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Publication numberUS1840994 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1932
Filing dateJan 20, 1930
Priority dateJan 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1840994 A, US 1840994A, US-A-1840994, US1840994 A, US1840994A
InventorsWinsor Irwin B
Original AssigneeWinsor Irwin B
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Electromagnetic pump
US 1840994 A
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`Application med January 2o, 1930. serial No. 421,966.

My invention relates to apparatus for pumping wells and more particularly to apparatus of that character including a solenoid typemotor for direct operation of a well pump and adapted for heating the liquid petroleum accumulated at the bottom of the well; the principal object of the invention being to accelerate flow from the oil sand to the well through tubing leading romthe well, by dissolving the paraiiine and other oongealable contents which at normal well temperatures tend to retard How of the oil.

In accomplishing this and other objects of the invention, I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig.`1 is a vertical: section of an oil Well equipped with pumping apparatus in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged, central, longitudinal section of the pump and motor, showing the pump plunger and core member at the low er limit of their stroke. Fig. 3 is a similar view of the lower portion of the motor.

Referring in detail to the drawings: 1 designates an oil well extending throug cap rock 2 above the oil sand 3 to a shot hole 4, and lined with casing' supported on the cap rock by a shoe 6, the upper end of the casing being provided with the usual casing i head 7 supporting well tubing 8, in accordsulating couplings 16 having central openings 17 in axial alignment with the housing sections.l y

The `upper section 13 of the motor housing is connected with a pump barrel 18 provided at its upper end with a container 19 with a check valvey19 at its top communicating with the tubing 8*', and a hollow plunger 2O sealingly engaging a'packinggland 21 in the container, and having a valved inlet 22.

Depending .from the lowerhousing sectionr is a nipple 23 provided with a coupling 24 for connection with the strainer 12, and fitted withy a standing valve 25 for checking return flow of luidto the strainer.

Inclosed in each housing section is a sole-j noid 26 including a spool 27 secured in the respective sections by a clamping ring 28,v and carrying an induction coil 29 preferably constructed of asbestos insulated copper Wire for heating purposes, and having connector branches 30 connecting the coils to the `respective housing sections in circuit.

The openings 31 of the spools 27 register with the openings 17 of the couplings 16 for receiving a reciprocable core" member 32 sealingly engaged in packing glands 33 and 34 in the upper and lower housing sections.

The core member '32 comprises tubular magnetic sections 35 cooperative with the solenoids and connected by non-magnetic sections 36, and the upper end of the member is connected with the pump plunger 2O for effecting reciprocation of the plunger when the motor is in operation.

Leading from the induction coil of the upt per housing section is a conduit cable 37 eX- tendingthrough the casing head 7 and co'nnected in circuit with electric current supply lines 38 through an automatic solenoid switch 39, whereby the circuit is intermittently opened and closed `for supplying electric current to the solenoids.

In practicing with the apparatus as herein illustrated and described, the operation is as follows: -When the solenoids 26 are connected in circuit with the supply lines 38 by the switch 39, the induction coils 29 are energized for heating the core' member 32 and the housing sections 13, 14 and 15, and magnetizing the solenoids. The Huid at the bottom of the Well is heated by its Contact with the heated h'ousing sections, causing the parafiine or other congealable content of the fluid tobe the pump plunger to be discharged through the tubing 8 andfow line 9 by continued reciprocation of the plunger.

It will be obvious that the lowered viscosity of the fluid and the direct operation of the pump will accelerate displacement of the fluid from a well and with a minimum of power.

lVhat I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: Y

1. In combination with well casing and tubing, a pump in the casing below the tubing havinga hollow reciprocable plunger, a solenoid motor in the casing below the pump including heat dispensing units, and a hollow core member operably. connected with l. said plunger, and an automatic switch controlling intermittent delivery of electric energy to said motor to actuate the pump for pumping liquid from the well through said hollow core and plunger. Y

2. In combination with well casing and tubing, a pump barrel below the tubing having a receiving chamber communicating with the tubing, a hollow, valved plunger in said barrel, a solenoid motor below said barrel including individual solenoids adapted for gening an outlet in said receiving chamber, a solenoid motor below said barrel including a plurality of solenoids connected in circuit, a

`hollow core memberoperably connected with said plunger and including insulated magnetic sections responsive to respective solenoids, and a solenoid switch for automatically opening and closing the circuit to said motor to actuate the pump for pumping liquid from the well through said hollow core and plunger.

5. In combination with well casing and tubing, a. pump barrel below the tubing having a receiving chamber communicating with the tubing, a hollow plunger reciprocable in the barrel having avalved inlet and having an outlet in said receiving chamber, apaching gland on said barrel sealingly engaging said plunger, a solenoid motor below said barrel including a plurality of insulated solcnoids connected in parallel circuit, a hollow core member operably connected with said plunger and including insulated magnetic sections cooperating with respective sole-'r noids, a packing gland on saidmotor sealingly engaging said core member, and an automatic solenoid switch for intermittently opening and closing the circuit to said solenoids to actuate the pump for pumping liquid from the well through said hollow core and plunger. s'.

In testimony whereof I alIiX my signature.

IRWIN B. 'WINSOR erating heat when energized, and a core member responsive to said solenoids and operably connected with said plunger, the core member having a through channel for delivery of uid through the solenoids to said plunger.

3. In combination with well casing and tubing, a pump barrel below the tubinghavthe tubing, a hollow valved plunger in said barrel: a solenoid motor below said barrel in.- cluding individual solenoids adapted for generating heat when energized, a hollow coreing a receiving chamber communicating with

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