but a plug 17'is threaded into one end. Near the opposite end of the body small openings, indicated at 18, are formed at diametrically opposite points to receive the ends of leaf springs 19 which extend longitudinally within the body with their inner ends diverging near the plug 17 to bear against the inner walls of the body. The springs are normally in contact through the greater portion of their length but will readily separate when a pencil or like object is inserted and will immediately engage the object so as to firmly grip the same. In this figure, the wrist strap 20 is shown engaged around light rods carried by the ends of spaced plates 21 firmly anchored on the body, as by welding or brazing.

In the form shown in Figs. 6, 7 and 8, the tubular body 22 is tapered toward one end which is permanently closed, as shown at 23, and at its open end is provided with diametrically opposite notches 24 which receive the outturned terminals of the leaf springs 25, corresponding to the springs 19 in Fig. 5. Adjacent its open end, a longitudinal slot 26 is formed in the tubular body having a length somewhat greater than the width of the wrist strap 27 which passes through the slot so that the tubular body may fit close to. the wrist. A loop 28 is provided to span the wrist strap and has its ends offset, as at 29, to fit in the ends of the slot 26, and a friction ring 30 is mounted on the tubular body to engage over the inner end of the loop, as shown in Fig. 7. The outer end of the loop is held in place by a ferrule 31 which is threaded or pressed onto the open end of the body and extends over the end of the loop and also abuts and extends across the ends of the springs 25, the offset of the loop being tapered, as shown in Figs. 7 and 8, to avoid interference with the ferrule. Holding points or ribs 32 are provided on the loop to engage the wrist strap and prevent slipping. When the strap is of metal, the holding points will be of rubber or some similar material, but when the strap is of leather or textile material the holding points will be of metal.

Having thus described the invention, I claim:

1. A device for the purpose set forth com-' prising a tubular body having an open end and adapted to receive a pencil or the like, a gripping member carried by the body and constructed to engage and retain the article inserted in the body, a wrist-encircling element, and an element on the side of the body and removably attached to the wrist-encircling element.

2. A holder for a pencil or the like comprising a tubular body having anopen end whereby an article may be inserted therein and provided adjacent said end with longitudinal slots, and a resilient gripping member mounted externally upon the tubular body and having inset portions to enter the longitudinal slots and engage an inserted article.

3. A holder for pencils and the like comprising a tubular body having an open end to admit an article and provided adjacent said end with longitudinal slots, and a resilient gripping member comprising side arms having their ends engaged in. the walls of the body to be held thereto and extending along the sides of the body and provided with inset portions to enter the longitudinal slots of the body and engage an article inserted therein and an intermediate U-shaped resilient portion connecting the front ends of the arms and extending under the tubular body.

4. A device for the purpose set forth comprising a tubular body, and resilient gripping arms mounted on the sides of the body and provided with gripping heads engaging through the sides of the body to grasp an article inserted in the body.

5. A holder comprising a tubularbody having a longitudinal slot therein to receive a wrist strap, article-clasping members within the body, a loop fitted in the slot to span and engage the strap, and devices mounted on the body to engage over the ends of the loop and retain it over the strap.

6. A holder comprising a tubular body having an open end and provided with opposite notches at said end and having a strapreceiving slot near said end, resilient clasping members within the body having out turned terminals engaged in the notches at the end of the body, a loop spanning and engaging the strap and having its ends fitted in the slot in the body at the sides of the strap, a ring mounted on the body to extend over the inner end of the loop, and a ferrule fitted on the end of the body and extending across the outer end of the loop and the outturned 5 terminals of the clasping members.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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